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20 марта 2013

 Hi! Hi! Hi!

With you again I Andrey Borisenko, the author of the site, with the experience of investment in 2011, as well as the financial and professional investment adviser. And today I'll tell you about a very interesting tool for investment under the name Mirror Trader.
This platform was developed by Tradency, which it serves, and, as well as provides for a variety of global brokers. This is an interesting investment vehicle, which is different from PAMM investing in a better way and carries ten times more profit.
Here for example a screenshot of my account on which you can see how the system works:


Now let's talk about what attracted me to it.

Mirror Trader can be seen as the main tool for investors. Below to see why.
There are 3 options for the possible use of the platform Mirror Trader:
Option 1 - manual trading
Option 2 - trade on the signals, the last transaction, which open to a decision given by one minute
3 option - the choice of strategies and copy their behavior in the market, these strategies together constitute investment portfolio, and from that exhibited the load factor for the deposit which is to copy a particular strategy.
The last option is the most interesting especially for me, because with proper preparation of the portfolio with a conservative strategy can increase your deposit by an average of 20-30% at 1 month.

Just Mirror Trader favorably with PAMM accounts as follows:

  • The funds do not have to translate anywhere, at any time, they can be removed to bring to stop trading
  • The deal is always possible to intervene
  • You can set your money management, invoicing take profit and stop loss
  • What is missing or commission which is usually seized in PAMM accounts in favor of the control
  • Platform is provided for free and not have to arrange for the organization of the UPU continuous automated trading. By Mirror Trade platform can be accessed from anywhere in the land.
  • Anonymity. Managers do not know your volume and they can not control and use it to their advantage. There are brokers that are specifically for all possible pretexts kill bills and take client funds currently. Here is the ability to completely excluded.

Many are wondering what is the interest of managers?

Controlling interest that you would have earned. For each subscriber, traders get 15 USD. As well as a small percentage of the spread.
Managers collected from around the world. They are to each other and did not know each other do not cooperate.
Managing trade through MT4 terminal, and the signals fed to the Mirror Trader, where investors have copied those managers and the strategies that they think are the best.

How to start making money on Mirror Trader?

And then make up its investment portfolio. That's it! We can only wait inflow of investment.
I am an official partner AForex and for all of the referrals I give private investment advice and help in the creation of an investment portfolio.
My skype: djadrenaline_1
My page in facebook http://www.facebook.com/Andrii.Borisenko

Test the portfolio of which I have created with demo account!

If you have any doubt and you do not want to risk their money, then test the portfolio which I will build you a demo account and only after the result will satisfy you you can start to make a profit on real account.





An example of a profitable portfolio 


For the most profitable portfolio (from my experience), please contact me via skype: djadrenaline_1



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