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AAPL Earnings Date Forecast

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AAPL is set to release its quarterly earnings statement and conference call on February 28. The company's stock fell about two percent in the after-hours session. However, AAPL stock is still up almost 30% over the past five years.

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AAPL Q4 fiscal year 2022 earnings conference call

AAPL's Q4 fiscal year 2022 earnings conference call is set to begin on October 27, 2022. The company will hold a conference call with investors and analysts, who will ask questions about the company's financial results. The conference call will run for about 30 minutes. After the call, the replay will be available on the Company's website.

Apple's revenue for the fourth fiscal quarter came in at $90.1 billion. This was an all time high, with iPhone and services revenue setting new records. In addition, Appleset records for both its Mac and Wearables categories.

Apple's gross margin for the quarter came in at 42.3 percent. This is higher than the 42.2 percent margin achieved in the year-ago quarter. Apple also saw a year-over year decline in revenue for the iPad. However, Apple still saw a year-over-year growth in revenue for the Mac, Wearables, and services categories.

Apple also announced that its board of directors authorized a $90 billion increase in the company's existing share repurchase program. The company also announced that it has a dividend payable to shareholders of record as of November 7 of $0.23 per share of common stock.

Apple also announced that it has reached $205 billion in revenue in fiscal year 2022. The company also saw an increase in opex. The company's opex came in above its guidance range of $100 million, but below its forecast of $237 million.

Apple will also release guidance for the holiday quarter. This will include new products, like the Apple Watch Ultra and the second generation AirPods Pro. The company also announced that it plans to expand Self Service Repair to Mac notebooks. It also announced that it will continue to distribute products through company-owned stores and third-party retailers.

Apple's quarterly earnings per share were $1.29. This is a record, as the company beat Wall Street's expectations on revenue and earnings per share. Apple also set a record for the quarter with $19.4 billion in net profit.

The company also announced that its board of directors declared a quarterly dividend payment of $0.23 per share of common stock. This dividend is payable to shareholders of record as of November 7, and is payable in May of the following year.

AAPL quarterly earnings statement

AAPL just may have nailed the triple crown with the best financial quarter of the decade. Its latest and greatest mobile operating system is the envy of the competition. One of the more exciting news items is the arrival of the Apple TV operating system on the horizon. In addition to the new TV platform, the company has also gotten its act together on the mobile front, as evidenced by the launch of Apple Maps on iOS. During the quarter, Apple released a slew of new products.

Some of the more interesting and notable offerings include Apple Watch, iPhone and MacBook Air models. The entrant also announced a new wireless charging service for its Mac Pro line. This has led to an uptick in Mac Pro sales. As a result, the company's overall revenue was up nearly 20% over the year prior. The company's fiscal Q4 ended on September 24. Its fiscal Q3 ended on May 29. AAPL stock is traded on the Nasdaq Stock Market LLC under the symbol AAPL. Its common stock had a market cap of $543 billion as of September 30.

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AAPL stock down nearly 2% in afterhours

AAPL stock is down nearly two percent in afterhours trading after a volatile week. Investors have been rattled by several key reports regarding the company's flagship product, the iPhone.

A report by Wedbush Securities suggests that iPhone shortages are getting worse. Apple is holding off on ramping up production of new iPhones this year. Despite the reports, the iPhone will still account for about half of all sales. Apple also released its new AirPods Pro wireless earbuds. It also unveiled a high-fidelity music streaming service.

The company is also expected to release a new 5G compatible iPhone line in September. Apple also recently released new M2 chipsets for its 13-inch MacBook Pro.

While it's always important to keep an eye on the company's future growth plans, there are many other factors that are affecting Apple's performance. The company has been under scrutiny by the US Federal Trade Commission over its antitrust suit against Microsoft. Another major concern is the lack of supply in China. A critical factory in the country is being shut down for five days.

Analysts have been raising their price targets for Apple's upcoming July 27 earnings report. They have also raised their estimates for iPhone revenue. They predict that Apple will make 90 million handsets in the holiday season. This is about the same as last year's total.

Apple's services segment has also been performing very well, which has led to a reliable recurring revenue stream. It also has long runway for growth internationally. The services sector may be a key driver of AAPL stock in the short run. The company has made several big announcements this year, including a new high-fidelity music streaming service and a second generation AirPods Pro wireless earbuds.

Apple stock is still trading above $100 a share, even though it has fallen by more than 12% from its January peak. The company is also expected to make a second launch event this month.

However, the company's most expensive product, the iPhone, is still struggling to meet expectations. It's also facing supply issues, which may slow revenue growth.

AAPL earnings forecast

AAPL earnings date forecast is expected to show that Apple has a strong demand for its iPhone 14. The iPhone 14 lineup includes two new lower-priced base models as well as the premium Pro models. The company announced the lineup last month. The company has a record-breaking net income of $20.7 billion for the quarter. Sales totaled $90.1 billion, beating analyst estimates. Apple reported a total revenue increase of 8.1%. This is the third time in the last four quarters that Apple has beat Wall Street expectations.

Analysts expect that Apple's EPS will rise to $7.10 in 2023. This is a little lower than the average AAPL earnings date forecast of $6.73. However, this forecast assumes that Apple will continue to grow its sales by 6.5% in the next three quarters. The company's services revenue will be negatively affected by currency effects in the first quarter. The dollar's value has risen significantly relative to other currencies this year, but it still decreases the dollar value of Apple's sales in foreign . Apple's services revenue is important for Apple's diversification. However, this revenue is expected to grow slower than expected.

The company cited “continued uncertainty” in the economy. The company also noted that “revenue gains in Q1 will trail 8.1% year-over-year growth in Q4.” The company will not release official guidance for the holiday quarter. Apple's CEO Tim Cook will discuss the company's
results on a conference call later this afternoon. The call will be live and can be accessed via Apple's Investor Relations page.

Investors are worried about Apple's slowdown in services. The company announced a price increase for Apple Music and Apple TV+ streaming services earlier this week. Apple said that the increase would help it “recover from weaker demand” in the PC sector. However, Apple has said in the past that internal data had shown “no impact” on iPhone sales. However, analysts were concerned about the strength of Apple's in China.

Apple's CEO said that “We remain optimistic about our long-term prospects,” and will continue to expand services and products. The company's revenue growth is expected to slow down in the first quarter of fiscal 2023.

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