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Binary Trading Signals: A Complete Guide

Binary signals are alert services that provide traders with suggested entry and exit points for binary options trades. They are provided by signal providers, either for free or by subscription. Signals aim to improve the accuracy of your trades and your ability to profit from binary options trading.

In this complete guide, we will cover everything you need to know about binary trading signals, including:

Table of Contents

  • How Do Binary Trading Signals Work?
  • Types of Binary Trading Signals
  • Manual Signals
  • Algorithmic Signals
  • What Information Do Trading Signals Contain?
  • How Are Binary Trading Signals Generated?
  • Benefits of Using Binary Trading Signals
  • Risks of Binary Trading Signals
  • How To Choose a Good Binary Trading Signal Provider
  • Using Binary Trading Signals Effectively
  • Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Binary Trading Signals Work?

Binary trading signals work by alerting you to trading opportunities in the market. The signal provider will monitor the , analyze assets and price charts, and generate suggested entries and exits for specific trades.

When an opportunity arises, the signal provider will send you a notification detailing the trade. This may include the asset to trade, the direction to trade (call/put), the expiry time, and the price at entry.

As a signals subscriber, you can choose to follow the suggested trades and enter your positions accordingly. However, you still make the final decision on whether to place the trade or not. You are always in control of your trading account.

Signals aim to improve your trading by providing expert insights on market opportunities. However, they are recommendations only – following the signals remains an independent decision.

Types of Binary Trading Signals

There are two main types of binary trading signals:

Manual Signals

Manual signals are generated by experienced traders analyzing the markets and identifying trading opportunities. They will monitor price action, charts, and other indicators to determine when to send a signal to their subscribers.

With manual signals, the final judgment call is made by the trader. These signals rely on the trader's expertise and human analysis.

Algorithmic Signals

Algorithmic trading signals are generated by computer algorithms that are programmed to identify profitable trades. They will analyze price charts, trends, volume, and other technical indicators to detect trading opportunities.

These algorithms are designed by programmers, using technical analysis rules to determine when to enter and exit trades. Algorithmic signals remove human emotion from trading and may provide more signals throughout the day.

What Information Do Trading Signals Contain?

Binary trading signals will typically contain the following information:

  • Asset – The asset to trade (e.g. GBP/USD currency pair)
  • Direction – Whether to place a call or put trade
  • Expiry Time – When the option will expire
  • Entry Price – The price at which to enter the trade
  • Payout – The percentage payout if the trade is successful
  • Stop Loss/Take Profit – Optional levels to close the trade early

Good signal providers will also include reasoning behind the signal such as technical analysis of the asset price chart or fundamental justifications.

Some providers include additional information such as the expected risk and reward for the trade and probability of success.

How Are Binary Trading Signals Generated?

There are several methods binary signal providers use to generate trade signals:

  • Technical analysis – Analyzing price charts, candlestick patterns, indicators, and other technical tools to identify trends and trading opportunities.
  • Fundamental analysis – Analyzing news, data releases, and other fundamental information that may impact asset prices and cause movements in the market.
  • Trading experience – Using years of trading knowledge to analyze markets and determine profitable trade setups. Providers will combine technical and fundamental analysis with intuition.
  • Trading algorithms – Developing computerized algorithms that are programmed with trading rules. The algorithms monitor markets looking for trades that meet certain technical criteria.
  • Market trends – Identifying trading opportunities based on directional market trends across assets or sectors, like trading based on commodity or cryptocurrency trends.

The best signal providers combine analysis methods to provide accurate and reliable trading signals for subscribers.

Benefits of Using Binary Trading Signals

There are several advantages of using binary trading signals:

  • Receive expert suggestions – Signals come from experienced analysts or algorithms so you benefit from their knowledge.
  • No analysis required – Signals do the analysis for you, so you don't need charting skills or analytical software.
  • Improves accuracy – Signals aim to identify high probability trades, so can improve the accuracy of your trades.
  • Additional opportunities – Signals alert you to trades you may otherwise have missed, especially if you are new to trading.
  • Time savings – You don't have to monitor markets and analyze trades yourself as signals do this for you.
  • Stay informed – Providers give context and reasoning behind each signal, so you learn as you trade.
  • Risk management – Signals may include stop losses and take profit levels so you can manage your trading risk.

For new traders especially, signals offer an advantageous way to improve your trading with the expertise of professionals.

Risks of Binary Trading Signals

While signals offer benefits, there are also some risks to be aware of:

  • No guarantees – There is no guarantee provided that signals will be profitable. You can still lose money even when following signals.
  • Over-trading – An abundance of signals could encourage over-trading beyond your risk tolerance. Be disciplined and stick to your trading plan.
  • False signals – No signal service will be 100% accurate so expect some losing trades. Don't rely on signals alone.
  • Missing information – Ensure signals provide enough information for you to make informed trading decisions.
  • Mechanical trading – Automated trading systems may not factor in current market conditions or upcoming events.
  • Complacency – Don't fall into the trap of blindly following signals without analyzing trades yourself. Stay vigilant.
  • Scams – Unfortunately, some binary options signal providers are scams. Check reviews and avoid promises of guaranteed profits.

Do your research to find a reputable signal provider and use signals as a useful supplement to your own analysis, rather than as a complete trading strategy.

How To Choose a Good Binary Trading Signal Provider

With hundreds of signal providers out there, it can be hard knowing which are quality and which are not. Here are some tips for choosing a good binary trading signal provider:

  • Check their reputation – Research online reviews and feedback from existing subscribers. Avoid reviews that seem fake.
  • Look for transparency – Legitimate providers will openly share previous results and performance metrics.
  • Expertise – Choose signals generated by experienced human traders or qualified programmers.
  • Analysis methods – Look for technical, fundamental and proprietary analysis rather than just algorithms.
  • Win rate – Look for consistent profits and a high win rate over 60%. Be wary of anything higher.
  • Number of signals – More signals are not always better. Aim for 5-15 quality signals per day.
  • Trial availability– Try signals for 7-30 days before fully committing to see if they are a good fit.
  • Pricing – Be wary of free or very cheap signals. But also avoid excessively expensive services.
  • Supported brokers – Ensure signals will work with your preferred broker and trading platform.
  • Customer service – The provider should offer responsive customer support and be ready to address any issues.

Taking the time to carefully evaluate binary signal providers will help you select a service that aligns with your trading needs and style.

Using Binary Trading Signals Effectively

To gain the most benefit from your binary trading signals, incorporate them effectively:

  • Start small – When first using signals, risk small amounts until you build trust in the provider.
  • Use stop losses – Employ stop losses on every trade to control potential losses. Don't leave trades open indefinitely.
  • Consider market conditions – Factor in volatility, news events, or other current market conditions before placing signal trades.
  • Analyze the technicals – Review the price chart and indicators yourself to see if they align with the signal.
  • Track your results – Keep records of your signal trades and performance to identify profitable signal providers.
  • Have a trading plan – Use signals to supplement a structured and strategic trading approach based on defined rules.
  • Diversify – Follow signals from multiple providers across different assets to diversify your trading capital.
  • Stay updated – Check for new signals frequently throughout your trading session to avoid missing opportunities.
  • Withdraw profits – Rather than reinvesting all profits aim to regularly withdraw a portion to realize gains.

By integrating signals intelligently within your own trading methodology, you can maximize their benefit while minimizing risk.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the accuracy of binary trading signals?

There is no universally accurate binary signal service. Accuracy varies between providers. The best signal providers tend to have a historical win rate of 60-75%. Be wary of any provider promising accuracy above 80%, as this is unrealistic.

Can you make money from binary trading signals?

Yes, you can make money following binary trading signals as long as you choose a reputable signal provider. However, as with any form of trading, losses can also occur. There are no guarantees. Manage risk appropriately.

Are binary trading signals free?

Some signal providers offer free binary signals, but they typically have lower win rates or offer only partial basic services. For best results, opt for a paid signal service with a track record of accuracy and positive reviews. Prices vary but expect to pay $100-$300 per month.

How are binary trading signals delivered?

Binary options signals are delivered in various ways. Most commonly via email, SMS text, mobile app notifications or direct integration with trading platforms. Ensure your provider offers delivery methods compatible with your devices and schedule.

How often are trading signals sent?

Frequency varies between providers. Manual signal services may send 5-10 signals per day while algorithmic signals could be as frequent as hourly or generate hundreds of signals daily. Choose a provider whose frequency aligns with your availability to trade during the day.

Can I receive signals on my mobile?

Many signal providers offer their service on mobile apps or deliver signals directly to your mobile via SMS or push notifications. This allows you to effectively receive and act on signals on the go.

What is the best binary options signal service?

There is no definitive best binary options signal provider. Compare factors like accuracy, transparency, pricing, and reviews to find the best fit for your risk profile, budget, and trading style. Quality signal services to consider include OptionRobot, UpDown Signals, Winning Binary Signals and Binary Options Pro Signals.

How long do I need to follow signals for?

Give a signal service at least 1-3 months before assessing its performance. This allows time for a representative sample of trades to properly evaluate accuracy and profitability. Monitor a minimum of 20-50 signals before drawing conclusions.


Binary trading signals offer an invaluable tool to improve your trading accuracy and maximize your profits. By leveraging expert analysis and suggestions in your trading, signals can significantly boost your win rate.

However, not all signal services are made equal. Take time to thoroughly research providers and use signals intelligently alongside your own analysis.

Implement good risk management, follow signals selectively with your own trading plan, and diversify signal providers to maximize benefits while minimizing risk. Used properly, binary trading signals can take your options trading to the next level.

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