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​Influence at Work for Managers, Team Members & New Leaders

​Develop An Executive Presence, Become A Thought Leader, Boost Your Visibility At Work And Influence Your Peers & Bosses
Jean-Gabriel Paquette
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Become influential with your peers and bosses, thus showing your potential
Stand out from your colleagues by forming relationships and improving your expertise
Take on more important responsibilities and projects by building trust with your superiors
Build an executive presence by communicating and acting as a leader

If you want to be influential at your work, stand out from others to rank up in your company and develop the skills to become a leader, then this course is for you. My complete Influence at Work course will show you the exact techniques and strategies you need to effectively become persuasive and credible, develop an executive presence and boost your visibility, with practical examples you can start applying right away.

Whether you are a team member or a manager, your colleagues need direction on where to go with their projects, what to do next to move the company forward, and they absolutely need someone to make decisions. For your colleagues, that means being a leader, but for your superiors, it shows you can take responsibility and become more than your current position.

In this course, you will:

● Become persuasive with top communication strategies

● Build credibility with trust building techniques

● Develop an executive presence from being confident and having strong body language and communication skills

● Boost your visibility at work with smart social skills and psychology

● Grow into a thought leader by proposing projects, gaining deeper knowledge and showing your expertise

This course is also full of activities that allow you to practice what you’re learning. With over 9 exercises to work with, you will practice self-awareness, the timing to talk in meetings, creating a sense of safety, belonging and mattering through words, identifying decision makers in your company, and building character and authenticity–all of which you can start applying right away.  

Why Learn Influence at Work?

Learning to become influential can benefit you both professionally and socially as you gain leadership and communication skills and many confidence boosting techniques that affect how you interact with others and how they perceive you. These are excellent skills for managers, team members, or people with a new leadership position to influence and effectively work with your colleagues and superiors, which can boost your career by showing your professionalism and expertise.

Why Learn From Me

Learning Influence at Work can be challenging, and executing these techniques can be difficult, that’s why you are in good hands with me. I am an entrepreneur and instructor teaching self-development, business and marketing to people looking to become better versions of themselves. Not only am I confident you will enjoy this course, but it will be a game-changer for you.

This course brings my work, business and social experience to you. I’ve been applying different leadership techniques, communication skills and confidence strategies at work and in my own businesses for years, resulting in many raises at my jobs, along with new titles and responsibilities.

By the end of the course, you will confidently have influence on the people around you.

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my course. You can be sure you’re going to absolutely love it, and I can’t wait to share my knowledge and experience with you inside! 

Skills You Need to Influence Your Peers and Boss

Exercise: Identify Your Current Social Habits and Skills (Self-Awareness)

The first step in becoming influential and becoming a stronger, a better influence for the people around you is first to develop self-awareness. The reason behind that is because you can’t change or improve yourself without being self-aware of your current situation, your current behaviors or what you do right now that needs to be changed. we will dig in your habits so you can pay attention to your habits with others, the way you interact with them and the skills you master. That will let you know easily what needs to improve or change.

Build Credibility at Work

One of the first step to become influential at work is to build credibility. If your colleagues and superiors do not consider you as being credible, they will never take into consideration what you have to say. That’s the key of being heard by others! Build credibility and your words will be listened.

Become Persuasive

Being influential is the final result of many actions, characteristics and principles all grouped together to form an influential individual. It is a relatively simple, but complex concept, which push people away into learning it, but with the steps broken down, it’s much, much simplier and being persuasive is being one step closer to that stage, let me break down for you what it takes to be persuasive and be seen as someone who’s persuasive.

Exercise: Live Examples of How To Be Persuasive and Behavior to Avoid

The first thing you can do to be persuasive is to find common grounds and getting to know them. With a simple word, you can connect with them, it’s ‘’we’’ instead of ‘’I’’ or ‘’you’’. In most conversations that you have with a co-worker or with a superior, you can easily sneak in a couple of ‘’we’s’’ in the convo, it makes them feel as if you guys are working together and that fact that you include them in your ideas and projects makes them feel like they belong there, which also increases their level of trust for you.

Trust Building Techniques and Strategies

Now let’s find out how trust is built. By its definition, trust is the reliance on the character, ability, strength or truth of someone or something. That means you rely on someone else to do the right thing and that’s essential for an effective team. You believe in the person’s integrity and abilities to put yourself on the line, that’s taking risk as well! When others are willing to take risks trusting you, that’s when they feel safe working with you.

Exercise: What's Your Influence Style?

Let’s discover your influencing style for 3 main reasons: First, you can improve what you do and be self-aware of who you are at your advantage and second, know the other types of influences and identify when can you use these styles in your daily life. Also, different styles work on different people, your style might not work on everyone so knowing more than one style allow you to leverage your influencing abilities for the better.

Section 2: Become a Thought Leader

Identifying What Makes Thought Leaders and How Your Company Uses Them

First, let’s identify what makes thought leaders in an organisation. They spread joy and drive fear away. When facing a new problem, they are the one facing it upfront and encouraging the team to solve it. They are approachable and straight forward, that means a lot of people approach them for questions, concerns or advices because they have open arms and they know how to say something without going around the bush. They tell you directly what you need to know in all honesty and transparency.

Exercise: Proposing Projects and Argument at The Right Moments

First, prepare a professional presentation. Make sure the way you present the project is flawless, it shows exactly what needs to be known about your projects, the benefits, the possible outcomes and all the reasons why they should consider going forward with it.  Use images and picture if it’s possible, most images can represent and mean more to the listener than words. Make sure they are attractive images and not random images. It would be sad if they do not understand your project so they decide to move on and thank you for your time.

Working With Current Leaders and Influencers

In order to reach the status of existing leaders, influencers and thought leaders in your company, it’s easier to start working with the current establishment and making your way through, this mean to be closer to these people, work with them and earn your place among them. Do not wait until your superiors offer you this opportunity, organically do it. Get closer to these people and naturally, the people in charge will soon notice a phenomenon going on, but to do so, follow these steps.

Showing You Care About The Next Move and Living The Vision

In order to care about the company’s vision and live the company’s vision, you first need to know what that vision is. What is the direction of the vision? Where are they going? What are the current objectives? Identify what is the purpose of the vision and know what it practically means.

If you aren’t aware of the vision, find out what the vision is. Identify who you need to talk to to get your facts straight and know who will inform you of the vision. Once you do know about it, you can even ask your colleagues for clarifications.

Develop Executive Presence

What Is An Executive Presence and Why Is It a Must For Your Influence

In this section, we will cover how to build an executive presence and that’s because it is a must when it comes to having influence at work. Let’s understand what is an executive presence and why you must have one to build influence at work.

An executive presence has many components which I will give in details, but in few words, it’s like being a magnet, making others feel safe around you and have presence in every room you enter.You are not ignored in a room and people notice you pretty quickly.

Becoming Confident and Showing Confidence Without Being Arrogant

First, your impression is important to be confident and display confidence. By taking care of your appearance, it naturally boosts your confidence because you know you are on top of your game and it shows others you care about how you look. This include grooming, taking care of your hair and dressing nicely. You don’t need expensive clothes, but a bit of knowledge in how to dress will become handy. Dressing flashy might not be the good way as it can mean you are looking for attention.

Master Body Language and How You Act

Now let’s learn how to have a strong body language displaying confidence and leadership. With just your body, you can show to others that they can trust you and you are worth their attention so let’s learn how to do that.

As per the last lesson, practice smiling, not only is it friendly but it will put you in a good mood and that’s important in being confident. If you’re not wearing a smile, you may look grumpy, tired or even bored, only if you know what facial expression you want to have, a smile might be the best outcome.

Communicating As a Leader

Before being able to talk like a leader, you need to Understand How Leaders Communicate, what is their thought process and what do they focus on when speaking. Most people fall in the trap of ‘’having trust’’ rather than focusing on building trust, it is earned and you can’t take it for granted. Your superiors and colleagues can’t see you as a leader if you can’t trust or follow you.

Exercise: Creating a Sense of Safety, Belonging and Mattering Through Your Words

First thing first, use words your audience uses, whether you’re speaking at work or giving a speech, make sure to use words you audience understand and use also, it’s about finding common grounds with them. Your goal is to talk to them in their own language and not try to persuade them with words they don’t understand or is unfamiliar.

Becoming The Best Presenter

Great presentation skills is a must for every influencers, thought leaders and people looking to get promotion in a company, it’s the ultimate sign of confidence and power! Indeed, it’s not everyone who can deliver a clear, well structured speech but if that’s you, you just gain a massively amount of points. Remember in history, our leaders used to give speech to move the nations, still to this day, people admires those who gives great presentation.

Boost Your Visibility at Work

How Being Visible Will Get You Ahead In Your Career

So why be more visible? Well first off, it helps tremendously when it comes to career development, nowadays, being good at your job isn’t the only requirement for getting ahead in your career. Thought leaders and your superiors needs to notice you through the opportunities you take and include you when building projects. Do not have a passive presence in your workplace, but be active and noticeable if you want to get ahead.

Exercise: Identify Authorities, Decision Makers and Peers In Your Environment

It’s good to influence everyone at work and have leadership skills that everyone enjoy, but knowing the authorities and decision makers in your organisation will help you target those who needs to notice you so you can get higher in the company.

If you don’t know yet who are the decision makers, get into the internet and make a list of everyone’s title and responsibilities, if shown on the company’s website or on their LinkedIn profiles.

Make Your Presence Felt In Meetings

Before the meeting, you can decide in advance how often do you want to speak. Believe me, you don’t have to speak every second or give your opinion on every subject of discussion, only bring value where you can add some. If you don’t know how it will go down or how others expect you to participate in a meeting, just refer to your superiors or to the organisers, ask them what they want you to cover and if they expect anything from you.

Offering Help, Asking for Feedback, Taking Responsibility

So how can you offer help? Well, be specific and accountable about what you can do. Can you help with marketing, with paperwork or with cleaning duties? Be clear of what you can help them with, it allows the other person to imagine how they can use your help and being accountable is the basis of proposing help.

Exercise: Gaining Visibility Without Sounding Rude or Being Controlling

First, what comes to mind when you think of someone who’s rude and controlling? Being rude is often ignoring the other person feeling or interest, either with your words, actions or even body language, but what about being controlling? Well, wanting the control over any situations. You know these people that know your problem before you tell them? Yeah. They get angry if you don’t follow their advice, they have personal rules they expect you to follow and can’t understand why anyone sees things differently than they do.

Develop Your Personal Power

Influence Through Meaningful Relationships

So first, what makes a healthy work relationship? Well, it’s based on 5 strong principles and it gives us many benefits to have healthy relationship, work is more enjoyable, people are more likely to go along with our ideas and changes and we’re more innovative and creative, but more importantly, it give us freedom. No more energy wasted on overcoming problems of negative relationships, you can finally focus on opportunities together.

Influence Through Expertise

How can you put yourself in a position in which people trust what you are saying is the truth because they know what you talk about, which results of having influence on them? Well, it’s our expertise. You can not only have influence based on the relationship you have with them, but also through your expertise. When people trust every word you say on a certain topic, they start seeing you as an expert and trust your propositions and ideas simply because they trust you know what you’re doing. Let me show how you build that.

Exercise: Building Character and Authenticity

So how does your character has an impact on how people sees you? Well, your words are a mirror of who you are, this includes the words you use and your conversations. If you swear all the time and all you talk is negative conversation, talking bad about others and gossiping, can you see the image it would give? What if you’re angry most of the time, you always think people are staring at your weirdly and they have a problem with you, plus people just see an angry person in front of them.

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