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14 Ways to DIY: Mobile App Builders

This training will help you learn how to start your business with mobile applications.
Jack Kogera
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Understand the pros and cons of each of the 14 ways of making money with mobile apps
Understand the action plan/success method for each of the 14 ways of making money with mobile apps
Identify and implement a money making method that you will make money from with mobile apps
Be able to identify and select a profitable appstore that they will publish apps in
Understand why this is the best time to be involved in mobile apps and how to build mobile apps even if you have no technical skills

This content packed course that is just over 3 hours will teach you 14 ways of making money with mobile apps. It is projected that by 2018 there will be 2 billion plus smartphones in the world. This presents a tremendous opportunity for you to position yourself to make money from mobile apps. There are over a million mobile apps in the app stores and so for your app to be discovered may take time. This means that it will take you time to make money from the app.

This course will discuss 14 areas that you can make money from in your app business. For each, the pros, cons and how to succeed with it will be discussed. This course is for both technical and non-technical people and is presented using simple English. No technical jargon is used. Where necessary live demos are used to clarify concepts and show live examples.


(1) You are a newbie who wants to position yourself to make money with mobile apps. There are over one million apps so you have to create additional streams of income.

(2) You are frustrated with apps that do not make you money. I know this feeling since I have a few of my own apps that do not make me money. As you wait for your apps to be discovered you can be making money on the side to continue promoting them as well as sustain yourself.


Marketing pointers document to help you with marketing your apps so that they are discovered and downloaded.


Why mobile?

Learn why right now is a great time to be in the mobile app space. Mobile apps are exploding and its just the beginning.

Which appstore to publish apps in?

Itunes appstore or Google Play Store?

3 ways to develop mobile apps

Will you learn to code the mobile app yourself, outsource it or use a do it yourself mobile app builder?

Money Making Method #1: Freelancing

Introduction to freelancing

Introduction to freelancing and the two ways you can do it depending on whether you are non-technical or technical

Introduction to Do It Yourself (DIY) Mobile app builders
Pros and Cons and How to Succeed with DIY mobile app builders
Selling Apps with DIY mobile app builders
Freelancing for hardcore technical people-pros, cons and succeeding with it

Money Making Method #2: Developing and Publishing Paid Apps

Paid Apps

Pay to download mobile apps are they profitable?

Paid apps - the epilogue

Money Making Method #3: Developing and Publishing Freemium Apps

Freemium Apps Discussion

Freemium apps - Free to use and download but user pays to get additional content.

Money Making Method #4: Developing and Publishing Free Apps

Free Apps Dirty Secret

Free ad supported mobile apps. The trick is in selecting a good ad network and limiting display of your ads.

Money Making Method #5: Developing and Publishing Marketing Apps

Marketing Apps Exposed

Money Making Method #6: Be A Mobile Apps Reseller

Mobile Apps Reselling Cash Cow

Sell it to them. And they will build!

Whitelabel Mobile Apps Reselling Demo

Money Making Method #7: Be A Mobile Apps Flipper

Mobile Apps Flipping

Money Making Method #8: Cashing In On Your Apps Portfolio Or App Business

Setting up the Mobile Apps Cash Cow for a huge pay day

Setup your mobile app business the right way for a huge payday. Make sure that your mobile apps are making money. No one wants to buy a non-performing asset!

Money Making Method #9: Licensing

License to make money

Money Making Method #10: Brokering

Apps Broker

Money Making Method #11: Publishing Ebooks

Ebooks the easy way even if you hate writing

Share your mobile app building knowledge to the world. The more you share the more you get.

Demo of 2 easy to use publishing platforms

Be a mobile app resource publisher to increase your credibility.

Money Making Method #12: Coaching/Mentoring

Be the valuable coach

Money Making Method #13: Reskinning

Reskin Mania

Learn what reskinning is and why it can make you tons of money.

Reskinning Mania Demo

Same source code different apps!

Money Making Method #14: How To Videos

How to video on how to videos

Learn the value of how to videos. They are easy to make. All you need is an outline of what you will show, a good mike and a video recording software.

Bonus: Sales Pitch Copy and Mobiel Apps Useful Resources

Easy sales pitch for mobile apps

Download the useful mobile app resources sheet and get links to useful mobile app blogs. These are blogs by successful mobile app developers

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