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3 easy steps Clean Out closet & Find the real you!

Update your wardrobe within your budget. Save time and planet. You are deserved to be happy with your favorite clothes!
Yukiko Sato
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Fill only clothes make you look good everyday
Updated clothes to wear everyday
How to style for a week with 15 items
Feel Refreshed and Organized

Over 500+ students enrolled within 3 days.

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At the end of this Closet Clarify Organize course with Online Personal Stylist & Fashion Therapist, you will be refreshed, confided with new mindset to style you every morning no hassle, stress-free. Create a styling yourself system. Fashion styling should be fun!

The Real You and your life will be shined with your organized closet.

In this course, we will help you to organize your closet everyday, time management tips, daily outfit tracking system and give you full of energy from your wardrobe

Limited monthly wardrobe budget, no time to go for wardrobe shopping NO PROBLEM! We will show you how you can do wardrobe shopping online without leaving home, save money or may not spend your money to update your wardrobe in online wardrobe shopping lecture.

You are deserved to be look good every morning.

If you are looking for a solution to get out the negative cycle, take this course to find the real you!

Course Introduction * Ready to change?

What will you learn?

Thank you for taking this course of 3 easy steps to Clean Out your Closet and Find the Real YOU.

Closet Clean Out and find the real you ( who are so beautiful inside and outside).

Please follow the step by step lecture to organize your closet and update your wardrobe.

Try to create this course easy as possible. If you think some of the parts are not easy, please let us know via discussion. We will update the part to be easy step.

We can't wait to see your Big Smile (^-^) at the end of this course!

Meet your Wardrobe Stylist

About Yukiko Sato, Wardrobe / KIMONO Stylist

Wardrobe Stylist for TV and Films and Tech lover / Online Marketer to sell TESAGE

Meet your Fashion Therapist

About Asuka Ohkuma, Fashion Therapist, Online Personal Stylist

Before Clean Out your Closet

Take a snapshot of your closet before clean out and may write down about your feeling every morning

e.i) feel tied, exhausted want to get out from bad cycle of feeling, nothing to wear etc.

Before start this course

(STEP 1) Organize you? or Closet?

Let's start to Clean Out your Closet!

Step 1: Take your all cloths out to the bed/wide space (to pile up) by bottoms, by tops

(want the students to feel which items you have more)

Step 2: Sort your cloth by labeled boxes Keep, Sell, Donate

Step 3: Not sure cloth (leave)

Show what you need to prepare, and explain it.

Make few steps or tips so that it's easy to remember and make it simple to organize.

How to deal with Not sure cloths?

* no occasion to wear

* not my style when I wore at home ( that was Impulse purchase)

* When did you wear last time?

* Is that still fits?

* Is the item go with your own outfit at lease 3? (show 3 examples)

* Is the item still tag on? Why is the item sitting on your close? How long? ( it worth to sell maybe?)

* Is the item attachable some reason? but it not your size anymore? >> Remake into other item such as lamp shade, pillow case etc.

* Too small but I on a diet to be fits ( how long? over 2 years)

* Not sure but not sell/ donate>> Keep ( remind photos?)

* explain prep items (box, large bag, duct tape) >> PDF (Lecture 6)

Print out PDF Keep, Sell, Donate

1. Print out 3 pages KEEP, SELL, DONATE labels

2. Fold in half, attached each box or hang on the edge

* 3 boxes / duffle bags

* Full body size mirror

* note and pen

* safety pins

* find a wide space, bed or garment rack

Tips to decide by Wardrobe Stylist Yukiko

Tips by Wardrobe Stylist Yukiko Sato

7 questions to ask yourself to decide which box to put your clothes

Tips to decide by Fashion Therapist Asuka

Asuka's Tips

Did you successfully sort your wardrobe?

A lot of clothing on your Keep box? Why?

Put Away 'Keep clothes' into your closet

After you put back `Keep clothes` into your closet nicely, take a snapshot to compare before and after.

Write a note of your feeling after closet clean out and compare before after

(Step 2) Sell / Donate your cloth

List of Sell your clothes Online

You don't know which selling platform to sell your items? Please watch next lecture.

List of Swap Clothes Online

If you are interested in swapping clothes, try these website to swap your cloth to save planet.

Save planet for Zero Waste!

Sell Pre-own clothing online

Showing 19 online marketplaces that are on the list of document in Lecture 10.

* Self Listing marketplaces

* Ship'n List marketplaces

* Luxury Brand marketplaces

Write Attractive your clothes Description

If you have any questions how to write better description or hard time to sell your items, please feel free to contact us with product URL. We will analysis your listing and email you back to you within 48 hours.

How to measure cloth size to sell

Tips of measuring.

How to take nice photos of your clothes

Tips of taking photos

Ship sold items

How to ship items after sold

Unsold Clothes for Donation

If your used clothes are clean and wearable condition, we would suggest you to donate.

Because there are so many people need for many reasons.

Not able to afford
for an art project
for research and test
for movie project
for doll making
and more.

Donate to the Goodwill near you and create a job for the community


Save a plant for Zero Waste!

Recycle, Upcycle and Reform Online

Learn about the difference between Recyle and Upcyle on lecture 8

(Step 3) Shop new items online

Develop your style for a week by Wardrobe Stylist Yukiko

Minimize wardrobe

Styling with color Tips by Fashion Therapist Asuka




Fun Online Wardrobe Shopping

Why Online Shopping save money and time?

Return Items

How to return a purchase to the seller via PayPal, Amazon and others

Simple alteration

Alteration guide


Lessons learned from your closet

Congratulation that you come to this far.

We are so proud of you to take this course and tried your first closet clean out with us.

Hope you feel relief and refreshed. What did you learn from your closet?

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