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Ad Design : Ultimate Guide to Influence Consumer Behaviour

Create High Performing Digital Ads that Magnify your 'Click Rates', 'ROI' or 'Conversions'
Fully understand digital communication fundamentals
Increase conversions and sales with high performing content
Maximise the customers attention towards your communication
Create content that attracts more sales
Understand advertising strategies and techniques about where and how to place ads
Understand how consumers perceive or can be influenced by ads
Understand difference between a good ad and a bad one at psychological level
Understand how use of fonts, colours or visuals can impact performance of your ads

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The brain makes decisions before you even know it!

Every human being’s subconscious mind is responsible for making decisions much before the conscious one interferes. As digital media marketers, it is very important for you to understand that there are ways to communicate directly to each and every human being’s subconscious.

The subconscious or the unconscious mind is constantly being influenced by one’s surroundings and through associations of ideas, experiences, thoughts and beliefs; one might have experienced over the years.

This course on Ad Designing & Brand Communication will help you to understand how the brain processes information and how you can use it to create more favourable/memorable ads/content that increase your marketing return on ad/content investment.

As human beings we are exposed to 362 ads in a day, out of which we are only aware of 86, out of those only 12 are remembered.

Do you want to make high performing ads that are remembered by people? If yes, this course is all you need to master the art of ad creation and ad designing.

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Fully understand digital communication fundamentals

  • Increase conversions and sales with high performing content

  • Maximise the customers attention towards your communication

  • Create content that attracts more sales

  • Understand advertising strategies and techniques about where and how to place ads

  • Understand how consumer’s perceive or can be influenced by ads

  • Understand difference between a good ad and a bad one at psychological level

  • Understand how use of fonts, colours or visuals that can impact performance of your ads

In a nutshell, the course has been designed to teach you – how you can make maximum return on your ad/content investment?

This course will teach you how after you’ve done your best,  how you can do even better. Try the steps taught to you in this course and track how each small change will effect your ‘Click Rates’, ‘ROI’ or ‘Conversions’.  Each small change will bring you actionable results and you’ll be able to track them, REAL TIME.

Get ready to maximise your potential from each penny spent, get the maximum sales conversion & make the most of your marketing budget!

Introduction To Ad Design

How to make the best use of the course?

From text placement and font size to logo color and visual graphics, every component of an advertisement have an effect on the human brain. Make the best of the course by learning the principles of ad designing and using ad design to grab consumer attention!

Understanding how consumer perception or choice can influence ads

We often end up purchasing products from a certain brand without much conscious thinking. Have you ever wondered why? Watch on to learn how ad design influences consumers and how you can use it to your benefit!

Understanding difference between a good ad and a bad one

When marketing any product or service, making your advertisement stand out is a mammoth task. Processing Fluency is the ease with which information is processed. Learn how it helps your ad stand out and how to achieve high processing fluency for your ad design.

Understanding Ad elements and characteristics

An effective ad design has the perfect balance of ad elements like content and visuals and is used in the right context. This video takes you through characteristics of ad designing!

Making your Brand synonymous to your Industry

Creating the right first impression

A strong first impression is often a lasting one. This lecture takes you through the ad design essentials – image, text, and logo – that contribute to a lasting first impression.

Tactic 1: Placing Graphics in an Ad

An ad design that achieves results is based around the working of the human brain. This lecture explains how our brain processes fluency and why graphic placement in an ad matters!

Tactic 2: Placing your Products in an Ad

Left or right? Top right or just a little off-center? There are so many ways in which you can depict your product. Use this tactic of ad designing to showcase your product in the best way possible.

Tactic 3: Best Way to use Models in an Ad

Models are used quite often in ad designs. This secret tactic explains why some of those ads work while others don’t!

Tactic 4: Power of choosing models that vibe with your audience

The main goal of an ad design is to persuade the target audience to purchase the product or avail the service. Watch on to learn when and how to use attractive models to achieve this goal!

Tactic 5: Evoking Emotions with Text Manipulation

The copy or text used in your ad design plays an important role in communicating your message. Master this tactic of ad designing to maximize processing fluency.

Tactic 6: What sells: Features or Usages?

When there are twenty other people selling a similar kind of product, what do you highlight – features or uses? Watch this video and learn Parth’s favorite tactic in brand strategy!

Tactic 7: When does being 'assertive' work?

Learn when to use an assertive copy or call-to-action in your ad design and how being ‘assertive’ has an impact on your audience.

Tactic 8: Creating Memorable Slogans & Taglines

Any ad design is incomplete without a slogan or tagline that sticks with a sizeable portion of your audience. Master this tactic to create memorable slogans and taglines every time.

Tactic 9: Placing your Logo in an Ad

Where is your logo best highlighted in an ad design - towards the left, in the center or towards the right? This tactic explains how to decide your logo’s placement and why it matters!

Tactic 10: Best size for your logo

Watch this video to know how your logo’s size in an ad design should vary depending on the type of ad.

Importance of Fonts in Ad Designing

Power of Fonts

Fonts form an essential part of any ad design visuals. Get familiar with these font selection principles to make your ads more impactful.

Tactic 11: Thick versus Thin

Did you know, different font styles have different personalities which in turn lend a personality to your ad design? Watch on to know how to select the font appropriate for your ad.

Tactic 12: Showing Uniqueness through Fonts

Your aim is not just to sell products or services, but also to become the first choice for your consumers. How do you achieve that? By becoming unique! Here’s how fonts can make you stand out.

Tactic 13: Portraying Speed in Ad Designs

The right kind of font used in the right way can help to send across the message that you want. Watch this video to master this ad designing tactic.

Power of Everyday Emotions in Ad Designing

Understanding the Impact of Colors

Colors have an impact on everything perceived by your audience - whether it is your logo, your product or your ad design! Learn how to use this to the best of your advantage.

Tactic 14: Decoding Non-primary Colours

Every primary and non-primary color comes with its own set of positive and negative features. Decode these colors to set the tone of your ad design or even your brand in general.

Tactic 15: Decoding Red

We are visual creatures and bright colors often attract our gaze. This tactic takes you through the psychology associated with the color red and when and how to use it in ad designing.

Tactic 16: Decoding Blue

We, as human beings, have evolved over the years and so have our perceptions of different colors. Learn how the color blue is associated with different emotions and how using it in your ad design can work wonders.

Tactic 17 : Decoding Green

What does the color green stand for? What are the different emotions that green evokes? When can you use green in my ad design? Watch on to find the answers to these questions and more!

Tactic 18: Using Colors to Make your Content Stand out

In this tactic, we take you through the ways in which you can strike a balance between colors and content in your ad design.

Communicating Context via Ad Designing

Getting the Desired Result from your Target Audience

Connecting with the target audience takes more than content and visuals in ad design. Learn how framing, variations, and appropriate medium can help to get the desired results.

Tactic 19: Secret to Attracting New Customers

Launching a new product or service? Or entering an already-saturated market? Watch this video to know how you can use ad designing to acquire new customers in any kind of market!

Tactic 20: Up-selling & Cross-selling

Did you know that once customers are familiar with a brand or product, they give lesser attention to an ad design? Watch on to learn how to target such existing customers!

Tactic 21: Getting your Customers to Act

More often than not, humans base their decisions on emotions whether they are buying a Ferrari or a toothpaste. Incorporate this tactic in your ad design to get your audience to act.

Tactic 22: Positivity in Ad Designing

If you want your consumers and audience to remember your brand or product for longer-terms, use this strategy for ad designing.

Tactic 23: Adding Variations to Ad Design

Learn ways to add variations to your ad design, how it increases processing fluency and in turn, improves brand retention.

Tactic 24: Microtargeting

Get familiar with the ways to alter your ad design and make every segment of your audience feel that the ‘ad’ is meant for them.

Tactic 25: Impacting Long-term Memory recall through exposure

While digitization makes it possible for brands to display ads anytime, too many ads can also be annoying. Use this tactic to know how much is too much.

Tactic 26: Seeming ‘Affordable’ or ‘Premium’ through Ad Designs

Why do certain products seem more ‘expensive’ or ‘premium’ than they actually are? And how do you achieve that with your ad designs? Watch on to unlock this power!

Tactic 27: Best ways to Meet your Customers

Now that you have a complete ad design, where should you place it to get the maximum exposure? Watch this tactic to find the answer!

Tactic 28: Advertising without Selling

Watch this video to know why you should use ‘paid’ or ‘sponsored’ advertisements sparingly and how you can attract social growth without actually selling your product, brand or service.


Right Ad Design-Right Time-Right Place

You’ve done it! You have reached the end of the course which takes you one step closer to become a pro at ad designing and brand strategy. In this lecture, trainer Parth gives you some parting advice on ad design.

Can you guess what these ads are selling without seeing the logo?
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