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ADHD Focusing & Motivation Strategies… That Actually Work!

A Psychotherapist Specializing in ADHD who has ADHD Explains how to Turbocharge your Productivity
Professor Alina Kislenko MA, RP
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Turn on Focusing Abilities Without Medications
Get Motivated on Command
Harness their ADHD Superpowers
Have Routines that Turbocharge Productivity
Understand how ADHD Impacts Focus and Motivation
Decrease negative ADHD symptoms
Understand Your Procrastination Typology
Retain Learned Information
Study Successfully
Stop Self-Sabotoge

With videos filmed in Southern Italy and Veradero Cuba, follow Alina Kislenko MA, a world-trotting Canadian ADHDer and Psychotherapist, as she explains why ADHDers have trouble with focus and motivation and teaches you techniques that ACTUALLY work to solve these issues! All content is highly research based, practical, often unusual, and always entertaining and to the point (we’re allergic to boredom, right?). Alina believes that ADHD is a superpower and evolutionary trait and, like any superpower, it needs to be honed and harnessed to fully become a gift rather than a curse. This course offers a certificate of completion for those who get to the end of all 8 units!

Class Units:

  • Week 1 – Why ADHDers Have trouble with focus and motivation?
  • Week 2 – Filling up the Dopamine Tank
  • Week 3 – Finding Your Procrastination Origins
  • Week 4 – The 2-Part Break for Getting Started
  • Week 5 – Fidgeting Productively & Audiobooks
  • Week 6 – Timing, Environment, & Rituals
  • Week 7 – How to Focus in Class or at Meetings
  • Week 8 – Mindfulness & Brain Dumps

Use the booklet from Lecture 1 throughout the course!

Week 1 - Why ADHDers have Trouble with Focus & Motivation
Week 2 - Filling the Tank

This week, we explore how to reliably fill your focusing and motivation tank on demand through three special categories of self-care. Psychotherapist and ADHDer Matt Goetz joins Alina to discuss this lesson. For this session, join Alina and Matt during a beautiful sunset on their rooftop patio in southern Italy.

Week 3 - The S.T.R.E.S.S. Analysis for Procrastination

This week we analyze your procrastination style through a S.T.R.E.S.S. Analysis. By doing so, we learn how to tell the difference between the 6 different procrastination origins that ADHDers fall into and practical strategies to get around each one. We're in Ostuni, Italy on the rooftop terrance once again (enjoy the bird performance in the background!).

Week 4 - The 2 Part Break for Productivity

This week we learn the 2 part break, a fool proof (when done right!) tool to jump start motivation and productivity - nomatter how hard (or late!) that project is! This week we'll be filming both on the beach in balmy Veradero, Cuba as well as back in Italy.

Week 5 - Fidgeting & Audiobooks

For a long time, fidgeting has gotten a bad rap, but this week we learn how to integrate effective fidgeting in our lives to increase focus, follow through, and flow. We also tackle reading issues and discuss using audiobooks creatively to turbocharge comprehension. Join Alina in Italy and Cuba for this beautiful video.

Week 6 - Timing, Rituals, and Environments

This week we explore how the right timing, environment, and rituals can take you from just barely hanging on to leaving the pack in your dust.

Week 7 - Focusing in Class and Meetings

Classes and meetings can be oh so boring when your mind's running a mile a minute and did you know there's a Yellow-Tailed Oriole roosting in that tree over there? This week, we teach you some techniques that train you to take control of your wandering mind for good. This week's video takes place in both Italy and Cuba.

Week 8 - Meditation & Brain Dumps

This week, we teach you how to do what research shows is the number one technique that increases focus - meditation! But because most ADHDers go crazy when they try, we'll show you the quick and easy Reps Method as well as share some meditations designed specifically for ADHDers. We also explore the revitalizing practice of brain dumps and how they can up your focusing game. This week takes place in both Italy and Cuba, with a small dash of Bali thrown in. 

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