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Advanced Spiritual Protection 14 Day Negative Energy Cleanse

Remove curses, rituals, spells, negative, toxic energy, depression, bad-luck and evil eye from your energy-field
Marisa Russo
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Learn how negative energy is created and how to remove it
Remove negative energy, curses, bad-luck, spells and negative entities from you energy field
Build positive energy to attractive a positive life
Remove the intricate webbing and get your soul off the "Matrix"
Use a scientific formula (laws of energy) to release negative energy
Shift, transform and heal from negative energy and curses

Advanced Spiritual Protection 14 Day Negative Energy Cleanse Online Course

Want to rid yourself of toxic and negative energy to change your life? If I say so myself, this is my speciality when addressing negative energies and removing them.

Over the 14 days, you will receive information, webinars, lessons, healings and exercises to remove any negative or toxic energy. This will free the hidden blocks/obstacles that stop you from creating the life you desire.

Negative Energy:

Negative energy produces negative attractions. Most people know that when you change your energy, you change your life, however, this may seem easier said than done. Often, you don’t know what is in your energy field that causes your blocks and struggles because you can’t see the energetic damage.

This damage is more pronounced if you endured a difficult or abusive childhood. You will, however, witness the side effects in emotional, physical and spiritual manifestations. Join me in this powerful 14 day cleanse to remove negative energy stored in your energy field.

Here are some signs of negative energy or curses

  • Negative Thoughts: You feel negative and paranoid about yourself and others

  • No Progression: Blocks in your relationships, health, and finances.

  • Looming Dark Clouds: Dark clouds hanging over you that produce bouts of bad luck.

  • Chronic Fatigue: You lack focus, clarity and experience chronic fatigue and exhaustion.

  • Intense Anger: Certain people come to your mind and you feel anger towards them

  • Strange People: You seem to constantly attract strange and angry people.

  • Low Self Confidence: You suffer low self-confidence and low self-esteem.

  • Medical Conditions: Unexplained short-term, chronic medical conditions.

  • Unresolved Negativity: You have unresolved negativity and resentment with others

  • Extreme Guilt: You feel guilty around others and feel responsible for their problems.

  • Sharp or Dull Pain: You experience sharp pain or a chronic dull ache.

  • Addictions: You develop addictions to drugs, foods, alcohol, cigarettes etc.

The Source of Your Problems

This program offers you decades of experience as founder of Forensic Healing and having studied and removed negative energies from thousands and thousands of people. I reveal the hidden reasons and truth of the effects of negative energy and how to remove them.

With this ability to read energy fields, it the how, when, what and why people are spiritually targeted and attacked. The findings confirmed that 100% of people’s problems are sourced from some sort of low vibrational energy.

What Makes You Vulnerable

Any low vibrational energy in your energy field makes you vulnerable to negative energies and entities to attach. There is no such thing as accidents, poor health, financial problems, bad luck, emotional or spiritual turmoil, all these conditions can be traced from a negative source of energy.

The 14-day deep energy cleanse addresses every reason for any negativity in your life. You will participate in healing protocols and techniques to remove and cleanse your energy.

You will travel deep into your mind, body, spirit and soul for a deep spiritual cleanse and develop techniques to supersede difficult situations and transform your life.  The power of this course is that it expands over 14 days. This offers consistency and time to address every aspect of your energy.

We tune up cars, spring clean houses, defragment our computers but rarely clean up our energy which is more important than any of the physical aspects of life as the source of all manifestations are from energy. This course is a must-have life skill that will transform your life.

Spiritual Protection 14-Day Deep Energy Cleanse Course Curriculum:

7 Days Prior: Optional preparatory work:

Enhance your experience with five of the most powerful physical cleanses to remove energetic toxic attachments

14 Day Schedule

Day 1 Self-awareness and Universal laws of negative connections, programs, attacks and energies
Exercise 1: Everything is Energy Check Your Rating

Day 2 Identify and remove emotions that cause negative attacks
Exercise 2: Find your Emotional Compass

Day 3 Become accountable. Identify and strengthen your vulnerabilities
Exercise 3: List your Patterns of Vulnerabilities and Action Plan

Day 4 Remove false karma and Negative Karmic Seeds
Exercise 4: Karmic Resolution Protocol to Energetically Release False Karma and Karmic Seeds

Day 5 Using good Karma to release Negative Attachments
Exercise 5: Release Karmic Attachments process

Day 6 Spiritual Attacks, Black Magic and Curses
Exercise 6: Examine your Energy Field for Energetic Attacks, Curses and Black Magic

Day 7 Removing Curses and Black Magic
Exercise 7: Reverse Curses and Black Magic Healing Protocol

Day 8 Spiritual Cleanse of Negative Karma
Exercise 8: Analyse your Negative Karma and Balance it

Day 9 Removal of Rituals, Contracts and Ceremonies
Exercise: 9 Ritual Reversal Protocol

Day 10 Remove the Emotion of Fear to Remove Negativity
Exercise: 10 Release Fears Protocol and Meditation

Day 11 RISE: The Only Way is Up!
Exercise 11: Raise Your Energy Exercise

Day 12 Awareness, Self Talk, Choices and Focus – Why Pain Exists!
Exercise 12: Simplicity: Creating the right canvas to attract positive energy

Day 13: Soul Cleanse Pathway Healing
Exercise 13: Soul Cleanse Pathway Intention and Healing

Day 14 Summary Techniques 1-13

Bonus Videos of Skype Readings and Healings

NB: This course can be done at your own pace and repeated as many times as you like.


Spriritual Cleanse Preparatory Detox

Optional Preparatory Physical Cleanse

When you physically cleanse your body, you enhance the spiritual cleanse of negative entities, curses, negative attachments and emotion. The toxicity levels in your body and the amount of detoxing methods you have applied will determine your response to the following detoxing methods. I recommend you do some detoxing prior to the Spiritual Cleanse as it will enhance your experience. How much you do is entirely up to you.

Day 1: Everything is Energy Check Your Rating

Everything is Energy

Lynne McTaggart’s book The Field supports the theory of the Observer Effect Experiment when quantum physicists demonstrated the “observer’s bias,” or how the beliefs about an experiment affect the outcome.

Day 2: The Natural Laws and the Source of Your Power

Where is Your Focus and Attention?

People who avoid taking responsibility for their thoughts and actions will become vulnerable to their mind being overtaken by external perceptions and fears of others’ agendas.

If you believe and subject yourself to “what is” or how things appear to be, you give your consent to someone else’s agenda. You give up your free will by not choosing to care about your peace and freedom. The adage that “you are what you eat” is no different than “you are your thoughts.”

Day 3 Your Past Contains Your Future; Find Your Weaknesses

Understanding Yourself to Change Yourself

Childhood Programming

An invisible hand that shapes and influences your destiny is childhood programming.

Childhood programming refers to the actions and experience around a developing child that are recorded, determines the developmental direction, and influence the future actions of a person.

It starts from the fetal stages of a child up until early childhood. A negative childhood programming will cause negative adult experience while positive programming helps a child to find lasting happiness and contentment in life.

Day 4: Shifting Negative and False Karma

What is Negative Karma?

Karma is often used in conversations especially in a negative context. However, karma is basically the idea that current and previous actions of a person ultimately influence their future experience.

Day 5: Using Karma to Release Negative Attachments

Top 7 Negative Emotions to Avoid from Others

Did you know that the energy from others converts in your day to day life attractions? Every situation in your life comes from energy sourced from places, yourself, and others.

It was only today while I was getting a manicure did the reality of this concept prove itself again. The manicurist Kim was freely chatting to me as we exchanged pieces of our lives while answering the standard, polite questions – one of them being my “childbearing” status to which I replied with a standard stock answer “Yes, I have a mama’s boy” referring to my much-loved cat named Warnie.

Day 6: Analyse Your Energy to Find Curses and Blackmagic

Please watch video here as the file was too large to upload https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QJ7n3I8KS4

What is Black Magic?

Lisa Renee is an amazing source to find out what is really going on with our energy and life-force. The following descriptions on black magic/miasma come from her site https://energeticsynthesis.com and https://ascensionglossary.com

The manipulation of consciousness technology and the world of forces for Service to Self and negative ego purposes without regard to the consent or consequence of others. There are many different levels of the propagation of Black Magic.

Black Magic is a form of Satanism. Until a person has knowledge of what Black Magic actually is and how it is perpetrated and represented in energy, that person is not protected from the effects of black magic. Knowledge protects, while ignorance harms.

Day 7: Remove Curses and Blackmagic Protocol

Why do People have Problems

Accumulation of major stress, trauma or abuse will cause dysfunction in a person’s life until it is healed. The body never lies, and if there is pain, stress, anxiety, grief, tiredness, fear, hurt, low self-worth, relationship problems, etc., the body is giving a message that healing is needed. It is a sign that you have ignored your physical needs and compromised your feelings and instincts.

Day 8: Analyse Your Energy for Rituals, Contracts and Ceremonies

What do rituals do?

A ritual is a sequence of activities involving gestures, words, and objects, and often performed in a hidden place, and performed according to a set sequence. Rituals may be prescribed by the traditions of a community, including a religious community. Rituals are a feature of all known human societies.

Day 9: Removal of Rituals, Contracts and Ceremonies

Removal of Rituals, Contracts and Ceremonies

Exercise 9: Ritual Reversal Protocol

Use this Ritual Reversal Protocol that follows on from day 8. It can be used to reverse rituals that you have undergone in this life and past lives. It is important to remove the rituals as they remain on your soul lifetime after lifetime and each lifetime they are embedded more deeply. Time to free your soul :-)

Day 10: Remove the Emotion of Fear to Remove Negativity

Fear Feeds Negative Forces and Entities

Can you imagine a world where you live in peace, void of all fears? That amazing world is the upcoming fifth dimension.

The world is transitioning into something wonderful, and with all things, there is an opposing force stopping its progression. The easiest way this is done is with the emotion of fear.

Day 11: RISE: The Only Way is Up!

Rising 10 fold will catapult your energy and success

When you create the right canvas to work on, you create your freedom of negativity in your life and negative energies that attach to it. The following excerpts are taken from a book that teaches the most powerful concepts of Ascension, Expansion and Freedom I have ever come across.

Day 12: Awareness, Self Talk, Choices and Focus - Why Pain Exists!

Recap your learnings

Never in history has there been a more significant time to heal or improve yourself. Everything you need to change your life is now accessible. The solutions to your life's problems are available, and they are in the "energetic field" (or source energy) that surrounds you. There is a special criterion to access this "field."

Day 13: Soul Cleanse Pathway Healing

Healing Pathway to Align You Intentions

The Soul Cleanse Pathway creates a deep spiritual soul facet and DNA cleanse from embedded psychic attacks, negative entities, reversal networks and systems, unseen influences, destructive forces and harmful energies on all levels, dimensions and lifetimes.

Day 14 Summary Techniques 1-13

Exercise 14: Summary Techniques 1-13

When a situation arises or you feel stuck, use the body shift technique from 1-13 (or the dummies way is to pick a number between 1-13) to provide the exercise you need to remove or overcome your situation. The complete the exercise that was identified.Key aspects for transformation:

  • Consistency

  • Change

  • Learn the lessons

  • Get back up

  • Keep Rising

Bonus Videos of Skype Readings and Healings

Bonus Healing Reading Skype Videos

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