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Advanced VIM for Programmers in “Unix/Linux” Environment

Using the "vi" editor in depth; advanced configuration and utilities.
Alejandro Guzman Castellanos
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You will learn how to use the "vi" editor on Unix / Linux Operating Systems and you will master all available commands, which will be very useful in editing flat files.
You will learn how to configure the "vi" editor in advanced mode
You can customize the editor to streamline the editing of your favorite programming language.

The “vim” text editor is a very practical tool, to know it well  It can mean a great saving of time in the edition of files of  text. It is commonly used in Linux and Unix environments, so  it is important to know at least the basic management of the environment.  If you already know something about the “vim” editor, in this course you will learn advanced editing techniques, use of buffers, blocks and custom editor settings to use with your favorite development language.

Introduction to Editor Vi


We will learn the basics of the "vi" editor, how to access, exit and create the base configuration file.

Moving through the file, paragraph or screen in Vi

We will learn how to scroll through the file, in the paragraph or on the screen.

Mark of Positions

We will learn how to mark positions within the files to be used in various operations.

Save Changes and/or Leaving the Editor

We will learn to save the changes to the document and / or exit the vi editor

Editing Text

Insert - Replace Text

We will learn how to insert text and do text replacement operations.

Delete Text

You learn how to perform delete operations in the "vi" editor

Undo and Repeat

We will analyze the operations of recovery and repetition of commands.

Undo All Changes

We will learn how to recover changes without recording in the "vi" editor

Search and Replacement

Search for Text

We will analyze the different techniques for searches, at the line level or the complete document.

Search and Replacement of Text

We will analyze the different search and replacement techniques available in the "vi" editor.

Search and Replacement of Text in Blocks

We will analyze the different search and replacement techniques available in the "vi" editor using marks in blocks of text.

Advanced user of the Buffer

Use of the Buffer to Copy / Paste

We learn how to use different methods to copy and paste text in the "vi" editor

Use of Lines Block

We learn how to mark blocks of lines

Use the Buffer to Copy / Paste Blocks of Lines

We learn advanced techniques to mark, copy and paste different blocks of lines.

Editing multiples files and other Utilities

Editing Multiple Files

We will learn to edit multiple files at the same time and how to move between them during the editing process.

Exit temporatily and execute operating system commands

We will learn to take advantage of the commands of the operating system and insert the results directly into our file in edition.

Advanced Configuration of the Editor

Advanced configuration of "Vi" Editor

We will analyze the different options of configuration and utilities to facilitate the use of the editor "vi"

Advanced Configuration of the Editor - Functions Keys

We will learn how to configure the function keys in the "vi" editor, to personalize the experience in the edition of texts.

Final Summary - Downloadable resources

Downloadable resources of the total content of the course.

You can view and review the lecture materials indefinitely, like an on-demand channel.
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3.5 out of 5
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