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Amazon PPC Product Ads: Grow Your Private Label FBA Products

How create robust Amazon PPC product ads and sponsored campaigns to generate immediate traffic to your Amazon listings.
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Become HIghly Proficient In Building Amazon PPC Campaigns
Research and discover powerful keywords from multiple keyword sources
Build Microtargeted Amazon PPC Campaign
Improve The Profitability Of Your Campaign

We know that creating an Amazon listing and getting your branded or private label product up and running is one thing. But generating traffic is another and there truly is an art and science to it. In this Amazon PPC course, we discuss how to source powerful keywords and create profitable campaigns via Amazon sponsored product Ads (pay per click advertising PPC). The course is broken into four modules:

  • How To Source Powerful Keywords
  • How To Navigate Broad, Phrase, Exact, and Negative Match Keywords In Amazon
  • Philosophy On Building A Robust Campaign
  • Reviewing Terms & Optimizing Your Campaign
  • Live Demo & Walkthrough With Actual Case Studies
  • Profound Ways To Improve Your Listings In Order To Improve ACOS & Even SEO

In addition, we have an advanced sections around conquesting your competitors, ranking for multiple keywords, and other advanced topics critical to generating targeted and profitable traffic with an ROI and ACOS (Average Cost of Sale) better than 25% (spend / sales).

If you are a big brand, private label amazon seller, retail arbitrage seller, or a traditional merchant seller, this information will be incredibly relevant to your growth and product success.

Introduction To Amazon PPC (Per Per Click Advertising)

Instructor Introduction & My Quick Talk On Amazon PPC

In this video, I introduce myself and walk you through the power of Amazon PPC and why it matters to all sellers.

Module 1 - Sourcing Powerful Keywords From Multiple Sources

Module 1 - Sourcing Powerful Keywords From Multiple Sources

Introduction to the process of sourcing powerful keywords for your Amazon pay per click advertising campaigns.

Module 1 - Google Keyword Planner

The process of how I use Google Keyword Planner to source keywords for campaigns.

Module 1 - Merchant Words

The process of how I use Merchant Words to source keywords for campaigns.

Module 1 - Keyword Inspector (Perform Reverse ASIN Keyword Searches)
The process of how I use Keyword Inspector to source keywords for campaigns. Here we can do reverse ASIN searches across multiple competitors to see what keywords they're ranking for so we can then use those keywords for our own campaigns.

Module 2 - Building A Profitable & Targeted Campaign

Module 2 - Building A Profitable & Targeted Campaign

In this video, I discuss the philosophy and process of building profitable and micro targeted campaigns, based on the initial keyword research that was conducted.

Module 3 - Reviewing Your Campaigns & Optimizing

Module 3 - Reviewing & Optimizing Your Campaign

Module 4 - Live Demo Walkthrough

Module 4 - Live Demo Introduction

Here we discuss the actual interface and provide an introduction to the utilization of the amaozn ppc campaign builder.

Module 4 - Live Demo of Building A Campaign

In this lesson, we show you how to build a campaign from start to finish for both Auto Campaigns and Manual Campaigns.

Module 4 - Live Demo of Reviewing Campaign Data

In this lesson, I show you how to review the campaign data and make decision on improving conversions and reducing your ACOS.

Module 4 - Downloading Your Search Terms Reports

In this lesson, we discuss the process of downloading your reports and reviewing the keyword data so you can make better decisions on optimizing your amazon ppc campaigns.

Advanced Section & Material

Advanced PPC Strategies - How To Really Improve ACOS

In this section you will learn advanced strategies and see me apply my complete bid adjusting walkthrough of my own campaign. Some of this you may have seen in a previous video, but I try really dive deeper into the purpose of bidding higher for expected terms that will generate sales and also budget optimization.

How To Improve Conversions - Listing Optimization

We discuss conversion optimization strategies that will also improve your PPC conversions. This includes:

  • Turning off broad match and focusing on phrase and exact match
  • Deleting Certain Terms (Pausing) altogether
  • Adding More Terms To The Negative Terms List
  • Better Images To Attract Clicks
  • Creating A Better Listing In General (Our Amazon SEO Course)
  • Get More Reviews To Increase Conversions
  • Lowering Price To Entice More Buys

Advanced Tips On Conquesting & Finding More Expansive Keywords (Live Demo)

In this video, I show how I use Keyword Inspector, Google Adwords, and Amazon to find the very best keywords to use for your keyword details backend system, Title, Bullets, Description, and your Amazon PPC campaign. I also discuss conquesting (taking advantage of big brands and the traffic they could bring to your listings)

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