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American English Accent &Pronunciation Unlock Your Potential

Unique, Fun, Movie based course. Reach your goals! Gain confidence! Learn to Speak like an American with Accent Training
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Understand components of the American Accent as they are being spoken by a native speaker • Find out the most important sound in American English. • Finally learn why natives sound the way they do • Isolate certain sounds that separate you from native speakers •Overcome problem areas of speech and accent • Learn what is just as important as pronunciation • Learn What intonation is, and how it works in real time! • Utilize voiced sounds •Learn How to develop the timing of a native speaker • Know how to unlock the “music” of American English • Understand the secret beyond just pronunciation • Understand How to sound more like a native • Learn How proper emphasis can make the phrases (What did you say? Or I’m sorry, would you repeat that?) a thing of the past. Take the American Accent principles and apply them to other tv shows, movies, and conversations between native speakers
Have the tools needed to speak with confidence!

Learn the American Accent and reach your personal and professional goals! Imagine yourself with the job you’ve always wanted, a promotion, traveling, speaking with confidence and attracting people. It could happen sooner than you think!

I truly believe that if you found this American English Accent training course, you understand a profound truth: That your education, skills, and talents no matter how impressive, can be limited by the way you speak English. Whether it’s a promotion at work, being more confident, getting that dream job, travel, or developing relationships and making new friends, it’s even more attainable when your level of English and accent is similar to those we work with, and those we want to befriend.

This course will be much different than simply watching a movie or television show, as I’m sure you’re already doing. It’s not passive, but active learning of the principles of the American Accent. With each line from the movie, I will take you by the hand, and point out the principles of accent and pronunciation behind it. Why did the actor say it that way he did? We will unlock the secrets together, letter by letter, line by line.

When I was learning Tagalog (Filipino) and Spanish, having a native of those languages explain some things to me saved me tons of time, and embarrassment. Since I learned it in context, in its natural setting, it became an experience, which makes a strong impression on the memory. That propelled my language learning advancement. Those experiences are the secret to getting the Accent down correctly. With this American Accent course, you will get all those experiences and focused lessons on a regular on demand basis through nearly 50 different lectures!

The course, though engaging and fun, is for those willing to work hard daily, make progress, to obtain the American Accent. My course is especially designed for English speakers (intermediate to advanced) who wish to take their English to the next level, and obtain all the personal and professional rewards that come with speaking like a native.

Start Here: Your road map to the American Accent

Proof that the American Accent Works and that you can do it!
What makes this course unique, and how will it make you special too?
Meet your instructor. Why choose me??
How to guarantee success. Learn the American Accent in no time!

Master the American Accent by watching a movie. All principles come to life!

The most important sound in American English. Master this part of the accent!
American Vowel Secrets
Emphasis: What separates speaking English from speaking English clearly
Inflection is worth a thousand clear words in the American Accent
American English Vowels are really Transformers in disguise
How to Emphasize for a better American Accent
Which words do your normally emphasize for that near native sound?
Good timing equals a good American Accent. How to improve yours!
The Schwa- your new best friend. Why it's so important to your American Accent
How to cross the American T. American Accent training made easy through movies!
Making the Perfect Sentence. Put the principles into action.
Speak like a native through proper emphasis!
To Voice or Not to Voice. This can make a huge difference in your Accent!
The Case of the Missing Words. Solve the mystery to unlock an American Accent!
How relaxing helps you sound more like a native American English speaker!
Cross the Ts and Voice the Ds please!
Not all Ns are created equal. Getting them right will improve your accent!
English letters. Spot the Transformers and use them for a native sound!
Conquering the American Accent one letter at a time
Lets dip these letters in some American Accent Sauce. Here's how to do it.
Are you being asked to Repeat yourself? Here's a huge part of the solution.
The American Accent... Do it with Style!
Make the American Accent a part of your life.
Your New friend the Schwa. How to keep the relationship strong
Master this, and you will have many Happy Endings!
Variety is the Spice of your American Accent
Move Beyond Pronunciation. American Accent Training for a new you!
Create an unforgettable Ending! End Sentences like this to Master your Accent!
Make your Emphasis Excellent and your Stress- Super!
Sometimes Less is More when it comes to reducing your foreign accent
Make the right words stand out by minimizing others to improve your Accent!
Contractions- the short cut to an American Accent. Learn how in this lesson
Relax and Contract to speak like an American! American English training.
Put it all together for that near native American English sound!
Schwas are everywhere! Find them and you're on your way to an American Accent!
Accent Check! How did you do as a Schwa Hunter? Find them to improve your accent
T off. I'm not talking about golf either! American Accent Pronunciation Training
Accentuate the Positive, and don't mess with Mr. In between!
Don't quit while you're ahead. How to finish for an American English Accent!
Revisiting the Schwa. The Final stretch!
Spot the Transformers: Vowels in disguise to get an American Accent!
Tell the Whole Story with Inflection and Style!
Consonants, Schwas, and Idioms --- Oh my! Master them all for an American Accent
The "R". How to get it RRRRight!
Something that's just as important as Pronunciation
The Wrap up Review and Final Thoughts
Special Offer!
1 on 1 Help To Master The American Accent Quickly!
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