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An Examined Life – Create A Life Worth Living!

A step-by-step process for creating a life full of meaning and purpose
Gregg Swanson
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By the end of this program you will have the tools, resources and techniques to create a happy, abundant and successful life.

“An unexamined life is not worth living.” Socrates

Examining our lives is how we discover the road to complete satisfaction. This program is designed around the idea that examining your life is critical to satisfaction, and upon completion you will enjoy all seven levels of life satisfaction!

Life Satisfaction

Satisfaction and happiness are not the same thing, but the good news is when you have satisfaction, you have a more profound feeling than if you had happiness. Satisfaction is lasting while happiness can be fleeting.

So, what life satisfaction and how is it different from happiness?

Happiness is an immediate, in-the-moment experience, whereas life satisfaction is happiness that exists when we think about our lives as a whole, looking at the big picture.

Life satisfaction is not based on research, but rather your cognitive judgements of elements YOU consider to be valuable – ergo, you determine your satisfaction, whereas happiness is generally a more external feeling.

Based on the research ‘The Study of Life Satisfaction’, quality of life is associated with living conditions, such as food, health, shelter, and so forth. By contrast, life satisfaction is defined as a state of emotion, like happiness or sadness.

In general, whatever level of satisfaction you are feeling, you can define and maximize your level of wellbeing if you choose which elements you want to engage in to flourish.

Contributors to Life Satisfaction

The sources of life satisfaction are not completely understood yet, but what is known, is that they are a complex combination of:

  • Environmental Factors: Learn how you can use external features to help you determine your satisfaction, i.e. where should I live?
  • Behavioral Factors: Learn specific action steps for success, including routines and mantras
  • Capabilities: Use mental maps, plans, and strategies for success; these cognitive processes allow you to change how you think
  • Beliefs: These are the foundations of your action plan and your capabilities; think of this as your world view
  • Purpose: Know who you are and why you are here – this is your mission
  • Spirituality: Have a connection with a larger system of beliefs, this could be something religious or something more ephemeral and personal
  • Ikigai: In Buddhism is this thought more of as the Dharma. This is the intersection of what you are good at, jobs you can work in, and the causes you wish to fight for

Most people spend their lives at the first three levels, and unless you access the other four levels, you will have an unfulfilled life. In this program, you’ll learn about each level and live a life of purpose and passion.

Can You Feel More Satisfied with Your Life?

Yes. If you are not as satisfied with your life as you would like to be, you can do things to change this. Things such as having friends, goals, and a life story are shown to increase one’s life satisfaction. You can look more in depth at these here, along with a couple of other ways to feel more satisfied with your life.

The Importance of Reflecting on Yourself

Scrutinizing one’s actions and reflecting is an important aspect of life, as it comes with the knowledge that every one of us is living in his very own world, a subjective reality, that is filtered by our (often biased) awareness filters within our minds. Reflecting allows us to recognize these biased mindsets, discover the truth and allows us to spot misbehavior or mistakes we committed.

The Importance of Reflecting

You might be wondering why it is important to reflect on your experiences. Here are four main reasons:

  • Learn from Your Experiences:  Reflect on your past and analyze your strengths, weaknesses, and behaviors and make the adjustments to get the most out of your future
  • Help Others: Use your self-reflection to help make others better, think of it the way team sports work – teammates reflect on performance and share with each other the best way forward
  • Celebrate Success: Acknowledge the things that you’ve done well and use them as touchstones to improve
  • Gain New Perspective and Relax: Take a deep breath and relax and reflect on what is going well. Improve your life by viewing it from a different angle

This program is designed to provide you with the tools for total reflection on your life now and in the future.  You will have access to some of the most powerful techniques to create ah-ha’s in every area of your life.

Get the satisfaction you deserve by enrolling in the course today!



In this lecture you'll find out an overview of the program and how it's going work. 

Part 1 - The Foundation

The Foundation

This is an overview of The Foundation section.

Introduction to the Mental Strength Principles of Success

An introduction to the Mental Strength Principles of Success

Mental Strength Principles For Success

PDF of presentation 

Introduction to Victim No More

An introduction to Victim No More lecture. 

Victim No More

Stop playing the victim!  Find out the "warning" signs and how to start to responsibility for your life! 

Introduction to The Complacent Zone

An introduction to The Complacent Zone

The Complacent Zone

Understand why you keep yo-yoing between your wants and don't wants and how to resolve this.Make sure you download the worksheet "Too Comfortable" in the Resources section. Also, make sure you listen to the powerful mediation video listed as well. 

Part 2 - An Examined Life

Overview of the An Examined Life Section

An introduction to An Examined LIfe

Introduction to the Vision Lecture

This is an introduction to the Vision Lecture

Your Vision

In this lecture you'll find out why your Vision is SO important and the basis for creating your Vision.

Vision Exercises

In this video you'll be exposed to some of the Vision exercises in the workbook in the Resources section, 

Introduction to Mission Lecture

An introduction to the Mission Lecture 

Your Mission

This lecture goes over what your Mission is, your ideal self and how this plays a crucial role in creating your Vision

Mission Exercises - Part 1

This lecture goes over some of the Mission questions you'll find in the workbook in the Resource section.

Mission Exercises - Part 2

This is the final lecture on the Mission questions you'll find in the workbook in the Resource section.

Introduction to Values

Introduction to Values. 

Your Values

In this lectures you'll find out about Values and how the play a role in determining what's important  to you. 

Values Exercises Part 1

Part 1 in the Values exercise section.

Values Exercises Part 2

Part 2 in the Values exercises. 

Values Exercises Part 3

Part 3 in the Values exercises. 

Values Exercises Part 4

Part 4 in the Values exercises. 

Values resources

Values lecture resources. 

Introduction to Beliefs

Introduction to Beliefs. 

Your Beliefs

In this lecture you'll discover how important your beliefs are in helping you get what you want, or holding you back. 

Beliefs Exercises Part 1

Belief exercises part 1

Belief Exercises Part 2

Belief exercises part 2

Belief Exercises Part 3

Belief exercises part 3

Belief Resources

Belief lecture resources.

Introduction to Capabilities

An introduction to the Capabilities lecture.

Your Capabilities - Part 1

Past 1 in the discussion of your Capabilities. 

Your Capabilities Part 2

Past 2 in the discussion of your Capabilities. 

Your Capabilities Part 3

Past 3 in the discussion of your Capabilities. 

Your Capabilities Part 4

Past 4 in the discussion of your Capabilities. 

Your Capabilities Part 5

Past 5 in the discussion of your Capabilities. 

Your Capabilities Part 6

Past 6 in the discussion of your Capabilities. 

Capabilities Exercise - SWOT

Capabilities exercise - SWOT 

Capabilities Exercise - Transferable Skills

Capabilities Exercise - Transferable Skills 

Capabilities - Mental Strength Resources

Capabilities - Mental Strength Resources  

Introduction to Behaviors

Introduction to the Behavior lecture. 

Your Behaviors Part 1

Part 1 about your Behaviors.

Your Behaviors Part 2

Part 2 in the lecture on your Behaviors. 

Behaviors Exercises - Intro

An introduction to Behaviors Exercises. 

Behavior Exercises - Top 10 Behaviors

Behaviors Exercise - Top 10 Behaviors of Successful People 

Behavior Exercises Wrap-up

Warp up to the Behavior Exercises lectures. 

Introduction to Environment

Introduction to the Environment lecture.

Your Environment

This lecture will cover your Environment. 

Environment Exercises - People

This lecture will cover the people component of your Environment. 

Environment Exercises - Places

This lecture will cover the places component of your Environment. 

Environment Exercises - Fen Shui

The lecture will discuss how Feng Shui plays a role in your Environment.  

Part 3 - Your Ikigai

Your Ikigai

In this lecture you'll learn about ikigai, why it's important and how to find yours.

Finding Your Ikigai Part 1

This lecture is part 1 in finding your ikigai.

Finding Your Ikigai Part 2

This lecture is part 2 in finding your ikigai.

Finding Your Ikigai Part 3

This is 3rd and final lecture in finding your ikigai.

An Examined Life Wrap Up

An Examined Life Wrap Up

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