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API Testing using POSTMAN – Complete Course[With Docker]

Everything about the API Testing and Using POSTMAN to do functional End to End API Testing
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Advance your software testing abilities by learning API Testing
Good understanding of the APIs & API Testing(HTTP Basics)
How to test API using the POSTMAN(Chrome extension and monitor them using Jenkins)
How software tester in the company test API and validation used by them
Web Fundamentals & Understanding Continous Integration Delivery in Big Companies
End to End API Testing and Web Fundamentals

In this course, We will Master the API Testing, We will learn how an Experience Testers Write Test Cases for the API Testing in the POSTMAN(API Testing Tool) and Create an Automation TestSuite to run it regularly and Integrate it in the Continuous Integration Delivery Stack(CI/CD Stack).

API Testing Basics Covered : – 

  • Introduction to APIAPI Testing.
  • HTTP Methods & Fundamentals.
  • Authentication & Cookie basics.
  • File Upload and misc Web fundamentals.
  • Test Coverage and Code Coverage.
  • Approach of API Testing, Writing Test Plan and Test Cases.
  • Performance Testing Plan and Execution.
  • Best Practices of API Testing.
  • Load Testing of the API using JMeter.

We will explore the features of the POSTMAN :-

  • Installation of Chrome App and Native App.
  • Environments & Variables.
  • Setting up Pre-Script/ Post-Scripts
  • Writing Test Cases in POSTMAN.
  • Exporting POSTMAN Request in Different Programming Languages.
  • Validate JSON Schema.
  • Advance Use of Assert Framework(Chai assert framework) in POSTMAN.
  • Consecutive Request in POSTMAN and Passing variables to Other request.
  • Collections.
  • Test  Runner.
  • Import/Export Collection or Test Data or Request.
  • Newman( Monitoring POSTMAN Requests) & Running Test Cases on the Docker Jenkins
  • POSTMAN Interceptor.
  • Proxy Settings.
  • Generating API Documentation.
  • TEAM library.
  • Sharing Collection as V1/V2 format.
  • Debugging Request using Console /Dev Tools.
  • Mock Servers.
  • Notifications.
  • Keyboard shortcuts.
  • How to be a Part of Community of POSTMAN.

Assuming Beginner in the API Testing, First, we’ll learn about “What is API and how do we test them“, after that, we’ll create a POSTMAN Test suite(collection) and add our validation framework to it. After finishing our Test Suite, we will run collection command-line and add it as Jenkins Job(monitoring purpose). 

Next steps will include the Test Coverage for the API-Testing and how to perform the Load Testing of the API using JMeter and More Advance Concepts in POSTMAN.

API Testing & Web Fundamentals Basics

Getting Started with API Testing , What is an API and How to testing it.

Let's start the awesome journey to Learn API and API Testing. We are going to Master the API Testing in Postman and Use it in our daily Software development life-cycle.

We also will learn how to use the collection made in Postman Tool to Run in Continuously Integration/Delivery environment Jenkins & Docker.

Understanding HTTP Basics

HTTP Basics and Cookie Basics

In this lecture, We are going to learn about the HTTP Basics, Authentication and what is Cookies?

Importing HTTP requests to Postman
Understanding API Basics, API Testing Test cases in Postman

In this tutorial,I am going to cover about the What is API. We will learn the most used WEB API that is REST API's basics. We will dive into some HTTP Methods which are commonly used.

Question about HTTP Methods( Interview Question)

Provide the difference Between HTTP, GET and POST Request with Example

Mastering POSTMAN - Everything About it

API testing using postman - Part 3 - Environments & Pre-request Script basics

Before Testing API we need a Tool that can help us to Test the APIs.We will installing Postman. Our journey to Mastering Postman starts now.

Conditional Wordflow
Building Workflow & Common Headers used in APIs

Mastering POSTMAN - Part 2

Advanced test Scripts
Using CSV and JSON in Postman
Postman Collections & Test Runner

Advance Concepts in POSTMAN & Newman

Newman Basics

Postman command line tool newman tutorial

Running in Jenkins CI/CD
Running Collection in Jenkins & Docker - CI/CD Stack
API Testing using POSTMAN - Tips & Tricks

Bonus - API Testing

Bonus - API Testing Tutorial with Frisby.js
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