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Aromatherapy-Clean Your Entire Home Without Chemicals

Using Aromatherapy And Essential Oils, Learn How To Make Your Own Natural Cleaning Products To Clean Your Entire Home!
Mark Perren-Jones
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Your house will smell wonderful by using aromatherapy essential oils and completely natural products and you will wonder why you were using harsh chemicals and paying all of that money for them when there was never any reason to do so.

Using aromatherapy essential oils and completely natural products you are about to learn how  to create all your own 100% natural cleaning products. Imagine cleaning everything in your home without any toxic chemicals!

And the best part is, it is so quick and easy, and so much less expensive. You will be saving A LOT of money!

Do not worry, you don’t need to have any previous knowledge of aromatherapy.

Sound good? I thought so.

And the best part is, it is so simple and they work better!


  • Liquid Laundry Soap

  • Garbage Can Tablets

  • Bath Bomb Fizzies

  • Toilet Cleaning Fizzies

  • Foaming Hand Soap

  • Scouring Pastes

  • Floor Cleaners

  • Stain Removers

  • Clothes Whiteners

  • Fruit And Vegetable Cleaners

  • Wood Polish

  • Air Fresheners

  • Stainless Steel Cleaners And Polishes

  • All Purpose Disinfecting Sprays

  • The Best Grout Cleaners

  • Bath and Tub Cleaners

  • Goo/Sticker Removers

  • And So Much More!

Think about how incredible it is going to be to go from:

  • Toxic chemicals to using aromatherapy essential oils and completely natural products

  • Smelling horrible chemical fragrances in your house to aromatherapy essential oils

  • Destroying the environment to helping it.

  • Harming your health and your family to helping it.

  • Spending enormous amounts per year to spending a minuscule amount

  • Using lots of time cleaning to having more time to doing the things you love!

In fact, what I teach you is so simple, you will wonder why you didn’t do this years ago.

How good will you feel when you, your friends and your family walk into the house and it’s the cleanest it has ever been from your new all natural cleaning regime AND you are helping the environment, helping your health and that of your children and also saving a ton of money as well!

Let’s all get together and do our bit to help our health, our pockets and our planet!



Hi and welcome to my course! Let's stop harming ourselves, our environment, our pockets and clean chemically free. There is absolutely no reason why we shouldn't be doing this as you will learn.

What? I never said that!

Hi there! I just wanted to show you how everything works here if you are a newbie. If you are aware of how to use the Udemy platform then you can go straight to the next lecture. Also, I explain the horrible captions at times.

What products you are going to need

The list of things that you will need are very basic. Here I go through the most common things that you will need.

Let's have some fun and make toilet bowl fizzies!

Here are a couple of ways to make these fabulous toilet fizzies to clean your toilet.

The great microfiber cloth challenge!

This lecture, if you did nothing else in the whole course, will save your money cleaning, save your time cleaning, and save your energy cleaning . I check out the effectiveness of microfiber, does it live up to it's promises?

A quick exercise to do before we get rolling

For those of you that are already familiar with essential oils, please bear with me here. I want to show the differences between chemical fragrances and the amazing aromas that come from essential oils in our cleaning products.

Here are some of the best essential oils for cleaning

These are the essential oils that performed best against E.coli and disinfecting. You can choose which ones you would like and I also give you some blending ideas as well.

The Four Thieves Essential Oil Recipe

This is a famous essential oil blend that you could use throughout the whole course if you wanted to.

How To Store Your Essential Oils

Here is a lecture from my aromatherapy course. Those of you that have done my aromatherapy course can either skip this lecture or watch it as a refresher. Please understand that I wanted to put this in for those students who have not seen that course because it is very important to look after properly.

3 combinations that we will not be using together

Before we get started I want to show you some combinations that are all over the internet that are recommended and some are useless whilst others are potentially harmful. So let's bust a myth or two first!

A website that you should check out!

Here is a great website that you should check out to see the toxicity of the products that you are already using, and better alternatives.

Let's have a quick test

Ok, now that you have completed section 1, let's check your memory skills.

Diffusing Essential Oils With Cats (or other animals)

A Quick Word About Diffusing Essential Oils With Pets

There is a lot of talk about diffusing essential oils with pets, especially cats because they don't metabolize certain constituents of some essential oils as well. Please make your own decisions but I have provided you with links here to hear what experts in the field recommend. I personally have used essential oils for over 30 years and owned cats and dogs and have never had any problems.

The first is from World expert in essential oil safety Robert Tisserand and his thoughts


The second is from Melissa Shelton Melissa Shelton DVM attained her degree from The University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine in 1999. She is the owner of Crow River Animal Hospital in Howard Lake, MN – where her work with the medical use of essential oils for animals began in 2008. In 2011, she dedicated her practice solely to the research and advancement of veterinary aromatic medicine.


At the end of all this, I imagine I am preaching to the converted because I would expect that if you are studying an aromatherapy course, there is a good chance that you have a cat and a very good chance that you diffuse essential oils in your house...and millions worldwide do the same thing and cats are not dying left, right and center.

Cleaning your clothes naturally

Laundry liquid soap and fabric softener

Here are several different liquid detergents to try out. I love using the one I show in the video. There is also a dead easy fabric softener for you as well.

Powdered Laundry Soap

Here is a powdered laundry soap  that I use at home which I just love. It works really well, you use roughly 1-2 Tbsp per load. There you go! How easy was that and it will save you a bundle of money.

The easiest possible laundry detergent possible, possibly.

So, you want to be chemical free in the laundry but really don't have the time or energy to make your own products? Well, this is the lecture for you.

Which is the best whitener for those yellow sheets and pillowcases-Tested.

So you want to have your white sheets, pillowcases and clothes looking whiter? Here I do a test to see which is the best at whitening.

The great dawn stain remover-this is it! Tested!

This is a miracle stain remover! Here I smother my nice white pillow case with grease, ketchup and BBQ sauce. Let's see if the 'great dawn stain remover' cleans it all off. By the way, you could replace dawn dish soap with Dr. Bronners sal suds. It is much better at removing grease than Castile soap

A stain remover for white clothes

Here is a stain remover that you can use on your whites. Remember that it has hydrogen peroxide in it which is a bleaching agent so don't use it on colors.

The World's easiest and cheapest fabric softener!

When it comes to fabric softeners, it does not get any easier than this-and of course, it works brilliantly!

Brian's baking soda dilemma solved!

Baking dosa is brilliant stuff. It is a great cleaning agent and gets rid of odors. Here in your resources I have given lots of ideas on how to use it.

Giving the course your ideas

I would absolutely love to make this course bigger and better and so I would love your input and ideas so that we can all have a more chemical free World

Time to check your knowledge again

OK, section 2 is done. Now let's check your memory!

Cleaning The Kitchen Naturally

Garbage Can Tablets

Here we make wonderful garbage can tablets that you can put into your garbage can to remove smells. This is fun to do and as always, simple and effective.

Great ways to clean your wooden cutting board

Keep your wooden cutting boards looking and smelling fabulous!

The All purpose cleaner that works brilliantly

Here is my all purpose cleaner for you to use around the house that works brilliantly, but as I explain in the lecture, let's no need to complicate things . Simple is quite often the best!

Disinfecting spray

Let's start off with the cheapest and best natural disinfectant there is. If it's good enough for hospitals to use, then it's good enough for me!

Steven's Hydrogen Peroxide Dilemma Solved!

Here are 28 ways to use hydrogen peroxide throughout your house!

The great kitchen sink unclogging challenge

It is time to go to my 'science lab'  to do my own mythbusting. Let's get to it. If you would rather a more natural alternative than dish soap, use Dr. Bronners sal suds. It is much better than using Castile soap to remove grease

How to clean your dishwasher

So your dishwasher smells a bit, and is full of grease and grime from doing so many washes? Well, It's time to clean it with my simple 3 step process.

Cynthia's Vinegar Problem Solved!

Here are 45 ways to use vinegar around the home!

Fruit and Vegetable Cleaners

Here are several ways to get the germs, bacteria and pesticides off your food. After all, it's no good having a clean house but not having clean food!

Oven cleaner that works a charm!

I have road tested many oven cleaners and here is the one that stood out as the best. Once again , simple, cheap, effective.

World's easiest Stainless steel appliance cleaner

This is easier, cheaper, better and of course, completely natural

Stainless steel polish

So, you have cleaned your stainless steel, now let's get it polished!

Scouring pastes

Here are some great scouring pastes and all purpose cleaners. The uses for these are virtually endless. You can use them in the kitchen, toilet, bathroom, shower, BBQ and even on stains on clothes.

Homemade scouring powder

Here is a super scouring powder that you can use on pots, pans, tubs-wherever you need the extra help of a scouring powder. This is it.

Powerful Degreasing Stovetop cleaner

A really powerful stovetop cleaner that works!

Refrigerator and microwave cleaner( and countertops etc)

I love this product for it's simplicity, it's effectiveness and the amazing aroma that you get from the lemon essential oil. You can use this anywhere basically(except of course on granite or marble because of the vinegar).

Air freshener in a pot on the stove

Your house will smell amazing with this luscious spice mix.

All Natural Cleaning wipes

Want to stop buying the clorox disinfectant wipes? Ok, let's make something better, cheaper and environmentally friendly

Section 3 quiz

Ok, we have gone through a lot here. Let's do a little recap!

Cleaning The Living room Naturally

The secret to cleaning floors-keep it simple!

When it comes to cleaning your floors we need to keep things as simple as possible. There really is no need to complicate things and get bogged down in using lots of different ingredients.

The Magical Silver Cleaner Trick

This is a brilliantly simple and effective way to clean all of your silver. You won't believe your eyes! Oh by the way, sorry about the stainless steel spoon, I couldn't find any silver in my whole house...but hey, you get the idea.

The computer/flat screen cleaner- never buy store bought cleaner again!

Here is a perfect way to clean your computer screen or your flat screen TV...and it will cost virtually nothing to make! Remember to use microfiber cloth and do not press hard.

Wood cleaner/polish

Throw away the pledge! Here is a simple recipe to clean and polish your wood furniture.

Air fresheners

Have your home smelling amazing with these fantastic natural air fresheners. If you did one thing in this entire course, it could be this one.

Cleaning The Bathroom Naturally

The magical shower and tub spray

I know that this is not 100% natural but it is such a brilliant product I wanted to put it in the course. With just 2 ingredients it is way way better than the commercial bathroom cleaners and so much cheaper. You may want to play with the ingredients a little bit if it is too soapy but see how you get on. By the way, dawn dish soap has been used to treat birds and other animals for 40 years to get oil of them from oil spills in the oceans. They have treated more than 75,000 animals!

The best tile grout cleaners, tested.

I have tested many grout cleaners and here are the two that stood out as the best. Once again , simple, cheap, effective.

Foaming hand soap-It's child's play

This fantastic foaming soap is so easy to do, my 10 year old made it. Remember, if you don't want to have foaming soap, just buy a different dispenser. If you want it more sudsy, simply add some more Castile soap to the mix. You should never buy store bought hand soap again!

Bath Bombs? No... seriously?

How on earth did bath bombs get into this course? Well, because they are fun...no other reason really. Maybe we could justify them by saying that they are cleaning your body naturally.

Shower head cleaner

Get your shower head working perfectly again with this great way to remove lime buildup, mineral deposits and rust that so often clogs our shower heads.

The only Window and mirror cleaner you will ever need

Here is a fabulous natural alternative for cleaning your windows and mirrors. You will never buy a chemical window cleaner ever again. By the way, you could also use this on your countertops as well, just not on marble or granite because of the vinegar

Cleaning other areas of the house

Sticker remover

This is by far the easiest formula, and most effective to remove those pesky labels.

The great rust remover challenge

In this lecture, I road-test several different natural rust removers that are commonly recommended to find out which one actually works the best.

Granite cleaner

When it comes to cleaning granite, you never want to use vinegar or lemons, nothing acidic. Here is a great natural cleaner for you that will have all of your granite sparkling clean!

The great BBQ grill clean-off challenge

OK, which is the best grill cleaner? It's time to do some testing...do we have a clear winner?

Back to the BBQ grill

OK, it's a back to the BBQ grill. Once again, let's not over-complicate things

The differences between Sal suds and Castile soap

For those of you that would love to be chemical free with the least amount of work, here are two products that you can use and without much fuss, still be cleaning your house without the use of harmful chemicals.

The Final Quiz!

Ok, are you ready? Let's do it.

Thank you so much for watching!

Thank you very much for watching my course. I sincerely hope that you will now be cleaning your house without chemicals so that you can help our environment, your health and that of your family and safety of your children and of course, save yourself a boatload of money.

Bonus Lecture!

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