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Awaken Inner Love: Spiritual Wisdoms & Meditations

This ecourse is designed to awaken your Self Love, Inner Power, Divine Connection through Spiritual Growth Reflection.
Vaz Sriharan
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Understanding how to Change your perception of reality, from Fear to Love - to awaken your inner Love
Pioneering Unity Consciousness Spiritual Wisdoms
Embracing Your Dark Side
Understand, Develop & Strengthen your Relationships
Spiritual Principles that are tried & tested - I used these to emerge from over 15 yrs of depression
Spiritual & Psychological Understanding of your Fears, Consciousness, Limitations
Clear Tools, Techniques, Examples to help you relate to your own reality
Chakra Cleanse Meditation
See the Beauty & Purpose of your Life Experiences
Subconscious Reprogramming through Visualisation and Affirmation
Working with the current new energies of Integration
Guided Visualisation: Meeting Your Divine I AM Presence (your Soul)

This is a journey of awakening love, Your Love.

  • Are you seeking Self-Love?
  • Are you seeking Confidence, Power, Self-Esteem?
  • Do you want to develop your Spiritual Connection?
  • Do you want to resolve Fears, Insecurities, Patterns?
  • Are you seeking more harmonious loving Relationships?

This course has powerful truths that it can lead to huge transformation in your life through the application of key principles of Spiritual Reflection.

I used these myself to emerge from over 15 years of depression and now teach many others the same principles. They work because they are based on Integrative Spirituality.

All content is based on spirituality, psychology, ancient wisdoms, esoteric principles – designed to Empower You.

Videos, Channelled Articles, Healing Visualisations.

You will open up to a brand new perspective of your own reality where literally anything is possible – because it is. You are far more powerful than you could possibly believe. And all it takes is raising your awareness to understand this.

The Journey begins with the Journey within


Welcome to this eCourse! This course is for everyone, anyone who wishes to awaken their inner reservoir of unconditional love, reconnect to the Divine within and birth their soul onto this planet.

My Spiritual Journey by Vaz

This is an in-depth video detailing my journey from complete disempowerment to embracing empowerment and how it changed my life. And how 15 years of depression led to creating the London College of Spirituality meetup group with over 11,000 members today. Anything is possible my fellow dear explorer, anything. Believe in yourself and you will experience a new way of life.

This can be viewed at anytime during the course it is simply here to give you a reflective inspiration of your own power and potential

Your Reality

The Nature of Your Reality

Many of us feel as though we are accidents on the planet, bumping into each other randomly, hardly affecting our surroundings. We live our lives feeling powerless as we try to adapt to life's uncertainty. We feel isolated and separated as life becomes an upstream struggle of suffering, fear and chaos.

In truth reality is more amazing and complicated than we have allowed ourselves to believe. We are far more connected to our surroundings on a deeply intimate and intricate level...

Who Am I?...Remembering Your Divinity

You are an Integral aspect of the Whole. You are the Universe. You are the embodiment of Love in physical form...

A Reflective Universe

Your Life is a Mirror

Your Life is a Mirror

We each have a reflection. And this is not just our physical reflection in the mirror. We are each reflected by the people around us and the events that occur in our lives.

Many of us feel that we are actors on a stage with others watching and judging everything we do. While it is true that our life is symbolic of a movie being played out, it is important to realise that we are the actor, director and reviewer of this play.

Role of the Subconscious in our Reflections

The Subconscious mind is responsible for creating our reality. All thoughts from our Conscious mind are passed on to the Subconscious and manifested into reality.

The subconscious mind is constantly conditioned by our beliefs and experiences about our reality. Much of what the subconscious mind knows is conditioned very early on in childhood and adolescence. Our parents, environment, loving and painful situations during our early years cause us to theorise how the world works. These sets of beliefs are stored within the subconscious mind and are carried into adulthood creating a narrow but effective view of the world before us....

Duality Consciousness: Light & Dark

Physical existence is an experience of duality.

Our entire reality is a testament to duality. And duality has been the basis of our entire existence. It is understanding duality that allows us to merge with it, to reach our natural state of Oneness. It is this state that we are actually free to move through reality without judgment and limitation. Freedom is Happiness.

Understanding Key Spiritual Concepts

The Ego & Inner Child

The Ego is greatly misunderstood in modern day spirituality. It is ignored, repressed and receives the brunt of our irritation! What if the Ego is much more than what it has been labelled? What if the Ego is in fact something quite sacred?

What if this repression of the Ego is causing the majority of the problems we face with our Fears, Insecurities?

Your Higher Self

Your Higher Self is the Greater aspect of who you are. It is the eternity that watches you, guides you, loves you and lives with you. By understanding and connecting to our Higher Self, we allow ourselves to bring this higher presence into all areas of our lives


Everything we do in our lives is done through a set of filters. This can be installed within us by our family, schools, institutions, religions, society, our racial background etc...The list is endless. A lot of filters are developed from childhood and through adolescence, however external conditioning still manages to program our subconscious mind with sets of beliefs.

Many of us are unaware of how our filters affect our reality. It is through these filters that our subconscious creates our reality. It is through these filters that we perceive and ultimately judge everything before us. We must endeavour to ensure that any Truth resonates deep within us and is aligned with our highest truth before we allow it in


Love allows all things to be, whilst fear clings on desperately.

Love yourself. It is the epochal doctrine of spirituality. We are persistently taught to love all parts of our Self, yet most of the time we have such trouble implementing this into our lives.

On some level, we still do not fully appreciate how a lack of self-love can affect our life experience. Throughout our life, as we attempt to replenish our inner lack of self-love, we find ourselves trying to source this love externally. We attach.

Attachments are a dependency upon an externality for power/love. It is a method of replenishing what we cannot find within...

Your Energy & Vibration

Everything is energy, in one form or another. The physical body is simply the densest part of our auric field. The aura encompasses our consciousness on Earth. As we move from the outskirts of our aura towards our centre, the energy fields become denser until they climax to become the physical body.

We each have the ability to sense energy and use this ability whether we are consciously aware of it or not. As energetic beings, we all send out and receive energy continuously. As you think over the events of yesterday, today or tomorrow you use a process called visualisation.

Spiritual Growth: Creating Change in your Life

Spiritual Growth: Learning from Your Experiences

There are many ways in our lives in which we allow our fears to control us. There are many incidents in our past where we have allowed our fears to define how we should live. By raising our awareness we can see the cause of each of our fears and then bring light into that part of our-Self to allow us even greater abundance and happiness. Fear just represents a part of our-Self that needs love. Therefore when we use our awareness to transmute that fear, we are bringing more and more love into our-Self – we are loving all parts of our Self.

Loving Your Dark Side & The Shadow

Compassion allows us to view the Dark in a completely different manner. Here we see that the Dark is not simply 'bad', but a place that requires love, healing and attention. The Dark is a place where Light has yet to reach – it is an absence of Light!

As we endeavour to heal our darkness we are offered explosive opportunities for growth, leading to greater happiness. Therefore negative traits are really positive ones in disguise.

They are strengths disguised as weaknesses. It is how we use these attributes that define our ability to totally unconditionally love. If we deny negative traits within us, then we are further segregating ourselves from other parts of our-Self. Unconditional love requires us to love all parts of our Self, unconditionally!

Exercise: Emotional Release

Emotional Release to assist you in releasing (expressing) your "Dark Side" emotions, Insecurities, Fears

Detachment: From Past, Future, People & Situations
Affirmations: Spiritual & Psychological Based

These Affirmations are an example of what can immensely help reprogram your subconscious with higher principles of love. Please use all or take what resonates, and if you feel, evolve them with your own language. They work best when repeated for a minimum of 3 days in a row. Please read out loud rather than in your head - as your voice is your power. If you feel self-conscious (if others are around), play music and read them out to yourself. Affirmations literally help give us the affirmation that our soul can be desperately seeking. We have no problem criticising ourselves yet can feel it is pointless to repeat affirmations. These statements are in reality to your inner child, to remind it of its true state - Beauty. Additionally they reprogram the subconscious to think differently about key issues that affect us.

If you are feeling particularly low, please use these twice a day - morning and before bed - and use in conjunction with Shadow Work Release (see Embracing Your Dark Side, a separate ecourse specifically focused on release and empowerment)

Listen to the the next lecture for this Affirmation in MP3 Meditation format

Exercise: Reflective Growth through Relationships

Reflective Growth exercise that can powerfully reveal to us our Loves, Passions, Shadow elements, and areas that our Soul is asking us to work on. Use Reflection and your relationships with others to discover what is occurring within with this beautiful exercise!

This exercise can be taken every few months or at any time when there is any issue occurring with another - it is always incredibly useful and instantly empowering.

Spiritual Living

Love Based Reflections

When we begin to use Reflection in our lives we can begin to see life from a self-critical space, where we are responsible for creating all that is around us. However this is still a signal to ourselves that we are using judgment to base our philosophy with reflection. Reflection is about Love, learning Love, understanding Love and integrating Love

Letting Go

Nature is our ultimate teacher. Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. This represent the life, death and rebirth cycle of life. The trees do not cry at death, they understand its powerful, sacred purpose. The trees understand there is no true death, only a process of letting go – so that the new, the spring, can emerge with a beauty of its own. Understanding this cycle is key to our journey. We have trouble letting go due to our belief that we are finite. In truth, there is always a spring waiting for you, around the corner.

Follow Your Joy
Respecting YourSelf

Respecting oneself is something that most of us have great difficulty in achieving. You've heard the saying, “If you don't respect yourself, how can you expect others to respect you?” What does this actually mean? It means that having respect for oneself means that we understand our self-worth. Feelings of worthlessness are paramount in restricting our experiences and happiness. Respecting yourself of course is dependent upon accepting yourself.

Taking Action
Being You

“When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life so that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice”

Cherokee proverb

Guidance & Intuition

You have access to an infinite source of Guidance and Intuition. It is a NATURAL gift you already have, it is already with you. You also are guided by the unseen loving force that guides all life.

Guidance works in its own unique beautiful way, and has a deeper purpose than simply taking us to our goals. Guidance has a far richer purpose than that, one that serves you unconditionally.


(8.45 mins onwards) A Deeper Perspective of Guidance

Visualisations & Meditations

Healing Visualisation: Chakra Cleanse

This is a healing visualisation to take you through a full Chakra cleanse. Chakras are our energetic portals within the body. We have 7 of them and they anchor our spirituality on this plane through expressing the 7 different aspects of our consciousness. (You can find out more about chakras through simple research on the web).

Please find a quiet time to listen to this and follow the guided visualisation to heal, harmonise and cleanse the chakras. Allow each chakra to shine and notice the changes in your emotions, mind, how you act towards others - and how others act towards you. A chakra cleanse is ideal to do once every now and then and soon you will learn to do it at any point of day using your own intention.

Guided Visualisation: Meet Your Divine I AM Presence

Journey on a profound voyage to meet your eternal Inner Divine I AM Presence. Experience first hand the unconditional love of your Soul presence. Reconnect with your inner Divinity and strengthen this connection. This visualisation has been created for Divine Connection, Sacred Union, Healing, Peace & Awakening Inner Love.

This is an energetic, emotional and soul awakening experience to re-awaken and re-connect a deep unconditional love within you. An experience that can be listened to time and again to reconnect to your inner presence. Whilst this is classed as a Visualisation, it is also channelled with energies that will assist you in keeping you connecting to your inner source. Blessings.

Morning Prayer to the Universe

As we awaken our Self Love, our energetic / spiritual connection will naturally awaken too. This meditation can be used to begin your day. Allow yourself to feel and sense any changes in peace, calm, stillness, connection, warmth, love within yourself as you say this. This simple prayer has been created and used within many workshops, retreats to assist others awaken prior to a healing session. Please use and see what, if anything, occurs for you.

Affirmations for Self Love (Audio)

This MP3 Meditation has been created to listen to time and again to integrate these affirmations - at home, on the train, on the move - or whilst sleeping. Allow your subconscious mind to re-learn the truths of Unconditional Love and retrain you to think differently, see life differently - in a way that serves You

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