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Awakeness: The Secrets of Your Mind & Meditation

Master Your Mind & Transform Your Life by Learning the Original, Ancient & Authentic Teachings & Meditation Techniques
Sitang Kirtland
134 students enrolled
Begin to understand about the true nature of the human mind
Explore the power and potential of the human mind
Discover the real root of stress, anxiety and unhappiness in your life
Learn how to cultivate the mind properly outside of meditation (to increase the quality of your meditation practice)
Learn about some of the potential barriers to a great meditation practice and how to overcome them
Discover some powerful and simple techniques, such as 'The Magic Breath' and 'Secret Mini-Meditation'
Learn about some of the amazing physical and spiritual benefits of meditation
Learn how to do 'Tranquility Meditation' correctly
Learn about some of the science behind the effects of meditation on the brain and body
Learn how to create a meditation practice that can be integrated easily into your every day life

Are you interested in learning more about Meditation but don’t know where to start?

Are you too busy to travel, so are looking for something you can do in your own time at your own pace?

Are you looking for a something different from the masses of Meditation courses flooding the market — something deeper, something that transmits the original, authentic teachings and techniques but in a modern, simple and engaging way?

Are you looking for something so powerful that it can completely transform your life?

Then The Secrets of Your Mind & Meditation course is for you…



Ajarn Sitang is a master teacher who has practised meditation and mindfulness since she was a child growing up in Bangkok, Thailand. After finally deciding to teach all she knows, at the request of her friends (who later also became her students!), Ajarn Sitang developed the Awakeness programme, a holistic and fully integrated system of Meditation, Mindfulness, Health & Decoding, and started teaching it to others in Asia. After recently relocating to the UK, she has continued to teach this system and has helped hundreds of people to experience a taste of True Happiness.

For the first time, this course is now available online!



In this content-packed course, you’ll learn how to meditate properly in the original way — the way in which it’s still taught in Thailand and South East Asia — but through a lens fit for understanding 21st century living, and in a way that responds to the needs of our busy and often stressful modern lives.. Using an easy-to-understand, relaxed, humorous, dynamic, engaging and media-rich method, Ajarn Sitang will guide you step-by-step through the beginning of an incredible journey that has the potential to completely transform your life.

You will start the course by gaining some powerful insights into the true nature and power of the human mind, and will begin to explore the answers to two crucial questions that we don’t normally think to ask: ‘Why do we do what we do?’ and ‘Why do we believe what we believe?’

You will learn about some of the fascinating science behind the incredible effects of meditation on the brain and body, and understand more fully about the extraordinary benefits a regular meditation practice creates for your personal life, your professional life and the lives of those around you. You will also learn how to overcome potential barriers to developing a great meditation practice.

After providing you with the background, Ajarn Sitang will lead you carefully through the correct method for ‘Tranquility Meditation’, as well as share with you other powerful techniques, such as ‘The Magic Breath’ and ‘Secret Mini-Meditations’, so that you can meditate correctly and with confidence, and begin to experience immediately the incredible effects for yourself.

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It is advised that all the sessions are watched back-to-back, initially. After this, it is advised that they are all watched again in sequence, but with each session being watched once per week over consecutive weeks. Sessions 1 and 2 can be watched together in the first week, then sessions, 3, 4 and 5, can be watched, one per week, over the next three weeks. The idea is that the skills from one session are practised consistently throughout that week until the next session, at which point the practice will deepen and another layer of understanding and practice added.


‘The Secret of Mindfulness’ course will be available by the end of April, 2019.

Session 1: Hunting Happiness

Hunting Happiness

What is happiness? Why are we so desperate to have it? And why doesn't it ever last? In this lecture, those questions will be answered.

Happiness Number 1 - The Two-Sided Coin

The first type of Happiness: Happiness Number 1 is the most common -- and also the least satisfying... It always has two sides, just like a coin.

Happiness Number 2 - The Brainwaves States

Knowing more about the brainwave states helps us to understand why meditation can be so powerful. In this lecture, you'll learn about the three different states and how they relate to our everyday lives, and meditation.

Choosing the Right Type of Meditation

There are many different types of meditation. In this lecture you'll learn about the main types and why it is important to choose the different meditations for different purposes

Understanding the Mind Before Practising Meditation

So many people rush into meditation before knowing anything about the mind, but doing that will limit your success in the long-term. In this short lecture, you'll discover why.

Developing a Powerful Mind vs Developing a Powerful Body

We all know that to stay physically healthy, we need to exercise the body by moving it regularly. But how do we keep our mind healthy? In this lecture, you will discover the difference between the two and understand why meditation promotes good mental health.

You will also find a downloadable Session Summary, which  will remind you of what we have covered in this session.

Session 2: Getting To Know The Mind

Beginning the Journey

In this lecture, you'll understand why learning meditation and mindfulness are not like learning other subjects, why different people progress at different speeds, and why it's important to experience things for yourself by putting the teachings to the test, rather than just believe what other people -- including Sitang! -- say.

Getting to Know the Natural State of the Human Mind

Most of us never see the mind in its natural state because we're too caught up in the illusion of the outside world. In this lecture, you'll learn what the natural state of the mind really is and why it's important to understand.

The Naughty Little Boy & The 6 Doors

You've probably heard the idea of 'The Monkey Mind', but the idea of the mind being like a 'Naughty Little Boy' allows us to take a more detailed look at how the mind behaves, and why.

Basic Meditation & The Magic Breath

In this lecture, you'll be taught how to do basic meditation, and introduced to a powerful technique called 'The Magic Breath', which quickly relaxes the mind and prepares it for meditation.

5 Minute Meditation

This 'lecture' is a 5-minute long silence with a bell-sound at the end, to let you know that 5 minutes is up. You can simply press play and then meditate for 5 minutes without having to worry about the time.

The Old Lady & The Pin

This story helps to teach a very simple but important point... But if I say anymore here it will ruin the story ;)

Where to Find True Happiness

Most people don't know what real happiness is, or where to look for it. That's why they never find it. This short lecture will guide you towards looking for the right type of happiness in the correct place.


It is customary in Thailand to complete 'homework' (การบ้าน) after attending a lecture or meditation session, in order to reflect on the teachings and practise the skills and techniques learned.

You will also find a downloadable Session Summary, which will remind you of what we have covered in this session.

Tranquility Meditation

The Most Important Job in Meditation

People often over complicate meditation, but basic meditation is actually very easy; there's only one main job to do...

What is Tranquility Meditation?

When people think of meditation, they are usually thinking of Tranquility Meditation, or 'Samatha' meditation. In this lecture, you'll find out exactly what it is.

Choosing a Meditation Object

When you practise Tranquility Meditation, you need to choose the right object to use in meditation. As you'll discover in this lecture, there are some good ones, and some bad ones!

Getting Ready for Meditation

How do I sit? What do I do with my hands? Do I have to close my eyes? All these questions are answered clearly in this lecture, enabling you to know that you can begin to meditate with confidence.

10 Minute Meditation

This 'lecture' is a 10-minute long silence with a bell-sound at the end, to let you know that 10 minutes is up. You can simply press play and then meditate for 10 minutes without having to worry about the time.

How Powerful is the Human Mind?

In this lecture, we take a quick detour to look at the amazing potential power of human mind, and how we can harness that power and use it in our meditation practice.

Meditation & Training the Mind

In this lecture, we will discuss the importance of gradually training our mind and building 'mind muscle' through regular practice.


In this lecture, you will be given this week's Homework, plus the downloadable Session Summary, which  will remind you of what we have covered in this session.

The 5 Bad Friends

Introducing The 5 Bad Friends

In this lecture, you will be introduced to 'The 5 Bad Friends' (sometimes called 'The 5 Hindrances'). It is crucial that you are aware of the 'Bad Friends', as they not directly affect your meditation practice and have the potential to stop you from being successful, but also have the potential to affect the rest of your life.

The First Condition for Success in Meditation

The First Condition for Success in meditation is 'Correct Practice'. In this lecture you will be taught why it is important to practice correctly, as well as understand some of the potential dangers of practising incorrectly.

The Second Condition for Success in Meditation

The Second Condition for Success in meditation is consistency. In this brief lecture, you will be told why consistent practice is important and what it means.

The Third Condition for Success in Meditation

The Third Condition for Success in meditation is 'Knowing How To Recognise The 5 Bad Friends'. If you can't recognise them, how will you know if you are hanging out with them?! In this lecture, you will understand how identifying and then avoiding 'The 5 Bad Friends' allows you to reach the higher stages of meditation and experience the bliss and benefits of the 'jhanas'.

The First 'Bad Friend': Sensory Desires

The next five lectures deal with an description of each of the 'Bad Friends' in order, beginning in this lecture with the first one: 'Sensory Desires'.  Most of us hang out with this 'Bad Friend' most of the time... But if we're serious about progressing along the path of meditation, we need to understand why this 'Friend' is so dangerous, and how it can can be a major obstacle to our spiritual development and meditation practice.

The Second 'Bad Friend': Aversion or Ill Will

In this lecture, you will learn about the second 'Bad Friend": 'Aversion or Ill Will'... Like many of the 'Bad Friends', it's always lurking in the background, and it's very subtle and can be hard to spot.

The Third 'Bad Friend': Sloth & Torpor

'Sloth & Torpor' -- one of meditation's greatest enemies, and one that needs to be identified and understood properly before any real progress in meditation can be made. In this lecture, you will understand what sloth and torpor mean in the context of meditation practice, why they are are a barrier to developing your meditation skills (especially if used as a technique for meditation practice) and how to overcome them.

The Fourth 'Bad Friend': Restlessness and Anxiety

In this lecture, you will learn about the classic 'Monkey Mind', one that is constantly jumping from branch to branch and creating lots of mental noise. You will learn how this type of mind is a 'storyteller' and easily gets distracted and lost in the outside world most of the time without us even noticing, as well as learn about the effects of this type of mind on your meditation.

The Fifth 'Bad Friend': Doubt

The human mind is usually full of doubt -- especially when it comes to meditation. In this lecture, you will learn a surprisingly easy and effective way to deal with doubt in your meditation and in life in general.

15 Minute Meditation

This 'lecture' is a 15-minute long silence with a bell-sound at the end, to let you know that 15 minutes is up. You can simply press play and then meditate for 15 minutes without having to worry about the time.

Secret Mini-Meditation

In this lecture, you'll learn a simple and very powerful technique which helps to regularly focus and charge up the mind throughout the day. Regularly focusing and charging the mind in this way helps to create the right conditions for success in Tranquility meditation.


In this lecture, you will be given this week's Homework. You will also find the Session Summary for download.

Session 5: Stages & Benefits of Meditation


In this lecture, you will be introduced to the idea that what happens to the mind outside of meditation affects what happens in the mind during meditation.

The Mind: Beyond Science

The amazing benefits of meditation have been known in The East for thousands of years, but have only recently been discovered and celebrated in The West, due to advancements in science and a better understanding of what is happening in the brain and body. But science still can't compete with the most complex 'technology' of all: the human mind.

How Energy From People & Places Can Affect the Mind

In this lecture, you will understand in greater detail how energy from different people and different places affect the mind, and  what this means for your meditation practice.

Directing Positive Energy Towards the Mind

We can't always avoid negative energy and experiences in our every day life, so how do we deal with 'negative' people and 'negative' places? The answer, as usual, is surprisingly clear and simple!

Everything & Everyone Affects Everything & Everyone Else

In this lecture, you will understand more about the importance of creating a stable mind through meditation practice, and how this stable mind allows us to deal with negative energy effectively as we live live our life in an interconnected universe where everything and everyone affects everything and everyone else.

'Busy Mind Activities' vs 'Peaceful Mind Activities'

Because what happens in our everyday lives in the outside world affects the 'inside world' during meditation, it's important to be able to identify how our different daily activities affect the mind.

The 3 Meditation Stages

The meditation stages are very difficult to explain, and the only way to truly know them is to experience them for yourself. However, it is useful to have a broad understanding of the basic stages, as well as an understanding of how to respond to some of the strange new experiences that mediators often encounter!

Why I Don't Teach Guided Meditation

The aim of the Awakeness programme is to create mediators who can meditate deeply anywhere, anytime without having to reply on anything or anyone else...

15 Minute Meditation

This 'lecture' is a 15-minute long silence with a bell-sound at the end, to let you know that 15 minutes is up. You can simply press play and then meditate for 15 minutes without having to worry about the time.

Simple Daily Ways to Help Develop Your Meditation
How To Check Your Progress

With something as abstract as meditation, and with everyone developing at different speeds, how can we accurately check our progress? There is one very straightforward and simple measure you can take to see how much you're practice has developed...

The Scientific Benefits of Meditation

This information-packed nine-minute video explains five of the major benefits of meditation, as well as some of the science behind them.


In this lecture, you will be given your final Homework for this course. You will also find the Session Summary for download.

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