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AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate [New Exam]

New Exam - Master the - AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate - using the ONLY All-in-One Exam Preparation Guide
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Updated for the current exam content.

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Course Introduction


Introduction to the course:

1) What is the course Objective

2) Who should attend

3) Pre-requisite knowledge

Architect Profession - Info you need to know

Important information to know about the architect professional, typical responsibilities and tasks.

What time does it take to ACE this exam

This lecture discusses this question which I am sure is valid for majority of the exam candidates, so let's nail this one down through this lecture.

Study Plan

How to best study this content and included goodies :-)

Exam Blueprint and AWS website tour (certification and documentation knowledge)

Introduction to Cloud Computing and AWS Global Infrastructure

Heads up for what this section is - It is for pure beginners in Cloud Computing
On Premise Data Center , What is Cloud Computing

What an On Premise data center is, what are its components, why do we need it?

What is the idea behind Cloud Computing?

How does Cloud Computing Contrast to On Premise DC

What is Capex and Opex

Cloud Computing Offerings - Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud

This lectures covers what Cloud computing is, Explains its Offerings (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS)

it also Introduces the cloud types, Public , Private and Hybrid Clouds

AWS as the Public Cloud IaaS Leader

This lectures covers AWS position as the leader for IaaS public Cloud offerings, and Why you should become AWS Certified along that line!

AWS Global Infrastructure - Regions and Availability Zones

This lectures introduce AWS global Infrastructure and explains the concept of Regions, Availability Zones, and Data Centers as they pertain to AWS.

Early Review

Getting Started with AWS - Free Tier Account Setup & AWS IAM Foundation

DEMO - Creating an AWS Free Tier Account - Setting up the AWS Hands-on

This lectures takes the learner into a tour over the web page on Aws.amazon.com to navigate free tier & first steps in setting up the free tier account.

DEMO - Logging on to AWS Console for the 1st time & MFA for the root user

First time login to the Console. And enabling MFA to the root account. An overview of the Console is also discussed.

DEMO -AWS Identity and Access Management Primer - Introduction to IAM Identities

The lecture introduces concepts like authentication and authorization. It also paves the way to learn IAM by introducing IAM identities, IAM User, Groups, Roles, and Permissions. Also demonstrates creating an IAM user.

DEMO - Creating Users in a Group , Assigning Group membership and Permissions

This lectures shows how to create IAM users, how to launch them into an IAM group, group permissions, adding/removing users from a group.

DEMO - IAM password policy and Billing Alarms

Core Knowledge - VPC,Sec Group,N ACL,Elastic IP,NAT,VPN,VPC Peering& D. Connect

Core Knowledge - VPC introduction

Introduction to understanding what a VPC is, and listing the VPC Components

Core Knowledge - VPC Components - Implied Router and Route Tables

Explaining VPC Components:

1) Implied Router

2) Route Table

Core Knowledge -VPC Components - IP Addressing - Internet Gateway - Subnet Types

VPC Components:

1) IP Addressing

2) Internet Gateway

3) Public and Private Subnets

DEMO - VPC Overview Lab # 1

This Lan demonstrates the following VPC features/Components:

- VPC Overview

- Regions, Availability Zones and their relations to VPCs

- Default VPC created in each Region for newly created accounts

- Introduction to route tables and route tables default entries

- Editing Route tables

- Subnets, their features, and association to Route tables

DEMO - VPC Overview Lab # 2

This Lab demonstrates the following VPC components/features:

Internet Gateway 

Route tables

Additional VPC CIDR Blocks

Core Knowledge - VPC Components - VPC Types and Introduction to Security Groups

The lectures explains:

1) Default and Custom VPC Types

2) Introduces Security Groups

DEMO VPC Lab # 3 - Creating A Custom VPC

A deep dive into VPC, creating a Custom VPC, A deep dive on Route table, Subnet to Route table association.

DEMO - VPC Lab # 4 - Security Groups

This lectures covers Security Groups in a VPC in details.

Core Knowledge - VPC Components - Security Groups Mastery

More in depth knowledge about security groups, how they work, inbound vs. outbound traffic

Core Knowledge - VPC Components - Network Access Control Lists (N ACLs)

This lectures introduces VPC Network Access Control Lists, their function, how it works, inbound vs. outbound

DEMO VPC Lab # 5 - Network Access Control Lists (NACLs)

A hands on demo and a deep dive into VPC NACLs

Core Knowledge - VPC - Network ACLs and Security Groups

The lecture continues to dive deeper in Security Groups and Network ACLs

Core Knowledge - VPC - Network ACLs vs. Security Groups

An even deeper dive at N ACLs and Security Groups, contrasting them to each other.

Core Knowledge - VPC Security Scenarios - Applying Security Group and N ACLs

The Lectures provides two scenarios to help you apply the knowledge learned about Security Groups and N ACLs

Core Knowledge - VPC - Network Address Translation - NAT

Explaining NAT, and NAT instance Security Groups

Core Knowledge - VPC Wizard

This lectures covers the different VPC configurations that can be launched using the VPC wizard

DEMO - VPC Lab # 6 - An overview of the VPC Wizard - Types of VPC you can create

THis demo explains the Elastic and Public IP addresses, the difference between them. It also explains the 4 different VPCs that can be created using the VPC wizard.

Core Knowledge - VPC Peering

This lectures explains the VPC to VPC peering, how it works, and its limitations.

Core Knowledge - Transit Gateway
DEMO - VPC Lab # 7 - Working with VPC Peering Across Accounts/Regions

This hands on demo will introduce how to configure VPC Peering between VPCs from the same AWS Account in two different AWS Regions.

Core Knowledge - VPC Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

This lectures explains how site to site IPSec VPN can be used to connect your AWS VPC to your corporate HQ or Data Center.

Core Knowledge - VPC Direct Connect

This lecture explains AWS Direct Connect and how it can be used to provide a higher performance, higher bandwidth, and low latency connectivity between your VPC and Data Center or HQ

Core Knowledge - Direct Connect Routing and Link Aggregation Groups (LAGs)
AWS Direct Connect - Routing Control Using BGP Communities
Hybrid Cloud Connectivity - Route Priority and Traffic Forwarding
Hybrid Connectivity Use Cases / Scenarios
Core Knowledge - AWS Direct Connect Gateway
Core Knowledge - AWS Direct Connect Limits
Core Knowledge - VPC Endpoints and Transitive Peering
Core Knowledge - VPC Flow log and DHCP Option Sets
VPC Quiz 1 - 7 Questions

Test your theory lectures' comprehension level by practicing on these questions before going through the answers in the guided practice.

VPC Quiz 2 - 9 Questions
VPC Quiz 3 - 9 Questions
VPC Quiz 4 - 9 Questions
VPC Quiz 5 - 9 Questions
VPC Quiz 6 - 13 questions

Core Knowledge - Master VPC (& its Components) Scenario-based Practice Questions

Core Knowledge - AWS VPC Set of Questions #1

Scenario based questions to apply and practice at or above the real exam level

Core Knowledge - AWS VPC Set of Questions #2
Core Knowledge - AWS VPC Set of Questions #3
Core Knowledge - AWS VPC Set of Questions # 4
Core Knowledge - AWS VPC Set of Questions #5
Core Knowledge - AWS VPC Set of Questions #6
Core Knowledge - AWS VPC Set of Questions # 7
Core Knowledge - AWS VPC Set of Questions #8
Core Knowledge - AWS VPC Set of Questions #9
Core Knowledge - AWS VPC Set of Questions #10
Core Knowledge - AWS VPC Set of Questions #11
Core Knowledge - AWS VPC Set of Questions # 12
Core Knowledge - AWS VPC Set of Questions #13
Core Knowledge - AWS VPC Set of Questions #14
Core Knowledge - AWS VPC Set of Questions #15
Core Knowledge - AWS VPC Set of Questions #16
Core Knowledge - AWS VPC Set of Questions #17
Core Knowledge - AWS VPC Set of Questions #18

Core Knowledge - Master Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Exam Required Knowledge

Core Knowledge - Introduction to Elastic Compute Cloud - EC2

This lecture introduces EC2, what it is, and how does it relate to the Virtualization we discussed earlier. Also, It introduces the Instance Families.

Core Knowledge - Elastic Block Store Types

This lecture explains EBS types, Block Device Mapping and an Introduction to Snapshots

DEMO - EC2 LAB - Creating an EC2 instance - Part 1
DEMO - EC2 LAB - Creating an EC2 instance - Part 2
DEMO - EC2 LAB - Creating an EC2 instance - Part 3
DEMO - EC2 LAB - Encrypting the Root Volume of an EC2 instance
DEMO - EC2 LAB - Creating an EC2 Instance Part 4 -Connecting to the EC2 instance
DEMO - EC2 LAB - Instance States
DEMO - EC2 LAB - Instance Store-backed EC2 instance launch

In this Demonstration lab, an Instance-Store backed EC2 instance is launched, and comparison to the EBS-Backed EC2 instance is discussed.

Core Knowledge - EC2 Enhanced Networking and Placement Groups

This lecture details the EC2 enhanced networking feature, and EC2 placement groups

Core Knowledge - EC2 Placement Groups

This lecture discussed the Placement groups feature of EC2.

Core Knowledge - EC2 Status Checks and Monitoring

This lectures describes in detail the EC2 Service status checks, how it monitors and report on EC2 instances health. Also details the Cloud Watch monitoring options for EC2 instances, both the default and the detailed one.

Core Knowledge - EC2 Instance States

This lecture details the different EC2 instance states, an EC2 instance can go through, including pending, running, stopping, stopped, and terminated states.

Core Knowledge - EC2 Instance Termination and Termination Protection

This lectures describes the different ways an instance can be terminated, and also details how to enable and use the termination protection feature.

Core Knowledge - EC2 Instance Metadata and User Data

This lecture explains what EC2 instance Metadata and User data are, how to read them, and what they are for.

Core Knowledge - Migration to/from AWS EC2 & VM Import/Export

This lecture will touch on how we can migrate virtual machines (VMs) from/to AWS EC2, and How the VM Import/Export works.

Core Knowledge - Bastion Hosts

This lectures the idea of a bastion host, and why/how we use it for remote access/administration of AWS EC2 instances.

Core Knowledge - EC2 Purchase Options

This lecture explains the different EC2 Purchase options namely, On-demand, Reserved Instances, and Spot instances, and the characteristics of each.

Core Knowledge - Elastic Compute Cloud - Elastic Network Interfaces (ENIs)

A detailed explanation of the ENIs, what can be done during launch, and what can be done later.

Core Knowledge - Elastic Network Interface (ENI) - IP Addressing

This lecture explains the ENI IP address attributes, how they can be used.

It also touches on secondary IPv4 addresses & re-assignment

Core Knowledge - NAT instance Source/Destination Check

This lecture explains the NAT instance Source/Destination flag (check). And how it should be configured for the NAT instance to function properly.

Core Knowledge - Public IPv4 address auto assignment

This lecture explains how the Public IPv4 address assignment works, and explains the difference of default and custom subnets and how it impacts this.

DEMO - TCP/IP Packet Walkthrough - Deep Dive

A very deep dive on TCP IP Packet walkthroughs in different scenarios, including AWS and NAT. A must for the Project DEMO labs coming after.

DEMO LAB - EC2 - VPC Combined Project Lab - Part 1

A combined lab that uses a scenario which involves custom VPC, Customer Security groups, Custom NACLs, and EC2 instances.

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