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Basics of Meditation with Deepak Chopra

An Introduction to Meditation for Beginners
Deepak Chopra
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Explore the purpose of meditation and discover simple ways to meditate
Gain insight into how meditation benefits your health and well-being
Develop an easy, consistent meditation practice
Experience expanded awareness of your true, unbounded self

Do you want to learn how to meditate but aren’t sure how to get started? Have you tried to develop a regular meditation practice in the past but got distracted, busy, or stuck?

In Basics of Meditation with Deepak Chopra, world-renowned meditation teacher Deepak Chopra makes meditation easy, sharing simple techniques and meditation basics that will allow you to start experiencing the benefits with your very first practice.

The Basics of Meditation course includes:

  • Twelve audio teachings from Deepak Chopra

  • Guidance in creating a daily meditation practice

  • Meditation instruction and other mindfulness practices that will help you experience greater physical health and emotional well-being

  • Six guided meditations led by Deepak as well as by his daughter, Mallika Chopra

  • Answers to the most commonly asked meditation questions

  • Lifetime access to all the lectures and course resources

The Basics of Meditation is your opportunity to be guided in the foundations of this timeless practice by Deepak Chopra, who has more than thirty years of experience teaching thousands of people throughout the world to meditate.

In this beginner-level course, you’ll discover how simple meditation really is. When you meditate consistently and regularly, for just a few minutes a day, you will begin to experience the benefits in every aspect of your life. As a growing body of scientific research shows, these benefits include:

  • Reduced feelings of stress and increased feelings of relaxation and peace

  • Lowered blood pressure and hypertension

  • Decreased inflammation in the body

  • Increased levels of the enzyme telomerase, which helps slow the aging process

  • Downregulation (turning off) of genes that contribute to diseases such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s, autoimmune illnesses, and some types of cancers

  • Upregulation (turning on) of genes that are responsible for good health

  • Improved immune function

  • Decreased depression, anxiety, and addictive behavior

  • Better sleep and deep rest

  • Increased focus and concentration

While the benefits of meditation are profound, the practice is simple and effortless. As Deepak shares in the course, meditation is the natural state of the mind when you let go and stop trying. What a relief to know that you don’t have to try to stop your thoughts or achieve instant and total present moment awareness. You don’t have to sit in a lotus position, hold your hands a certain way, or change your diet. All you need is to dedicate a few minutes each day to sitting in inner quiet and becoming aware. And as your awareness expands, you will experience the greatest benefit of meditation: awakening to who you really are – your true, unbounded self.

Let’s get started and enjoy the basics of meditation together!

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In this introductory course, Deepak Chopra reveals the simplest way to learn to meditate and gives you glimpses of the powerful benefits of meditation—and how it can transform your life. The Basics of Meditation course makes it easy to learn and practice meditation, with short lessons that you can easily weave into your daily schedule. You will experience guided meditations led by Deepak as well as by Mallika Chopra, who is a Chopra Center certified instructor as well as Deepak’s daughter.

As you meditate on a regular basis, you will awaken to expanded creativity, compassion, happiness, peace, and love. At the deepest level, meditation is a path to discover who you really are—your true self.

Let’s get started and enjoy learning the basics of meditation together! 

The Nature of Meditation

Deepak reveals that meditation is the natural state of the mind when you do absolutely nothing. When you’re not trying to do anything and you’re not thinking about the past or the future, your mind will naturally and spontaneously settle into the inner silence of meditation. 

The purpose of meditation is to be here now, in this moment. It doesn’t require a special diet, effort, or concentration. All you need to learn to meditate is to let go, stop trying, and understand that meditation is effortless.

What is the Purpose of Meditation?

Deepak explains what draws people to meditation and what purpose meditation can have in their lives.

Introduction to Meditation

Present Moment Awareness

Begin to learn how meditation allows you to anchor yourself in present moment awareness and become aware of your soul. 

How Do I Become Aware of the Still Presence that Is My Soul?

Deepak answers the question "How do I become aware of my soul?"

Prepare for A Guided Meditation

Deepak shares three simple tips to prepare you for a guided meditation.

Centering Breath Meditation

Join Mallika Chopra for a guided Centering Breath meditation.

The Benefits of Consistent Meditation

Greater Health and Well-being

When you meditate regularly and consistently, you experience the full benefits of meditation in every area of your life, including greater physical health, emotional well-being, relationships, and spiritual awakening. Meditation will help you answer the most fundamental question: Who are you?

How Does Meditation Release Emotional Turbulence?

Deepak shares how the practice of meditation is a powerful ally when it comes to relieving emotional distress such as anxiety, depression, and chronic resentment or regret. 

A Path to Fulfillment

The ultimate purpose of meditation is to experience core consciousness, which awakens your dormant potential. Meditation is also a practice that helps you fulfill the four goals of life described in the ancient tradition of Vedanta: Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha.

How Do I Find More Fulfillment in My Life?

Dr. David Simon, neurologist and expert in Ayurvedic medicine, reflects on the question "How do I find more fulfillment in my life?".

Prepare for A Guided Meditation

Please prepare to ask yourself: Who Am I?

Who Am I? Meditation

Join Deepak for a guided meditation.

Cultivating Deep Rest

Restful Alertness

The benefits of meditation go beyond the simple relaxation response. When you meditate consistently, you cultivate a deep state of restful alertness in which your mind and body are completely rested yet you are alert and feel fully alive. Watch as Deepak explains the many profound benefits this state of restful alertness can have in your life.

How Does Meditation Improve My Health?

Deepak answers the question "How does meditation improve my health?"

Restorative Sleep

In this lecture, Deepak describes how sleep is a return to your soul or the state of timeless, spaceless being. Deepak also explains the two main cycles of renewal you experience throughout the night: dream state and deep sleep.

Will I Need Less Sleep When I Practice Meditation?

Deepak answers the question "Will I need less sleep when I practice meditation?".

Heart-Centered Meditation

Join Mallika for a beautiful guided meditation in which you will put your attention on your heart and expand your experience of these qualities:

  • Peace
  • Harmony
  • Laughter
  • Love

Experience Meditation

Introduction to So Hum

Deepak introduces you to the ancient mantra So Hum, which means "I am."

Come with an Attitude of Surrender

Deepak teaches the basics of meditation and reminds you that there is nothing to do. The only requirement to go deeply into meditation is to come to the practice with an inner attitude of surrender.

Meditation Tips and Advice

Deepak answers the following frequently asked questions:

  • How long should I meditate?
  • When is the best time to meditate?
  • How do I find the time to meditate?
Don't Judge Your Meditation

Instead of judging your experiences during meditation, Deepak suggests using two important measures for success that he introduces in this lecture.

How Do I Know if I'm Meditating Correctly?

Deepak answers the question "How do I know if I'm meditating correctly?"

So Hum Meditation

Join Deepak for a short, instructional meditation using the mantra So Hum to experience a deep state of restful alertness.

Meditation Is a Journey

Easily Favor the Breath

The key to meditation is to be effortless. Instead of trying to force the mind to concentrate or focus, be gentle. Whenever you notice that your mind has drifted to a sensation, sound, or thought, gently return your attention to your breath or your mantra.

As you continue to meditate, you will have moments in which all sensations, sounds, and thoughts disappear and what is left is you—your true self or pure spirit.

Is It Okay to Change My Position During Meditation?

Deepak answers the question "Is it okay to change my position during meditation?".

Access Expanded Conciousness

Deepak explains how the benefits of meditation go even deeper than stress management.

How Do I Develop a Consistent Meditation Practice?

Deepak answers the question "How do I develop a consistent meditation practice?".

Life Energy Meditation

Join Deepak for an extended So Hum meditation. This beautiful meditation ultimately allows you to breathe in life-force energy and release whatever is no longer serving you. 

Putting It All Together

Every Meditation Is Good

In this final section, Deepak offers encouragement to approach meditation with innocence, letting go of expectations and knowing that each meditation is unique and will offer you exactly what you need at that time. He also summarizes the keys to the basics of meditation.

Are Thoughts a Natural Part of Meditation?

Deepak answers the question "Are thoughts a natural part of meditation?".

Be Diligent

Deepak encourages you to let go of any concerns about whether you’re meditating correctly or doing it right because there’s no such thing as a correct meditation. As long as you’re taking time each day to meditate, your life will transform.

How Can I Stop Procrastinating and Start Meditating?

Deepak answers the question "How can I stop procrastinating and start meditating?".

Abundance Meditation

Join Deepak for a final guided meditation on true abundance, which is an experience in which all of our needs are easily met and our desires are spontaneously fulfilled. 

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