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Be Happy, Confident and Fit with BellyCore Fitness!

Take a BellyCore Fitness class with international certified BellyCore Fitness Instructors Sanda and Terez
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At the end of the BellyCore Fitness class you will experience increased levels of happiness and positive energy
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Your mobility, flexibility and range of motion will improve
Your core muscles will feel stronger
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Belly Core fitness is a functional fitness program, which takes the technical moves and steps of different international dances: modern belly dance, bhangra, bollywood, African, kizomba, salsa, samba, bachata, Balkanic, burlesque and many others and transforms them into fitness in a very original way, on uplifting music, with the purpose of increasing flexibility and mobility in a student’s body as well as increasing the levels of strength and endurance while improving the overall happiness and energy of the participants.

We take pride in following the guidelines and fitness recommendations of the American and European Fitness Associations.

 If you are a person who loves having fun, improving your own health, you levels of happiness, your body and spirit and love dance and music, while having a great time and not suffering in the process, this class is definitely for you!

This is an easy to follow dance fitness class for our students and no previous dance or fitness skills are required. In the same time, please make sure that you have clearance from your physician to exercise moderate to vigorous for 60 minutes.

 The BellyCore Fitness class is an approximately 60 minutes class with the following sections:

1.Warm Up – 10-12 minutes
A warm up it’s the preparation for a specific fitness workout with the purpose to increase core temperature as well as prepare the muscles and joints for the fitness movements which will follow. This can be accomplished by combining movement rehearsal limbering as well as guided, active Preparatory stretches. A proper warm-up will prepare the body for vigorous dance fitness exercise and it will reduce the risk of injury.

2. Cardiorespiratory Fitness Training – 30 minutes

In this time we are going to perform respiratory dance fitness exercises continuously on music, focusing not only on working the heart muscle and improving our oxygen levels but the dance and fitness moves we do will improve our strength, our endurance as well as our flexibility and very importantly: our happiness levels. The smiles, well-being, feel-good happiness in the air, as well as the dance and fitness,  will all blend together pretty smoothly as the songs are focused on feeling good and also on working certain parts of the body or certain muscle group.

The structure of this cardio dance fitness session is a mixture between an interval dance fitness training and an intermittent dance fitness training. In some songs we’re going to have really well defined intervals of high peaks and recovery time, while in other songs we will have more of a variable intensity dance fitness training.

 3. Dance and Fitness Toning Exercises – 10 minutes

This section of the class will be focused on strengthening and endurance of the core muscles. We are doing this part of the class on the floor on the fitness mats and we will perform a variety of exercises: planks, to crunches, bridge, etc. The concentration is on repetition.

 4. Cool Down – Flexibility Fitness – Static and Dynamic Stretching – 10 minutes

We will do both static and dynamic stretching in a Bellycore Fitness class, normally for the duration of at least 2 songs.




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The Structure of a BellyCore Fitness Class

BellyCore Fitness Class with Sanda and Terez

Warm Up 1

The first song in this BellyCore Fitness class is called "Samara" by Dr. Samy Farag from the album "The Soul of Bellydance". The song is perfect for the warm up because it allows us to focus on going through the range of motions and repetitions of the movements so you can get your body ready for the workout which follows. The change in rhythm and speed in the song makes it easy to increase the intensity of the workout without even feeling it. The music takes us on a journey of fun and joy.

Warm Up 2

The second song in the warm up is named "Myriama" by Douzi and is such a fun, happy song.. it makes you clap and get moving. It is in the warm up especially to lift the levels of energy. Terez introduces patterns and combinations, but moes are not complicated, just repetitive as we are still in the warm up section.

warm Up 3

The 3rd and last song in the Warm Up section is an Indian song, called "Manma Emotion Jaage" by Amit Mishra, Anushka Manchanda and Antara Mitra and it is part of the soundtrack for the movie "Dilwale". The focus on this song is on warming up the big muscles of the legs and alternating that with fast movements of the oblique muscles to get our cardiorespiratory fitness at a higher level.

Cardio Section 1

This is the first song in the Cardio section of the BellyCore Fitness class. There should not be a big break in between the warm Up and the cardio section, we just go right into it. Terez choose a Celtic song meant to continue to increase your cardiorespiratory workout intensity, mixed with times of active recovery (snake arms).

The name of the song is Fiery Fiddling by Thebridies.

Cardio Section 2

The second song in the Cardio section of this BellyCore Fitness class is called I Pio Wraia Stin Ellada (Uno Momento) by PersonaS.

It is a pretty faced paced song in which we focus on muscle isolations, hip circles, some step combinations going front and back as well as lateral. Please make sure that you have the steps down first before you add hip and arms movements. As you can see, Sanda starts with the steps and then in the future repetitions she adds the hips and chest pumps. Do what you feel comfortable and have fun.

Cardio Section 3

The 3rd song in the Cardio section is a "tough" song to do.. because it focuses mainly on shoulders. You will definitely feel this one! Terez is doing such a great job in combining the moves, making them challenging and adding patterns. Have fun with it and make sure that your shoulders are not lifting up towards your ears.

The name of the song is Sampion by Hadise, a famous Turkish singer.

Cardio Section 4

The 4th song in the Cardio section is called Boshret Kher by Husain Al Jassmi and it involves hip isolations as well different patterns of travel and turns. Songs like this work not only your body, but your mind as well.

Cardio Section 5

"Jai Ho" (You are My Destiny) by A.R. Rahman, The Pussycat Dolls and Nicole Scherzinger is a famous song from the movie

'Slumdog Millionaire'.  By now you can feel the intensity of the workout being significantly increased when comparing with the beginning of the class. Terez does an amazing job taking your body and mind to the next levels of mobility and coordination, functional skills vital in our day by day life.

Cardio Section 6

"Ojos Asi" by Shakira is a fun song which introduces a new challenge: the one of turning around with hip lifts and drops. We had a bit of a shaking and spinning coordination in the second cardio song, but this time the movements are more demanding and it includes the lifted arms which adds a new level of intensity and concentration. Take it one level at the time and if by any change you feel that turning around may make you dizzy, do the hip moves facing forward to start with.

Cardio Section 7

"I Believe in Love" by Lilly Collins from the soundtrack of the movie "Mirror Mirror" is such a positive, uplifting song with Bollywood tones to it. Even the repetition of the chorus reminds us of the origins of the rhythm. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do. It is a fast paced song with high impact moves. Please pay attention and do only what your body allows you to do. Do not jump if is too much for you at first, just simply switch your body weight from one leg to another like Terez does at the beginning of the song, the first time she introduces that particular step.

Cardio Section 8

The 9th song in the Cardio section is called "Magico" by Mika Mendes and it is sang in a Portuguese dialect. Kizomba is the name of the rhythm of the song and it has its origins in Africa. We did not go into the patterns and steps of the actual dance, but extracted the pelvis and abdomen moves we found useful and beneficial for the BellyCore class. Make sure you maintain the abdomen engaged ( isometrically contracted) in order to get the best benefits.

You can notice that we are slowing down. 

Cardio Section 9

The last song in the cardio section is called "Colorful World" by Shayna Rose and we choose it especially because it's positive message and happy feel. The world is such a positive place  and we all have our spot in it no matter of our differences.

The song gets our bodies ready to change the environment in the class and prepares us mentally and physically for the next section: Toning Floor Core Exercises coming up.

Toning Floor Core Exercises

The song Sanda is using for the floor exercises is called "Send in the Drums" by James Asher from the album "Shaman Drums". The song is out on repeat to provide a good rhythm, with no words for this section of the class. If you follow the tempo of the song, it is easy to create repetitions for different exercises performed.

Cool Down - Static Stretch

Sanda used "A Comme Amour" played by Richard Clayderman for the Static Stretching sections of the BellyCore Fitness class. Unlike the songs we used so far in the class, this song is meant to bring your mind of soul peace and relaxation while your body is stretching and working on the flexibility aspect of the fitness class.

In its way, the song is still pretty energetic, chosen this way on purpose because even though we want you more relaxed than before in the class, we still have to keep you pretty alert. It is not meant to make you meditate. It is just a transition song from the energetic fitness beats of the toning section to the empowering words and moves of the Dynamic stretching song coming up in the next section.

Cool Down - Active Stretch

The Dynamic stretch and the last song of this BellyCore Fitness class is done on a special and very powerful song: "Unstoppable" by Sia. The voice, the words, the moves... they are all meant to make you feel your own power in your own body and soul. We want you to leave the BellyCore Fitness class today feeling exactly that: unstoppable and ready to face on whatever challenges life brings in your way.



Big hugs and love form us, Sanda and Terez!

If you feel unstoppable, send us a message and share that with us. Please review the class.

The BellyCore Fitness International Certification class is a lifeskill offered to you. Let us know if you are interested.

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