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Be Mobile and Increase Sales

Mobile App: Reskin My Source Code To Promote And Sell Your Knowledge, Easily in 2 hours. Without Programming Knowledge.
Jordi Martin
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Learn how to create certificates in the iOS development center
Learn how to create provisioning profiles so you can test your app.
Learn how to create an app in the iOS development center and iTunes Connect.
Learn how to register your devices to test the app on, create test accounts, and test your first app in Xcode.
Learn the basics of Xcode and what you need to change in a source code to reskin it.
Learn how to set up In App Purchases and ads.
Learn how to submit your app to the App Store for review.
Be willing to join Apple App Developer program to be able to submit apps to the app store.
Be willing to make money with apps.
Learn from my experience . Find how you can replicate my success.
Learn why you don't need to invest a fortune to make money in the app store.

Today you will have a business fully functional app ready to submit to the Apple app store.

Have you ever wanted an app to promote your business or sell your knowledge using youtube videos through a mobile app?

Maybe you did not have time, money or expertise to pursue it? No worries. With my source code you don´t need to program anything. (The course do not provide the source code. You must buy it for $99)

You will follow step by step, how to change images, URLs of videos, IDs and to create certificates easily.

Today you will have a fully functional app ready to submit to the app store for Iphone and Ipad. You will be provided the source code and the instructions on how to customize it. You will also get the essential tools for editing code and submitting to the Apple App Store.

The original app is published on the App Store under the name:

“Marketing para Aplicaciones – Curso en video para tus apps para móvil”. (You can check it)

The code provided with the course cost me $1200 to develop. It has been used as my own tool of promotion and for selling my own videos hosted in youtube for free (not shared mode). Please, see video introduction to check the app.

I want you to be successful:

Yes, I have worked more on this course to show you the fundamentals of ASO (APP Store optimization). So, you get the idea about how to get more traffic for your app.

App Features:

It has the option to display:

  1. Your free videos on Youtube.
  2. Your videos hosted on Youtube on hide mode. They must pay to watch them.

It has four options to monetize:

  1. Selling all the videos at the same time (you can offer a discount, for me the offer to unlock all paid videos for 50% OFF works very well).
  2. Selling the videos individually.
  3. Selling the option to remove ads.
  4. Monetize with ads if the ads are not removed buying the option to remove them.

Three tabs:

  1. Videos
  2. Opt-in page. You can display them your webpage and ask them their email.
  3. More apps tab. You can show them your other apps to download.

Review option:

When the users play with the app, a pop up window is displayed, asking them for a review of the app. (Reviews are very important to increase visibility).


When the users play with the app, a pop up window is displayed, asking them for a comment on Facebook, to publish that the user is using the app.

What will you do with the code?

You can use it for: – Display free videos to promote your business. – Make the user pay for videos that shows something. – Generate more traffic to your website coming from the app. – Generate more leads to increase your list. – Earn money with ads if you wish. – Earn credibility for your users.

All without changing a line of code, only changing the specific values I explain on the lectures.

I recommend to let the app for free in the App Store to maximize the downloads. Inside the app, you can offer paid videos.

This course has more than 1.5 h to show you all you need to know about reskin the app.

Get the code, the course and Have fun. Let me know if you have any questions.

Getting Started!

What You Will Achieve?
Terms and Conditions for Source Code
Asset List for Source Code
Where to Buy The Source Code?
Overview of Source Code
Where Ask for Images Reskinned

Basic ASO (App Store Optimization).

Internal Factors. App Icon and screenshots
External Factors. Choose the Right Keywords
Free Platform to Choose the Keywords With Traffic

Preparing Your Business App

Creating Certificates
Registering Devices and Test Account
App ID and Provisioning Profiles
Xcode: Changing Provisioning Profiles and Renaming Your Project
Setting Up the App in Itunes Connect

Setting Up the Ad Networks


Reskin it!

Reskinning Guide in PDF
Changing Images
Review Feature
Add In-app Purchases
In-App Purchases Offer
In-App Purchases Remove Ads
How to Hide Youtube Videos to The Public
Changing Codes for Video

Testing the App

Testing in-App Purchases in Your Device

App Submission to the App Store

Uploading the App to Itunes
Enter Metadata
Questions Before To Send The App to Apple


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