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Become A Freelance Social Media Manager – Home Business

Start a home based business as a freelance social media manager. Find clients, deliver services and build your brand.
Ali Mirza
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Start a freelance business as a social media manager
Find social media clients using several online and offline tactics
Successfully manage clients using the best tools and strategies
Organize your day so you’re always in control
Get paid on time for your expertise because you’re worth it

I started my Freelance social media business a couple of years ago. It was the best decision of my life and now I have created this course to help YOU start your own business. 

Are you looking for a business that pays well and that you can start from home? This course is for you! 

Becoming a social media manager or consultant is a business that can help you break away from boring 9-5. 

Social Media management is one of the fastest growing industry and your services are in demand. Many brands and small medium businesses are looking to outsource their social media marketing.

Here are the specific topics covered inside this course

  1. How to create a 1-page business plan (Free Template included)

  2. Craft amazing client proposals (Free Template)

  3. Create client input form, social media audits and content calendars (Free Templates)

  4. How to find clients online and offline (Using Facebook, Twitter, Meetups, LinkedIn etc) 

  5. How to price your Freelance services 

  6. How to deliver your services and “WOW” the clients 

  7. What tools you need to be more productive 

  8. Monthly reports and productivity systems (Free Templates) 

I still use these strategies to grow my personal brand and business (iSocialYou). Therefore, the information in this course is tested and reliable. 

You will find the tools to help you find new clients, craft amazing proposals, and all the things you need to manage and grow your own business.

I would love to have you inside this course.

ENROLL NOW and let’s start this journey together. 

Note – This course does not cover the INs and OUTs of social media platforms (e.g. FB ads, Instagram marketing). This class covers the business side of social media consulting business. How to find clients, serve them and grow your home based business. 

Welcome to this course

Introduction to becoming a social media manager

Business Plan And Foundation

Create your one page business plan

Let's create a simple business plan (only one page) 

Create your RFP template - What to ask before Hiring clients

Take a look at the questions I ask before hiring any client. You can download and use this as RFP or client input form. 

Create your client proposal template - Use my one page sample

I don't like BIG and complicated proposals. Here is one page client proposal that I have used since I started my social media consulting. 

What type of marketing or promotional material you need

Learn what type of marketing material you need to grow your freelance social media business. I talk about having a simple website and also business card. 

Resources - How to build a wordpress site in 5minutes
HOMEWORK - Introduce yourself
What types of services you can offer (ideas)

Here are some social media services that you can offer and increase your revenue. 

Finding New Clients

How to use Craigslist to find freelance clients

Not many people think about using craigslist to find clients for social media business. This is how I got my initial clients.

DEMO - Watch how I use Craigslist

See how I use craigslist platform to find freelance clients. 

FREE DOWNLOAD - My email templates for client outreach

Use my email templates as inspiration. You can download in the resources section. 

How to use Facebook groups to find clients

Facebook groups are full of business owners who need help with social media. Learn how to use these groups to connect with them. 

DEMO - Watch how I use Facebook groups

This is how I use Facebook groups to find social media marketing clients. 

FREE DOWNLOAD - A tracking sheet and Facebook Groups you should join

I use this simple sheet to manage my time inside Facebook groups. 

HOMEWORK - Join all Facebook groups
How to use Twitter to find clients

See how to use Twitter to find social media marketing clients.

DEMO - Watch how I use Twitter search

Watch how I use Twitter search operators to find social media clients. 

Twitter automation tool that saves me a lot of time

Use this simple Twitter automation tool to save time. This is how I get all the alerts in my inbox. 

FREE DOWNLOAD - Twitter search operators to find leads

Download & use these Twitter search terms to find leads and clients. 

How to use local events to find clients

Learn how to use local events (and networking) to connect with local business owners. They are always looking for social media help. 

DEMO - My process of finding local events

See how I find local networking events. These are great places to meet local business owners. 

FREE DOWNLOAD - Email templates for inspiration

Here are some email templates I use to follow up with prospects.

How to use LinkedIn to find clients

LinkedIn is one of the biggest professional networks. Learn how to grow your network and find potential clients on this platform. 

DEMO - A quick walkthrough of LinkedIn platform

Here is a quick walkthrough of LinkedIn platform. You will learn how to find and connect with future prospects. 

FREE DOWNLOAD - 20 point checklist for KILLER LinkedIn profile
PRICING - How to price your social media services

See different ways to price your social media marketing services

Delivering Services: Tools, Tips and Strategies

Conduct social media audit for new clients (Free DOWNLOAD)

Learn the importance of social media audits. Also you can download a simple template I use to conduct this audit. 

Create social media content calendars (Free DOWNLOAD)

A social media content calendar tells you WHAT to post and WHEN to post it. Look over my process and the template I use in this video. 

Tool #1 - Use this tool to post and schedule content

Use this tool to post and schedule content on all social media channels. 

Schedule 100s of social media updates in few minutes

Learn how you can schedule 100s of social media updates in matter of minutes. 

Tool #2 - Use this tool to post and schedule content

Another simple tool to post and schedule content for your clients. 

Tool #3 - Use already made Amazing visuals to post and schedule for clients

I use this awesome tool to create branded content for my clients. It has 1000s of already made visuals and templates for you. 

Tools to create AWESOME visuals for your clients

Use these FREE tools to create amazing visuals for your clients. 

Videos - How to create simple videos for your clients

Video content is important. See how I make videos for my clients. 

Content curation - Find and share related content for clients

Don't just post promotional messages. Find and share related content for your clients. 

Content mix

Client Management: Tips And Hacks

Create your daily and weekly routine

How to create a weekly and daily routine that helps your stay organized and productive. 

Create monthly reports (FREE DOWNLOADABLE TEMPLATE)

See how I create simple monthly reports for my social media clients. 

Use Gmail to manage client communications

See how I use Gmail and labels to prioritize client emails. 

Use Google sheets to track meeting minutes

Make sure you track all client meetings and action items. 

Posting for clients

Continue to grow your Freelance business

Asking for Referrals from existing clients (Download Templates)

Referrals are a key way to grow your Freelance business. Let's learn how to ask the right way. 

How to use Fiverr to get Freelance clients

See how you can use Fiverr to get more Freelance clients for social media or other tasks. 

Quick demo of Fiverr platform
How to use Upwork to get Freelance clients

Upwork is another platform you can to market your Freelance service. Learn how! 

Quick review of awesome Upwork seller profiles

let's see how to create a great Upwork profile (with examples) 

Conclusion and BONUS

Thank you and what's next

Thank you for taking this class! 

BONUS - Crazy special on TOP courses
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