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Beginners guide to Meditation Through Visualisation

Learn how to relax your mind and let me take you on some beautiful journeys through meditation.
Ashleigh-Jay Bromley
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How to meditate step by step and be able to develop yourself.
How to become more calm and content through control of thoughts and feelings.
Reduce stress through meditation.
Be able to practise Concentration Meditation
Be able to Visualise in a Meditation
Be able to confidently practise your own meditations.

This course is a simple beginners guide to learn how to meditate through visualisation. 

This course will help you to relax through short meditations, i will guide you through each step and take you on beautiful journeys to The African Savannah Sunset or The Japanese Gardens. 

You will learn to have time for yourself and to relax by listening to our short meditations between 7-18 minutes long. They can be practised in the Morning, Through the Day or As you Lay down to Sleep. 

Meditation Lessens Anxiety and Strengthens you as a person on a whole. 

Many people get confused as to what meditation is and why we should give it ago. You make think ”I haven’t got the time”.

What does this course offer you?

  • Learn how to Meditate.
  • Learn the Benefits of Meditation.
  • Learn How to Prepare for Meditating.
  • Learn how to Take Control of Thoughts and Feelings.
  • Learn to listen to your Gut Instincts. 
  • Learn how to Relax.
  • Learn to Let Go. 
  • Learn how to Increase Self Awareness.
  • Increase Your Confidence and Self-Esteem.
  • Encourage a Healthier Lifestyle.

What benefits you will gain from this course:

  • Reduce Stress Levels and Anxiety.
  • Encourage a healthier lifestyle.
  • More focused and motivated.
  • Increase Self Awareness.
  • Increase your happiness.
  • Increase your self acceptance and self esteem.

Course Layout:

  • Guided Meditations
  • Motivational Speech
  • Short Meditation Exercises
  • Your own Meditation Journey.

Target Audience:

Anyone of any age can meditate there is no risks with meditation, Meditation is a natural healer. Give it a go and see how you feel after. 

Why Meditation?


Information of what this course is offering. Learn step by step how to meditate whilst taking adventures in your mind. 

What is Meditation?

In this Lecture you will learn what my interpretation of Meditation is.

The Benefits of Meditation

In this Lecture you will learn the benefits of meditation and why it is good for you. 

Preparing Before Meditation

In this Lecture you will learn how to prepare yourself and the environment before you practise Meditation.

Lets walk through Meditations

Meditation 1- Controlling your breathing by an Aqua Blue Lake

Guided Meditation. 

In this Meditation you will learn to control your breathing whilst using your visualisation skills to calm your mind and body.

Meditation 2- Releasing tensed muscles whilst Stargazing

Guided Meditation.

This meditation will teach you how to release tension in your body whilst in a beautiful laid back scenery.

Meditation 3- Visualise and using senses on a walk through the Forest

Guided Meditation.

In this meditation you will learn to visualise and use your 5 senses whilst going on a beautiful journey through the forest in your mind.

Meditation 4- Re-Energise your Mind in the Savannah Sunset

Guided Meditation

Take a journey in your mind into the savannah sunset and Re-Energise your mind, body and soul.

Meditation 5- Visiting the Japanese Gardens

Guided meditation

In this meditation you will explore the Japanese gardens whilst using your mind to focus and visualise. Relax and release and develop a more calmer you whilst connecting with nature. 

Meditation 6- Cleansing by the Beach

Guided Meditation

In this Meditation you will learn how to clear your mind of negative thoughts and your body of negative feelings by allowing fresh sea water to cleanse your mind, body and soul. You will by now be able to visualise and concentrate and imagine what i'm guiding you to do. 

Meditation 7- The Beautiful Waterfall

Guided Meditation.

In this Meditation you will relax by a waterfall and listen to the beautiful nature that surrounds. 

Meditation 8- Relaxing on a cliff

Guided Meditation.

In this Meditation you will feel relaxed as you sit on a bench on the cliff with the sea view in front of you. Watch as the sun glides down and sets whilst you relax and find inner peace.

Meditation 9- Exploring the Cottage

Guided Meditation.

In this Meditation you will visualise a beautiful cottage garden and learn to ground yourself. Relax and release as it is important to calm your mind, body and soul. 

A Motivation video.

You are unique

Motivational Speech.

This is a short clip to give you some self-esteem and confidence. Motivation from this short clip will have you ready to start the day and feeling very positive.

Short Meditation Exercises

Find your safe place.

Guided Meditation

Find your safe place. A Place where you can go in your mind to release any unwanted thoughts and feelings. 

Removing negative thoughts

Guided Exercise.

This a 5 minute Meditation that can be completed in the morning before you start you day or in the evening before bed. 

A short exercise to release negative thoughts and banish them to allow a positive vibrant mind to come into play.

Grounding Yourself

Guided Exercise.

Learn how to connect yourself to the earth ''grounding''. Be at one with yourself and the earth and have positive energy flow right through. 

Today is positive

Guided Meditation

Learn to release negative and start your day with a positive meditation that will uplift and motivate you for the day ahead. 

A ball of Healing Energy

Guided Exercise. 

Learn how to fill you body with new positive and healing energy. Learn to fill yourself with love and energy with a bright energy ball of light.

Practising your own meditations.

Listen to the calm music.

Calm Meditation Music.

This music you may listen to at any point to calm your mind. 

Put it on whilst you fall asleep or through the day to re energise your mind.

Take yourself on a journey.

This is your own unguided Meditation.

I have give you a place to explore but it's your mind that will do the visualising. sit back relax and let your mind explore and wonder. 

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