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Best QA Manual Software Testing: Live Project+Agile+Jira+API

Ultimate QA Manual Testing course with Live project and Live demo + Real time interview questions + Life time support
Richa Mehta
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At the end of this course, students will be able to understand the complete cycle of Manual Testing. Students will be seeing the live project and will be able to start the career in the Software Quality Assurance filed.

Learn and Start your career as Software Quality Assurance field from the experienced professional. 

You will be seeing the LIVE PROJECT from beginning to the end. 

You would be guaranteed become a perfect software tester after taking this course. You would start from your role as a tester and your team responsibilities. Then, you would get the introduction of the live project,  Agile Methodology, Test plan, Test cases, Test defects,  Defect life cycle, Different environments, Release process, API testing, and much more. Also, you would be learning how to perform testing in real time. You would also get live experience in Agile and test management tools like Jira. 

 Course Benefits?

Practical Approach:   This course is designed completely on practical approach. From beginning to the end, you would see yourself working in an organization, and on a real time project. 

Course outline: This course gives you the complete cycle of software testing from your role to different approaches to develop a software to requirement docs from the client  to software development to the real time testing to the release process. You would be able to see end to end approach of software testing. 

Document Template: You would be getting the real Test plan, Test case documents as well as very practical interview questions. 

Support: We will  always be available via email for any assistance or concerns.  

Real time testing : You would be learning how to perform real time testing.

Professional Assurance: You would be learning Software Testing  from a 10+ years SQA professional  from your own desk.

Best suitable for individuals who wants to pursue their career in Software Testing.  

What am I going to get from this course??

  • LIVE PROJECT – you would be able to see real requirements, and be able to work on the LIVE PROJECT!! 
  • Information packed practical training starting from basics to advanced testing techniques.
  • Practical learning experience with live project work and examples.
  • Lifetime Access – Pay fees one time and access the whole course life time.
  • Download real software testing documents like Test Plan, Test Cases and other important docs.
  • Learn Agile and Test Management Tools like JIRA.
  • API  Testing 
  • Get all future course updates FREE !
  • Real time Interview Questions.
  • Resume Preparations.
  • Life long assistance. 

How this course is designed: 

Overview: In this session, you would come to know about  the instructor and the course overview. 

Roles and responsibilities of QA and Team members: This section would introduce you about the overall picture of QA and its team in detail. 

Different Methods of developing a software: In this section you would learn different ways and methods to develop a software. 

Introduction of a project: In this section, you would be Introduced with a project that we would be working on throughout this course.

JIRA Installation and overview: You would be learning about JIRA Software, its usage in Agile methodologies. 

Requirements Analysis: We are going to look over requirements and analyse them. 

User Stories Creation: You will be able to see how Agile works in real time and how user stories are created. 

Documents : You would be able to download and get the real time Test-plan and Test case documents. 

Real Time Testing: In this section, you would be able to see how to perform real time testing and approach during testing. 

Defect Management: This section provides overview about defect identification, defect logging and defect tracking in detail. We also provide details on how to use a popular open source defect management tool JIRA.

Different Types of Testing: This section would give you overview about different kinds of testing a tester can do. 

Environments and Release process : This section gives overview about different environments and release process.  

Most Popular Interview Questions and Sample Resumes : In this section you would be able to see most common interview questions and few sample resumes that help you during interviews or in applying a job.


Introduction to the course

Introduction and Course overview

This lecture describes about the contents and the topic you would be learning throughout the course. 

QA Basics

Team role and Responsibilities

After completing this lecture, you would understand the complete picture of the IT industry. Team and their responsibilities around you.

QA Roles and Responsibilities

This lecture describes the complete role and responsibilities a QA tester performs in his / her day today life. 

Different ways of Developing a Sofware -Agile Vs Waterfall

After completing of this lecture, you would understand two most popular ways to develop a software. It also describes why Agile method is getting popularity than waterfall method. 

Project Introduction, Requirement Analysis, Jira installation, Agile process

Introduction of Project Requirement

In this lecture, you would be given the requirement. We would go through the requirement documents and understand the about the project. 

Jira Installation, Backlog, Epic and User stories

In this lecture, I would describe how to install Jira. We would discuss about the Epics and User stories in Jira. We would also start writing  user stories related to our project. 

Continue with Jira User stories and Sprint planning

We would continue make user stories related to our project, and learn about sprint planning.

Complete requirement creation in Jira based on the project.

In this lecture, we would complete the requirement creation in Jira based on our project. 

Test Cases, Test Plan Creation

Test Case creation

You will be learning how to create an effective test cases. I will write the test cases based on our project, and you can also use this doc for your future use. 

Test Plan creation

For any testing, planing is very important. In this lecture, you will be learning about how to write the test plan doc. You will also find it for your reference for your future use. 

Lets do testing.

Functional Testing Part 1

In this lecture, you would go through real project and perform functional testing. 

functional Testing Part 2

This is continue of previous lecture, where we are going to perform more testing on our test application. 

Live UI Testing

In this tutorial, you will learn how to perform UI testing on the application with the help of some browsers tool. 

More Testing on Store Navigation page

We are going to do more testing exercise on our test project and understand how to find the defects. 

Concept of Boundary value analysis and Equivalence portioning method

In this lecture, you will learn the most popular concepts of testing that any testers should perform while testing. That is 'Equivalence partitioning and Boundary value analysis". 

Writing Defects, Defect life Cycle

Lets write up the defect we found during our testing

In this lecture, I would show you how to write a defect we found during our testing. 

Defect Life Cycle

This lecture will show you the complete life cycle of a defect. 

Different Types of Testing, Different types of Environment, Release process

Different Types of Testing

This lecture will describe you different types of testings and their meaning. 

Different Environments, Release process & Sample Resume

In this lecture, you will learn different types of environments in the work, and the release process. 

Interview Q&A and Sample resumes

API Testing

Introduction of API Testing

This section explains about API's and its usage. 

API Types and their differences
Real time examples of API Testing - Part1
Real Time examples of API Testing - Part2
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