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Blackhat Marketing – The Most Detailed Guide To Date.

WARNING - If you do not wish how to make money using Blackhat marketing please leave. Now lets make some money now.
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How to set up a free traffic source
How to set up a website
How to force customers to buy from you
where to advertise

How to exactly force customer to buy from your affiliate link and no one else.

Double your affiliate commission straight away.

Warning:This course will teach you blackhat marketing, if you do not want to make a lot of money using blackhat techniques please leave now.

(PLEASE NOTE – I understand this course is exciting, and everyone wants in. But please stop sending soliciting messages, I will NOT give you a free coupon for a review.)

Dear Friend

First of you have to sit back relax, and be prepared to learn something shocking!

You are probably seeing this course because you are interested in affiliate marketing, but what you don’t realize is that every time you make an affiliate commission you lose 90% of potential commission simply because you are not using this method that all the big affiliates are.

Some "true facts" about affiliate marketing –

    1.95% of affiliates make less than $10 per month!!

    2. You are losing commission

    3. Affiliate marketing is a waste of money

    4. Only 5% of affiliates earn $250+ per month

    5. Affiliate marketing is a dying business.

I bet everyone who has been doing affiliate marketing has heard some of these “facts” about affiliate marketing. But the truth is, that you are in control of your own destiny.

Do you know the definition of insanity? Doing the same action over and over and expecting a different outcome.

And if you think about affiliate marketing, are you doing the same tricks as everyone else and not getting that income you want?

The answer is simple. If you don’t make the customer buy from you they will buy from someone else, and that is why you don’t make as much as everyone else.

Wanna know the real secret how to market, sell and earn from any affiliate program?

What if I told you, I can show you exactly how to find a profitable niche, a product that is already being sold by professionals and how you can sell it and get a piece of the large pie.

Come inside and see the real marketing secrets no one will tell you anywhere else.

Getting started

Before we begin

Before we start lets cover a few things, don’t miss this as its very important.

Finding a niche and affiliate program

Here is where we cover ;

    ·How to find a niche

    ·How to research the keywords

    ·Preparing for marketing

Brief Side Note for Applying to Affiliate Programs

Applying for affiliate programs can be tricky, so in this video I will show what to do and what not to do. Remember guys have a pen and piece of paper handy this will help in the future.

Optimizing YouTube

Youtube Videos Optimizing

Getting traffic to your youtube videos is really important, so let optimize them to receive as much traffic as possible and hopefully get on the top of google.


Looking over the money site.

Lets look over which website I am using to generate commission with.

Setting Up a FREE Website

Everything is better if it is FREE. So lets talk about some of the FREE options and what FREE options I feel are the best.

Cookie Stuffing Method

Cookie stuffing is a blackhat technique, which allows your affiliate link to drop a cookie onto your websit visitors computer, then when they are ready to buy the product you get a commission even if they don't buy through your website.

Please take caution when using this as using it with eBay and other big companies may result in you being banned. Also check your state laws on cookie stuffing.

Finishing up Cookie Stuffing and Youtube

Lets have a look over of the steps we have taken so far. And finish up with Cookie Stuffing.

Paid Advertising The Cutting Edge Over Competitors

Bing Ads

Bing ads is almost what Google Adwords was 7 years ago, they still allow direct affiliate linking, so you can take your affiliate link and post it straight to bing with your ad.

Also they are much cheaper than Adwords but the traffic is not as high quality. But it is a great way to get your feet wet with Paid Advertising.

Bonus Tips

If for what ever reason Bing wont allow you to advertise your affiliate link directly there is a cunning way around it.

Go to https://goo.gl/ which is a url shortener by Google, and then place it directly into your ad. Problem Solved !!

Adwords and Taking advantage of Google

Google Adwords is the best paid advertising company due to its high quality traffic, but its also the most expensive so learn how to keep costs down with free credit and get the most for your money when you have to pay.

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