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Bounce Back From Failure & Turn Conflict into Collaboration

Failure and conflict are often thought of negatively but they can become positive turning points when handled well.
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Set SMART goals to keep you focused during moments of failure.
Examine failures systematically to make changes for the future.
De-activate workplace conflict triggers by aligning your organization with team members’ needs.
Develop solutions that are based on mutual benefit, not compromise.

During the process of innovation, failures are crucial opportunities to measure and study. Conflict is also inevitable but it can be the first step toward improved relationships. This course will give you the basic tactics to learn from failure and manage conflict.

Course 1 – Bounce Back from Failure

It happens to all of us – even some famous faces have encountered failure. Learn to make failure work for you.

  • Recognize Failure
  • Fail Well
  • Be Open to Reflection
  • Avoid the Spiral of Doom

Course 2 – Turn Conflict into Collaboration

Conflict is a reality in everyday life. It has to be managed & the best place to start is with yourself. Learn how in this course.

  • Know the Basics
  • Understand Needs
  • Get to Collaboration

We'd all probably prefer to avoid failure and conflict, but they're not something you solve once and they go away forever. How do you respond to failure? How do you tend to manage conflict now? How might you manage it better in the future? In this course we'll answer those questions and give you strategies you can put to work today.

This two course bundle includes dynamic video, interactive practice lessons, tips from industry leaders, and downloadable PDFs. Each component is designed to be completed in short time allotments, or all at once, to suit your schedule. It will take approximately 1 hour to complete the bundle.

Course 1-Bounce Back from Failure

Turn Disappointment into Success

Recognize Failure

Tactics vs. Goals

Tactical failures can be terrible, but failing to meet determined goals can lead to devastating systemic failure. Expand your understanding of tactics & goals & how these affect outcomes.

Apply Your Learning: Write SMART Goals

SMART goals are a great way to help you set clear, precise goals. Practice using your knowledge of SMART goals with this exercise.

Fail Well

Own It

Failures will happen. What you do when they occur is what matters. Prepare yourself for failures with these initial steps.

Investigate It

Looking deeper provides better insight into what went wrong. Peel back the layers of the mistake with these important questions.

Create a Space for Failure

Heaping on the guilt keeps us from owning & investigating our failures. Explore how it will help you create a safe space for failure.

Be Open to Reflection

Avoid the Success Trap

Learning through failure & success is about understanding why things happen & why some decisions lead to specific outcomes. Avoid the success trap by understanding the reality of success & what to do when you succeed or fail.

Follow Pixar Practices

Don't forget to review all aspects of a project to understand why things did or didn't work. Dive deeper with Pixar to find out how they examine failures along their path to success.

A Helping Hand

Need some inspiration? Find a helping hand here.

Avoid the Spiral of Doom

Take Inventory

Commitment to observing your “small wins” is a simple way to ease tension & build confidence. Use these simple questions to examine & review your small wins.

You Will Recover

No amount of analysis can replace your confidence in yourself. Learn about how you can stay in the game.

Your Failure Checklist

Bouncing back from failure can be a challenge. Explore the Failure Checklist to guide you through the process of getting back on track.

Be in Good Company

There's no need to feel alone if you fail. Investigate these famous faces who've also encountered failure & overcome to reach success.

Put It to Work

1 More Thing about Failure

Consider this final piece of advice on having a sense of humor when it comes to bouncing back from failure.

Summary: Tips & Tools to Bounce Back from Failure

Use the tips & tools in this printable PDF to help you bounce back from failure.

Bounce Back from Failure

Assess your readiness to bounce back from failure. You need 80% to pass.

Course 2-Turn Conflict Into Collaboration

Manage Everyday Conflict

You don't have to experience that anxious feeling in the pit of your stomach when you encounter conflict with others. Understand where conflict comes from & the practical steps you can take to manage conflict each & every day.

Know the Basics

Understand Conflict

How do you manage conflict now? Take a moment to understand the Thomas-Killman Conflict Mode Instrument & consider where you might fit.

Find Your Preferred Style

Here's a list of phrases that describe how people might respond to conflict. Use this tool to identify your preferred & natural behavior style when you experience conflict.

Understand Needs

Find the Source

Understanding the source of conflict in the workplace can help you resolve it. Learn the root of conflict & take your needs & the needs of others into account.

Choose Your Values

Individual needs often correlate with core values. Choose your top values to see where they fall on Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs & use this information to de-activate workplace triggers.

Get to Collaboration

Find Win-Win

Don't compromise. You can meet everyone's needs in a conflict. Use these strategies to help you get to win-win.

Dare to Disagree

Is conflict avoidance a problem in your organization? Failing to raise concerns for fear of conflict leaves your best work undone. In this TED Talk, Margaret Heffernan delivers strategies you can use to foster productive disagreement.

Reflect & Communicate

Use this tool to reflect & work through a recent conflict. Find a collaborative solution, revisit the conflict & resolve it.

Put It to Work

Embrace Conflict

Need some inspiration? Download this reminder of the value of conflict.

1 More Thing about Conflict

Think about this final piece of advice on always being kind and respectful as you work to turn conflict into collaboration.

Tips & Tools to Turn Conflict into Collaboration

Use the tips & tools in this printable PDF to help you turn conflict into collaboration.

Turn Conflict into Collaboration

Assess your readiness to turn conflict into collaboration. You need 80% to pass.

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