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Brain Training: Rewiring Your Mind

Brain Training - Rewire and Live the Life You Always Wanted!
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Through brain training learn how to attract what you need in life by rewiring your mind to reach its full potential.
You will begin to understand brain training, the basics of the law of attraction from the time of creation.
But it goes beyond brain training basics, you'll learn that creation itself has been provisioned for you!
This results in less stress, more downtime, a relaxed mental attitude and enjoyment in your daily life!
Plus, to keep you going on a daily basis we have "Daily Pick-me-Ups!" Designed to give you a boost on a daily basis!
Included is 60 days of Positive Affirmation Videos to help get your brain thinking in the positive in various circumstances.
So, let's begin the brain training journey by curiously and bravely facing the unknown!

We have a tendency to blame our situation and our circumstance on others but if you are tired of struggling your way through life, trying to make your dreams come true, there’s good news. You can stop struggling and start allowing by brain training. This means you can rewire your brain, getting out of your own way and let the Universe (God’s Creation) and potential bring your desires right to your doorstep, without all the suffering and mindless “doing” that we believe is the only way to get what we want.

Our culture worships at the altar of hard work and striving. We are taught from a young age that only hard work and dedication will get us to where we want to go in this life. Now this isn’t a “bad” lesson. Even when you are practicing the art of allowing, there are still actions to be taken and tasks to be accomplished. But we internalize this message (and it is reinforced by society at every turn) that the only way to get to the top is to pull ourselves up by our teeth, if necessary.

The key to this striving is being positive in a negative world. That is why this course practices Reflections and Affirmations videos designed to give you a pick-me-ups! Two to three minutes immersive reading videos with great music and affirmative text, with exciting pictures to get you going in the morning or boosting you during the day! At the end of the affirmative video are three reflective questions to think while pursuing rewiring that brain of yours. 

The “Brain Training: Rewiring Your Mind” is an aspect of the law of attraction using brain training that can be the most difficult for us to implement. It’s easy to understand, but not necessarily to do… or not do. How does letting go of your plans make what you want suddenly appear? How can worry warts and control freaks let life happen without striving to get the best out of life? Click below, and all will be revealed.


Introduction-What Do You Want?

Do you have lots of different interests?

They're probably pulling you in many directions! Are you saying to yourself or have said? "If I don't know what I want how will I know when I got it?" The following eight lessons will help you prioritize by utilizing the "Art of Allowing" simply by rewiring that brain of yours!  "People have a hard time letting go of their suffering. A fear of the UNKNOWN, they prefer suffering that is FAMILIAR." - THICH NHAT HAN

A Visual Story Assignment: Everything is Possible!
Everything is Possible!

Lesson 2: Ok, what is the "Art of Allowing?"

What is the "Art of Allowing?"

In "What is The Art of Allowing", you will learn that it is a critical fundamental ingredient to your momentum in life. It determines whether you're moving forward and backward in your life. Is there such a thing as standing still in life? To find out, you'll need to complete the lesson so that you can decide! Don't forget, do the assignment so you can enjoy curiously and bravely facing the unknown. It's full of POSSIBILITIES!  

Dreams turn to achievements when I set meaningful goals

Lesson 3: The Benefits of "Art of Allowing?"

The Benefits of Allowing

The "Benefits of Allowing" are many and attracting that ideal life can be amazing!  To find out, you'll need to complete the lesson so that you can decide how it will benefit your life! Don't forget, do the assignment so you can enjoy curiously and bravely facing the unknown. It's full of POSSIBILITIES! 

A Balanced Life Saves Me From Burning Out

Lesson 4: "Practicing The Art of Allowing."

Lesson 5: Practicing the "Art of Allowing."

"Practicing of Allowing" will help you understand to be tough to wait when we want something so badly we can taste it. But there is such a thing as perfect timing!  To find out, you'll need to complete the lesson so that you can decide how it will benefit your life! Don't forget, do the assignment so you can enjoy curiously and bravely facing the unknown. It's full of POSSIBILITIES! 

I Accept The Timing Of Experiences In My Life

Lesson 5: Misconceptions About the Art of Allowing

Misconception About the Art of Allowing

This lesson discusses the myths involved with "Art of Allowing." That is, what some people think it is, which is very interesting.  Is it divine grace in action? Is it personal humility within our lives? Or, is it a mental attitude? To find out, you'll need to complete the lesson so that you can decide! Don't forget, do the assignment so you can enjoy curiously and bravely facing the unknown. It's full of POSSIBILITIES!  

Misconceptions About Success - The Open & Closed Door

Lesson 7: The Steps to Take to Enjoy the Art of Allowing

The Steps to Take to Enjoy the Art of Allowing

"The Steps To Take To Enjoy The Art of Allowing" will help you understand there are times when you may get frustrated because you are using the tools for allowing and are consciously working on your “go with the flow” mindset, but nothing’s happening. Before you give up, think of the steps taught in this lesson. To find those steps, you'll need to complete the reading so that you can decide how it will benefit your life! Don't forget, do the assignment so you can enjoy curiously and bravely facing the unknown. It's full of POSSIBILITIES! 

Assignment 5: See Your Success Before It Happens!

Lesson 8: Using The Art of Allowing When Everything Sucks

Using The Art of Allowing When Everything Sucks

"Using The Art of Allowing When Everything Sucks" will help you understand, Ah, the old mental block! Those old, tired stories we spin when we want to try something new or get out of an old rut or bad habit. To find out, you'll need to complete the lesson so that you can decide how it will benefit your life! Don't forget, do the assignment so you can enjoy curiously and bravely facing the unknown. It's full of POSSIBILITIES! 

Using The Art Of Allowing When Everything Sucks - Stuff Happens!

Lesson 9: Applying The Art of Allowing

Applying The Art of Allowing

"Applying The Art of Allowing" can be difficult because we become impatient, keep in mind that God's Universe (Creation) is doing It’s very best for you, and sometimes that means what we want can’t happen in our time frame. To find out more, you'll need to complete the lesson so that you can decide how it will benefit your life! Don't forget, do the assignment so you can enjoy curiously and bravely facing the unknown. It's full of POSSIBILITIES! 

Begin With The End In Mind!

Lesson 10: Courage!

Art of Allowing Conclusion - The Courage to go Forward!

In this conclusion of "Art of Allowing" we will review that God's Universe (creation) knows what is best for us, so by being patient, we are allowing and trusting It, which is vital to our manifesting efforts. Also, know that often, by having us wait a bit longer, the God's Universe (creation) can supply something so much better than we had even imagined. To find out more, you'll need to complete the lesson so that you can decide how it will benefit your life! Don't forget, do the assignment so you can enjoy curiously and bravely facing the unknown. It's full of POSSIBILITIES! 

You Are What You Think You Are!

The Daily Boosts - 2-5 minute daily pick me ups (one Affirmation per day!):

Introduction One of Three - It's about making small improvements

Congrats on finishing the course! This last section is about always moving forward while experiencing the daily minutia and perils of our lives. We all try to focus while stay committed towards our goals, but the daily routines of life do tend to keep us distracted for a moment. The "Daily Boosts" section is designed to give you at least 60 days of daily pick me ups affirming through reflection your commitment to allow positive things to happen in your life thereby reaching your goal.

The lecture is one of three video introduction lessons. The first is about making small improvements. I used to love genealogy, I got so entrenched in it fast, and my Uncle warned me to pace myself I didn't, and I crunched the family tree, and then I got the DNA results back and found that all that hard work only resulted in covering about 5-10% of the real tree. I was heartbroken and lost all interests. The real improvement is small increments. Hope you enjoy the video, I know I did putting it together for you.

Introduction Two of Three - What are Affirmations/Reflections?

The second part of the three-part introduction discusses what Affirmations/Reflections are within the "Law of Attraction." It's part review and a little bit more detail compared to the previous lessons but essential in applying the affirmations to your life. Enjoy...

Introduction Three of Three - Tips On Making Affirmations Work

This third lecture of a total of three concerning the principles of Affirmations/Reflections. This lesson covers some tips and necessary use and function of the affirmation. Once you complete this third lecture, you can proceed to the sixty declarations only use one per day for 60 days. In that time it's my firm hope that you will have become comfortable and see value in doing positive affirmations in your life.

01-I am vocal about my desires!

Keep Thinking: "I am vocal about my desires: The life that I envision for myself is dependent on my strength of purpose. I stand up for what I believe is mine to have."

02-Ref-I am courageous

Although many issues arise on a daily basis, I remain strong and courageous in the face of adversity. I choose to stay out of the fray and set an example to inspire others.

03-I accept others as they are!

I let go of judgements. I look beyond labels and comparisons. I approach others with greater mindfulness and a willingness to see the whole picture.

04-I accept guidance from experts!

My life is richer because I spend the time taking in what I see and hear around me. I accept guidance from experienced people because I am humble enough to know that I may only have some of the answers.

05-I feel confident when I am prepared!

Preparation is the key to being successful at any venture I set out to execute. It builds my confidence and allows me to calmly take on any challenge.

06-I create abundance!

My life is joyous and full. I think positive. I motivate myself to take worthwhile risks by thinking about what I have to gain instead of what I have to lose. I smile and look for the advantages in each situation.

07-I feel fulfilled when I give freely to others!

It gives me a sense of purpose knowing that my contribution changes the life of someone for the better.

08-I grow my network

I use networking to cultivate long-term relationships. I share my time, talents, and encouragement with others. I gain new knowledge, expand my connections, and discover valuable opportunities.

09-I live as an example to others!

I am a loving, caring being. I live to create inspiration for others, so they can follow in my footsteps. The world could always use more role models!

10-I motivate myself to work out!

I stick to my workout program. I generate the enthusiasm to exercise on a regular basis.

11-Ref-A loving heart promotes empathy!

Each day is filled with enough opportunities to recognize that the world is in turmoil. I view each global issue as a chance to promote love by helping others.

12-Ref-Does Anxiety Block My Potential?

I achieve my greatest potential when I allow myself to have a clear mind. 

13-Ref-Being A Woman Makes Me Feel Powerful!

Having the ability to bring life into the world empowers me. Being a conduit for continuity and longevity makes me value my point of view. I know that my value is greater than what is often projected by society.

14-Ref-Companionship Encourages Soulful Connections

I love having close relationships. The companionship shared with someone dear to me allows us to develop a soulful connection.

15-Ref-Cultural integration raises awareness of global struggles.

The closer I am to unfamiliar cultures is the closer I come to forging a path to togetherness. Sharing experiences with people from different backgrounds makes me more aware of the different challenges we each face.

16-Ref-Each day I meditate on positive thoughts.

It is important for me to start my day with an optimistic attitude. I put my mind in the position to expect only good things. Daily meditation on positive thoughts is the key to successful living.

17-Ref-Each expression of gratitude increases my humility.

Each day I learn something new that reminds me how imperfect I am. Being conscious of that keeps me humble. Whenever I have the occasion to express gratitude to others, I am reminded to live without arrogance.

18-Ref-Every cell in my body vibrates with energy and health.

I consider my health when making decisions. I reject choices that place my health at risk. This includes anything that sacrifices my diet, exercise, or sleep. Health is one of my primary values. I avoid any activities that could be damaging to my health.

19-Ref-Everything happens for my own good.

I have faith that life provides me with the experiences I need to grow as a person. I accept this truth and make the best of the situation. I understand that life knows the best way.

20-Ref-Everything I need is all around me.

I want for nothing. The universe provides exactly what I need, exactly when I need it. I experience this phenomenon almost daily. It makes me happy to know that a higher power provides all that I require.

21-Ref-Everything Is Possible.

I know that the universe is vaster than anyone can comprehend. This means that there are more possibilities available to me at any moment than I could ever count. This means that anything is possible for me.

22-Ref-Examples of bravery motivate me to be bold.

This world is filled with wonderful examples of courage. I see many people who bravely face difficult encounters.

23-Ref-Excellence is my insurance
24-Ref-Excitement consumes me when I plan for the future
25-Ref-Exercise empowers me

Physical exercise does much more than tone my body. Working out makes me more powerful.

26-Ref-My accomplishments display the pride I have within!

I have goals and ambitions. This shows the satisfaction I have for me and what I am able to accomplish.

27-Ref-I allow myself to simply be me.

I believe that I was created by a master artist and I am confident that I am who I was meant to be, so I gladly allow myself to simply be me.

28-Ref-My body and mind deserve the rewards of self-reflection.

When I am rested and at peace, I can sit and enjoy the calm feelings that flood through my mind. By focusing on myself in the moment, my body and mind can enjoy the rewards of self-reflection.

29-Ref-I am a positive role model.

I enjoy being an affirmative example to others.

30-Ref-I am where I want to be in life.

I have realistic expectations of myself and I let go of the idea that I must be perfect and have all my dreams at once.

31-Ref-It is okay for me to take care of myself first.

By taking care of myself first, I am better able to care for others.

32-I love being who I am
33-I Set Aside Time Just For ME
34-I Enjoy Being ME
35-I let go of others opinions of me It doesn't matter what they think
36-I am devoting some me time to my schedule
37-I am happy with myself I relax and enjoy my life
38-I care about my life and my life's work
39-I eat only what I need
40-I comfortably accept my imperfections
41-Exercise is part of my daily life
42-Experience teaches me
43-Exposure is the best medicine
44-Failure is instrumental to my success
45-Faith stabilizes me
46-Family life is stronger when there is a spiritual bond
47-Frugality is a sacrifice I make as I pursue life goals
48-Fun times bring balance to my life
49-Gaining knowledge equips me for exciting exploits
50-Giving makes me happy
51-Goal-setting helps me to avoid frivolous spending
52-Goals motivate me
53-Good health makes room for successful endeavors
54-Good things are happening today
55-Gratitude brings positive relationships
56-Growing older means gaining wisdom from my experiences
57-Guilt rarely gets in the way of enjoying my blessings
58-Family support comes in many ways
59-Financial discipline builds wisdom
60-Financial wealth produces little depth of joy
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