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Breathwork Meditation with Eliza Rose Kane

Discover how F'ing cool you are through meditation.
Healthy Life Project
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Do a breathwork practice on their own.
Find relaxation and deep rejuvenation
Increase energy, regulate sleep patterns and circulation
Heal nervous system and endocrine imbalances
Reduce anxiety
Stimulate creativity
Regulate, manage and balance energy
Manage stress
Elevate mood
Increase clarity

Meditation is a great tool for self-discovery. It is the doorway to figuring out your purpose, and finding out how cool you actually are. This course is for beginners to  breathwork and meditation, or for those that have been practicing and would like to learn more about the benefits, as well as have guided instruction for the practice.

In this course, Eliza Rose Kane teaches a breathwork technique that will change your life. Step by step instruction of the breathwork, plus 6 lessons on the benefits for your mind and body. The work shared is fun and will push your capacity for growth to a new level of awareness. Included is a 10 minute practice that you participate in over and over again. 

As a special bonus, Eliza is including her six MOST requested Spotify playlists, 45 minutes each, to do along with your breathwork practice. Over 250 minutes of music that will set the tone and accelerate your practice.

Materials needed: You + A comfortable place to lay down. A yoga mat, the floor, a sofa or on your bed. You can do the breathwork anywhere laying down. 



This is a welcome video for new students, what to expect in the course, and a few benefits.

The course is divided into 6 modules plus the Breathwork instruction (Lecture 3). 

To get started, watch the Intro, Breathwork 101 and then learn and practice the Breathwork technique in Lecture 3. Be sure to download the Spotify playlist in Lecture 2, Module 1, and use that to practice the Breathwork for the first week.

We suggest you practice the Breathwork Technique daily or 3 to 5 times a week. Refer to the instruction in Lecture 3 as you practice, for guided instruction as needed.

This course is meant to be a six week course. Each week, we suggest you open a new Module and download a new Spotify Playlist to use with the practice during the week. Refer to Lecture 3 for the guided practice, and use the modules for new information on how you will benefit from the Breathwork, how it affects mind and body, and how it can transform your life.

Module 1: Breathwork 101
How to: Learn the Breathwork Technique

This video is instruction for the breathing technique, followed by a 10 minute guided breathwork session for you to participate and practice. We suggest you practice the Breathwork 3 to 5 times a week, and ideally every day.Refer to this video lesson each time you do the breathwork, until you feel comfortable doing it on your own. 

Find a comfortable place to lie down to perform the breathwork. A mat, blanket or even the bed is fine. 

 To keep things fun, use one of the six Spotify playlists included with this course, to offer a different experience as you practice.

10 Minute Breathwork Practice

Eliza Rose presents a 10 minute Breathwork practice, with demonstration. Download the (6) Spotify playlists included in each lesson below, to do along with your breathwork practice.

Module 2: THE NERVOUS AND ENDOCRINE SYSTEMS - The Epicenter of wellbeing

Discover the importance of the nervous and endocrine system while learning how the breathwork supports, relaxes and balances these systems.


Learn how the breathwork purifies, and why purification is so important to your health and vitality.


In this beneficial lesson, Eliza Rose explains how the body is connected to your power and how the breathwork supports your body to optimize this powerful aspect of yourself.


How do you manage your energy? Eliza Rose explains why managing your energy is necessary to your health and wellbeing. 

Module 6: THE FORCE

The force is real.  How do you learn to use it to guide you to a more enriched experience of life?

BONUS Daily Habit to Help Reduce Stress

This Bonus from the Healthy Life Project is a technique that can be done in 5 minutes or less, utilizing the Breathwork practice, to instantly reduce stress and bring a sense of balance and calm during your work day. Watch this often as needed.

BONUS: Common Question #1 Oh shit, my hands are clawing up, what does that mean?
BONUS: Common Question #2 I’m feeling dizzy, am I going to pass out?
BONUS: Common Question #3 I’m feeling tingly and vibrating. What does that mean?
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