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Build a Six-Figure Online Business Selling Online Courses

Course creation: Learn exactly how to build a six-figure online business by creating and selling online courses.
Eli Natoli
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Identify the sweet spot where your passion and talents meet the most urgent needs of your market.
Evaluate demand, before putting time & effort into creating your course.
Execute a simple, foolproof method for identifying a profitable course idea that sells.
Find and set the right price point for your course.
Use guidelines and templates to create unique, irresistible offers that stand out from all of your competitors.
Use my simple, step-by-step process to create and package your content in a way that speaks to your audience’s pain points and goals.
Build a targeted list of the right people to market to, even if you’re starting from zero!
Develop a powerful marketing and sales funnel and create compelling lead magnets to market and sell your course.
Create successful Facebook advertising campaigns that specifically target people who want what you’re selling!
Utilize efficient growth-hacking strategies to increase your conversion rate and get more relevant leads.
Execute on a complete plan for developing a marketing journey for prospective customers that turns browsers to lifelong customers.
Build a persuasive Sales Landing page to effectively convince your prospects to buy.
Position yourself to stand out in your industry as a true expert whose courses deliver real, actionable value.

If you are an entrepreneur, freelancer, author, coach or career professional who has been struggling to figure out how to earn extra income on the side, or if you want to turn your passion into a full time income, then keep reading. Below, I’ll share with you the easiest solution to overcome all of these challenges by creating and selling valuable and profitable online courses. 

Are you tired of Sunday nights spent dreading the work week?

Do you dream of passive income from online courses, but keep talking yourself out of it?

Are you looking to get into online business but don’t know where to start?

Have you launched an online course, but aren’t getting the results you expected?

Whatever your background may be, if you’ve ever thought about turning your knowledge, your unique gifts and your passion into a profitable online course, then you’ve come to the right place!

Look — there’s no doubt that you have valuable insight to share with your tribe. But that doesn’t automatically guarantee that you can connect with them and get what you’ve created in front of them. And even if you do, there’s no guarantee that your course is packaged in a way that’ll engage them and convert them into buyers.

To do all of that — and make money — you need a lot more than empty promises and hot air.

You need a plan.

You need a step-by-step guide that will walk you through every aspect of creating a course for people that’s irresistible, valuable and — most importantly — profitable.

That’s exactly what this course is.

The Internet is full of “experts” — but most of them are wrong.

It seems like every day there’s a new training, free guide, or blog post promising that you can make a gazillion dollars if you just buy this product. There’s no shortage of training courses teaching the tactical tools and techniques to create and sell an online course.

While that’s extremely valuable and a necessary part of any course creation and promotion, just knowing the mechanics of doing something doesn’t guarantee you’ll be successful at it.

This missing component is the reason so many course creators fail at making their courses profitable.

This course is different — over 60,000 students is the proof.

In the last two years my husband Joe and I have been able to earn a generous 6-figure monthly income running an online business and creating and selling online courses. By implementing the strategies I teach in this course, Joe’s courses have enrolled over 60,000 students, earning him Udemy’s best seller instructor status.

All you need to create, launch and profit.

This comprehensive training program provides absolutely everything you’ll need to successfully launch your own online business, courses and programs and profit from them.

From figuring out what you should be teaching to positioning, pricing and marketing, I’ll walk you through everything you need to know to create and launch a unique course that customers will happily pay premium fees for… and we’ll work together to do it, step-by-step.

You won’t find anything here that hasn’t worked for me or my clients! This is hands-on, action-taking, make-it-happen training.

Welcome — You Belong Here!


I want to assure you that you belong here — and explain why your skills, your unique gifts and expert knowledge you already possess is more than enough to create successful online courses (and a profitable online business)! 

I'll show you where to start and how to silence that little voice in your head — by sharing my own personal path to success.


Determine The Best Marketing Industry For Your Unique Talents

In this video I'll show you the critical equation that turns the “my own online business heaven” you're dreaming about into a possible, achievable reality

And you'll also learn why focusing only on the money is a surefire recipe for failure!

What Are You Good At?

If you have no idea what industry to tackle, the very first place to start is to focus your attention inward and see what you’re good at! Here are the questions to ask yourself to truly figure out where your natural talents lie.

What Do You Love Doing?

Your customers and clients buy YOU first! Find out why it's absolutely critical that your full heart and soul are in what you do (and how to make sure it is).

What Does The Market Want? (Part 01 - Google Trends)

There's more than one way to figure out what people want most from you — and plenty of excellent alternatives to traditional, expensive market research. 

In this video I'll show you how to use Google Trends to evaluate the potential demand for your course, look at niche opportunities that exist around it and get an idea of demand for those niches.

What Does The Market Want? (Part 02 - Keyword Planning)

Here you'll learn to use Google's Keyword Planner tool to identify what keywords your audience uses when they search within your particular niche — especially the terms related to their problems, pain points or deepest desires.

This information will not only tell you what topics your audience cares about most, it will tell you whether or not there is enough profit potential in your chosen niche.

What Does The Market Want? (Part 03 - Your Competition)

One of the easiest ways to get a handle on what people need, want and expect is by researching your competition. In this video I'll share some absolute goldmine places to see and hear what people want, in their own words. You'll see why competitive research is a lot simpler than it sounds!

A Word of Advice (and Encouragement): You can DO this!

Find out the common reasons people give in to their fears, settle for where they are and never follow their dreams — and learn how to avoid these traps!

Exercise: Give Yourself Permission to Dream

In this exercise, these dreams form the basis for reality! I'll show you how to brainstorm the name of your online course and determine your ideal number of enrollments per month — along with the desired revenue you’d like to generate.

Positioning and Packaging Your Course

Your Unique Selling Point

What makes your business stand out from the crowd? How do you tell prospective customers what's special about you? Here's how you figure it out — and take a quantum leap in your ability to create income.

Exercise: Create Your Unique Selling Point

This exercise will help you create your own solid Unique Selling Point (USP), that’ll clearly tell potential customers why you’re different — both logically and emotionally.

Creating Your Course

Finding The Best Business Model For Your Unique Strengths

A critical key to success is making sure your products (and your business) play to your strengths. Here I'll help you figure out the type of online product that fits into your business goals and overall business positioning.

Finding The Perfect Price For Every Offering

Learn the basic rules of pricing your course appropriately, instead pulling a random number out of thin air! Here you'll develop a concrete pricing strategy that will deliver committed (and repeat) customers. 

Creating your Profit Picture

The path to profitability starts with clear, attainable financial goals. At the end of this process, you’ll have a usable action plan that details what to sell, how many you need to sell and how much you should be selling it for.

Exercise: Dare to Dream

By the end of this short, simple and FUN exercise, you'll have a crystal clear idea of what type of course you want to sell, how much to sell it for and how many you’ll need to sell in order to fulfill your dream!

Creating Your Course Roadmap

Take the guesswork out of your course creation process. You'll learn how to create a plan for success that tells you exactly where to start, how much to include, and how to properly structure your content.

Targeting and Reaching Your Audience

Growing Your Audience — Strategically and Intelligently

The world’s greatest marketing message is no better than the world’s worst marketing message if it’s shouted at deaf ears

So we'll walk through simple, effective methods to target and attract people who will be most willing to listen — and grow your audience the right way.
The Power of a Free Offer

Attracting customers is the key to your success, and nothing does that better (or faster) than a free offer. Find out how to attract potential customers, and — more importantly — how to gain their trust and turn them into buyers!

Facebook Targeting

Leverage the incredible power of Facebook ad targeting to reach a massive number of people with your message and get your course in front of people who are most likely to buy!

Targeting Your Website Visitors

Find out why the place to start is by getting your product in front of people who are already paying attention to you!

We'll tap the audience you didn't know you had, and then walk through how to reach each group and get your product in front of them. 

Lookalike Audiences and Interest Groups

Learn how Facebook allows you to reach an even wider audience by getting your product in front of the people who are already interested in what you're offering — and are an exact match to your ideal buyers.

No Audience Yet? No Problem!

If you're just starting out and don’t have anybody paying attention to you yet, don’t worry — I’ve got you covered too! 

I'll show you how to brainstorm and figure out who your ideal customers are — and then we'll walk through the steps needed together to get your course in front of them. 

Measuring Your Facebook Ad Success

Learn how to make every dollar you spend promoting your course on Facebook trackable, accountable and measurable. 


Your Sales Marketing Strategy

Learn the critical steps and techniques for turning subscribers into customers. I'll also walk you through the art and science of taking people through a marketing journey and striking a balance between revenue generation and subscriber cultivation. 

I'll also teach you the 3 things you must do — the minute someone subscribes to your list — in order to move them from reader to subscriber.

Your Customer's Marketing Journey

We'll walk step-by-step through the exact marketing journey I use with my own clients. This method does much more than show people the value of your product — it converts subscribers into begging-to-buy customers!

Your Engagement Strategy

Learn how to establish and deepen a relationship with your prospects and subscribers — by delivering small wins and letting them to get to know you.

Your Re-Engagement Strategy

Learn how to win the hearts of inactive subscribers or doubting prospects — and get then to interact, share, engage and ultimately buy from you!

Forget Everything You Know About Email Marketing

From the number one mistake most people make with email marketing campaigns to surefire sales funnels, you'll learn how to get more opens, clicks and sales!

Your Sales Landing Pages

The job of an effective landing page is to convert your prospects! I'll walk you through the essential landing page elements you should be using to build a high-converting landing page. I'll also show you a best-practice template you can use to guide your efforts.

Wrap Up

Wrap Up: Things to Remember

We'll recap all the critical points and things you need to remember as you set off on your journey.

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