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Can 5 Minute Workouts Improve Your Fitness To New Levels?

A course designed for fitness finishers or stand alone workouts. A system to take your strength to a new level.
Jeremy Belter
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Create conditioning workouts that are short and effective
Develop strength, power and speed for sports
Follow along with former college athletes in basketball, baseball, and football
Introduce finishers or other quick workouts in the gym or at home
Learn proper technique for lifting
Be part of a group of people dedicated to saving time with workouts but not sacrificing quality or results
See different types of exercises including medball, free weights, bodyweight, machines, kettlebells, bands, and more

5 Minute Workout System is a course designed after over 20 years of fitness and athletic experience. The focus is on hard core workouts for personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts who want to take their fitness to a new level. The course is for the person who is already training but wants to add in finishers or new routines. The course includes workouts done by a trainer and done by a client with instruction. There are workouts with body weight, bands, kettlebell, ropes, weights, and more. The entire system is based around the philosophy that exercise efficiency and and exercise progress is the key to long term results.

Here is what is included

1. Exercises and workouts that helped one client increase conditioning by about 25% in two short months training twice a week.

2. Workouts that can be done at home, at the gym, or even at the office.

3. The philosophy and background of the instructor and why he uses these exact workouts.

4. The mentality needed to do well and how use the workouts.

5. Demonstration of exercises and how to do them and much more.

6. Finishers at the gym to take strength to a new level.

7. Great for athletes, personal trainers, or other fitness enthusiasts.

Take your fitness to the next level and do it with 5 Minute Workouts!

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5 minute workouts


Power Point Slides

This bonus has all the guidelines for the workouts in power point slide format in addition to the videos in the beginning.


Sprints and Push Press

The students will have a sprint and push press super set workout to modify for their workouts. I walk the student along about what is going on and how he is doing.

Paper Plate Mountain Climbers and Skaters

The student gets behind the scenes super set program using paper plates and skaters to get in a great quick workout. The student will be able to follow along or watch and modify.

Kettlebell Circuit

The student will see a three exercise circuit of swings, cleans and squats with a 70lb kettlebell. The student will hear me talk about correct form and how even a past college athlete can still need work on exercise form. The student will understand how challenging five minutes can be with a weight.

Weighted Vest Core and Power

The student will understand how to do a core roll out and how to put together two exercises for leg power and core strength

Paper Plate Core and Lower Body Explosiveness

Paper plates can be used for core strength and super set with side to side jumps. The student can see how the intense five minutes can be with conditioning and power in this awesome super set exercise. All you need is your body and some plates.

Dumbbell Curl Finisher

You the student will learn how less than 1 minute can be challenging using a pair of dumbbells. This can be used in a five minute circuit or as a finisher. It is very challenging.

Hardcore Sled Conditioning Test

The student will see behind the scenes conditioning test with sleds. In just a few months working out twice a week the client improved by about 25% in conditioning.

Coaching Female Client Through Circuit 1

The student will be able watch a personal coaching session and see how to do certain exercises correctly. Bands, ropes, kettlebells and body weight are used in this circuit.

Coaching Female Client Through Circuit 2

The student will see a female deadlift 70lb kettlebell and how to have proper form. Other exercises include band rows, rope slams and more. The student can see another awesome circuit.

100lb Dumbbells holds

Holding on to heavy weights helps grip and arm strength in general. The student can see proper technique to this simple to understand exercise.

Push Press And Clapping Push Ups

Discover how to increase upper body strength with these two exercises. The student will learn how to increase power, speed and upper body muscle.

Personal Trainer Workouts

Long time personal trainer gives you some workouts that are intense and short.

Hardcore Workouts

Carries with 100lb dumbbells and several other exercises that are very intense.

5 minute workouts
5 minute workouts
5 minute workouts
5 minute workouts


Warm Up

A great warm up to use for any workout. The student will learn from years of experience how to do a great warm up.

Recovery Techniques

All intense workout should have proper and great recovery. Here the client demonstrates how to easily do some recover.

Over Head Carries Demonstration

Student can understand how to do over head carries correctly. The important points to a carry and what it works.

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