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Certified Teen Meditation Teacher

Become a Teen Meditation Teacher with ShambalaKids
Mellisa Dormoy, CHt
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History of Meditation and benefits
How to use your voice to guide meditations smoothly
How to set up your meditation class
Ability to contribute to Mellisa's Upcoming Book on Teen Meditation! (Limited time)
How to incorporate life lessons into your teen meditation classes
Positive Affirmations and how to use them with teens
Important life skills every teen must have and how to teach them
How to use your unique skills set and your voice to guide teens into meditation in a comfortable and safe way
how to write and create your own teen meditations
The three components of good guided meditations
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Ready to begin a new career or add to your current skill set to help teens overcome stress and become all they were meant to be? Now is the time!

This course will train you, in an easy and fun way, to set up your own classes for teen meditation or to add to your current  class offerings. You will learn how to lead teen meditations classes successfully as well as creating your own meditations (full length meditations are given as well to help you begin).

If you’re ready to make a difference in the lives of teens by sharing profound truths with them about the creative powers they hold within, the power of thought, and how they can manage stress and raise their self-esteem, this is the course created especially you! 

Introduction into Meditation and the Mind

Meditation, forms and benefits

What is meditation exactly? What different types are there and how does it benefit me and my students?

What's your experience with meditation?
Why is guided meditation great for teens?

In this concise video, we will learn why guided meditation is a great way for teens to start working with meditation. 

The Relaxation Response and the Subconscious Mind

In this segment, we will learn about The Relaxation Response and how subconscious patterns development from childhood.  

The Subconscious Mind

In this video, we will learn about the subconscious mind and how modern medicine is promoting meditation to help patients today. 

Our personal limiting beliefs

Meditation and You as a teacher

Why is a personal practice imperative?

Do you think it is important for teachers themselves to keep up their own meditation practice? Let's find out! 

The Importance of Inner Connection

Why is it important that we meditate and nourish that inner connection?

Meditation as a teaching tool to solve teen issues

Many teens suffer from low self-esteem and emotional management issues - meditation can help!

Positioning and what to expect in your classes during meditation

Learn which position, if any, is best in the classroom and what to expect from your teen students. 

What's your opinion on Teen Meditation?

Understanding Guided Meditation for Teens

The three components of a good guided meditation

Learn the three components of a good meditation and what results if you skip one. 

Complete reference script for teen meditation (Good Relationships)

Pay close attention to the three parts in this meditation script. It is not long but you will clearly see the components and transitions.  

Additional reference script for teen meditation (Gratitude)
Guided Imagery and how to do it

What is guided imagery and how do you use it? 

Guided Mediation topics
Ingredients for your meditations

Details of what to include in your guided meditations and discussion of specific uses of various add-ons to your meditations. 

Techniques 1

More about the Fight or Flight and the Relaxation Response as well as getting ready to embark on learning our techniques. 

Techniques Part 2 : Deep Belly Breathing

Learn about Pranayama - or deep belly breathing

Breathing Script for Relaxation Induction

This short and easy-to-use script quickly relaxes your listener so you can move on into the intent or 'work" if your guided meditation.

Techniques Part 3: Rhythmic & Visualized Breathing

Here you will quickly learn a few more styles of breathing that are easy to teach in the classroom. 

Rainbow Colors Relaxation Script

Read the Rainbow Relaxation Script in a calm, soothing voice. It's a great introduction to any of your teen meditations. 

Techniques Part 4: Progressive Relaxation

This pdf file link will give you exact wording to induce relaxation during the relaxation component with progressive muscle relaxation. It is extremely easy to learn and use in the classroom. It can also be taught to teen for them to use at home by themselves. 

Your own voice

In this video you will learn how to use your unique voice to guide a teen meditation.

Stress on the body & the Body's Responses

An intro leading up to the variations of the first component in a guided meditation - relaxation.   

Rainforest guided meditation

This full version audio of one of my teen meditations will help teach you through active listening for the three components of a good meditation and how I use my own voice to captivate my listeners and bring them into a relaxed focused state of mind. 

Quiz Section 3

Section 3 quiz

Teaching Teens Beyond Guided Meditation

Teaching About Energy and other topics

How to teach teens about energy and other possible topics from your own experience

A Few Energy Exercises to Teach
Teaching Thoughts are Things to Teens

In this video, you will learn how to present the idea that thoughts matter. I present it exactly as I teach it in classes. 

Teaching self-Acceptance to Teens

In this video, you will be given an example class format of how to teach self-acceptance to teens. 

Setting up your Classroom

This video sets forth ideas on how to set up your classroom space. 

Write two guided meditations for teens. Please SAVE meditations in a WORD file.
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