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Cheap Advertising for Small Business

How to get 3 cent clicks for PPC advertising campaigns, millions of views and blow the competition away.
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Learn about CTR, CPC, ROI with social media marketing
Learn the best ad formats for PPC ad campaigns
Learn to get 3 cent clicks with PPC ad campaigns
Learn to get thousands of views per day to your business videos
Learn how to do search engine optimization for your website, blog or videos and get free, organic traffic

Imagine a $50 ad generating 1,666 customer leads to your business product or service. Or getting millions of views to your business videos on YouTube. Or free traffic to your website.

This course will teach you:

  • How to get very cheap, pay per click (PPC) ads on Facebook and Twitter.
  • How to get millions of views on YouTube. Taught by a YouTube partner.
  • How to do search engine optimization for your content.
  • How to get a high return on investment (ROI).

The advertising techniques taught in this course help generate 12 fold returns. It doesn't matter what business product or service you are selling. What you will learn in this course will help you generate more leads and customers and spend less on advertising.


High CTR = low CPC

Learn why a high click through rate will help you get a low cost per click in your pay per click advertising campaigns. If you don't have a low cost per click, you will spend a lot of money on advertising.

For example, a $50 ad with a low cost per click can generate 1,666 clicks. However, a $50 ad with a high cost per click may only generate 166 clicks. Therefore, it is critical to understand how to get a low cost per click to get the most value out of your advertising campaigns.

Fundamentals of Cheap Pay Per Click Advertising

Ad formats that get a high CTR

There are ad formats that can help you get a very high click through rate. There are also ad formats that will not give you a very good click through rate. Learn what the best ad format is and why.

Where the advertising opportunity is and isn't

Social media marketing can be very effective for your advertising campaigns. Learn where the opportunity is and isn't for your pay per click campaigns.

How to get people to click on your ad

Learn some quick tips on how to get people to click on your ad aside from using the right ad format.

How to get cheap pay per click advertising on Facebook

Setting up a Facebook business page

In this lecture you will learn the fundamentals of setting up a Facebook business page quickly and easily. You need a business page so that you can advertise on Facebook.

The Facebook advertising interface

The Facebook advertising interface allows you to control the demographics of the target audience you are trying to reach and what you are willing to pay per click. In this lecture, we will show you primary features of the interface.

How to get 3 cent clicks

Getting cheap clicks with Facebook advertising requires having a high click through rate for your ad. Learn how to get a high click through rate so you can get very cheap clicks.

How to get cheap pay per click advertising with Twitter

How to get 3 cent clicks

There is a little known website that generates a lot of clicks on Twitter. Learn what it is and how you can get .03 clicks instantly.

Massive traffic on YouTube to promote your business product or service

How to get millions of views

Learn how I became a YouTube partner with this secret software. It helped me generate millions of views on my YouTube channel @ sobriety television.

Search engine optimization for articles, websites and videos

How to choose key phrases

Knowing what people are searching for online will help you pick the right keywords and phrases for your marketing content. Whether it is a video, article or blog, you need to pick the best words and phrases for search engine optimization.

How to arrange key phrases in content

Understanding how to arrange your keywords and phrases in your content is another important part of search engine optimization. We will show you what works to make your content go up in search engine results.


Quiz on cheap advertising

A quiz that will test your knowledge on how to get cheap advertising.

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