CHINA ZHENJIUOLOGY-30.Palpitation&Obstruction of the Heart

In the recent year, the World Health Organization has announced and recommended the usage of acupuncture as a prefer choice of modality in over 47 different types of illness.
Zhenjiuology is the study of acupuncture and moxibustion. This program has a series of 30 chapters focusing the history, the theory, and the current practice of Zhenjiu in Mainland China. This was done with the cooperation of 14 major Traditional Chinese Medical Universities in period of over 3 years. Each section was done by the expert of that particular field. As a result this work the program has recently received the Gold Medal by WHO, WFAS, and The International Sponsored Health Program given by WHO as part of the key training tools for some aided countries.
In the series, Professor Peng Jingshan, Liaoning University of TCM, has developed a complete new approach of using the eye for diagnosis and treatment with considerable good result. Tianjian College of TCM under the direction of Professor Shi Xuemin also developed the Xingnao Kaiqiao method.. This method of treatment is particular useful with brain related illness. Of course, there are many other sectors in the series showing in detail the application of cosmetic surgery, weight loss , prevention of smoking, drug rehabilitation, prevention of narcotic usage, application on cardiac, gynecological, pediatric, internal diseases, ophthalmologic, and otorlaryngological area.
In the past, acupuncture was mainly used by the Asian community and practiced by the Traditional Chinese doctors. However, this has been changed since 1972 when the US Ex-President Nixon's historical visit to China. As a result, the West has been showing a lot of interest and amazement. In fact, the enthusiasm of understanding acupuncture has never been slow down.


This part introduces the acupuncture treatment methods of palpitation & heart Bi-syndrme including the Functions of Heart, the Meridians & Points related to the heart, the Commonly Used Acunpuncture & Moxibustion Methods ( seven methods), Identification & Treatment (eight differeent types) and Prevention Procedure.

  •  Awards and Recommendations

CHINA ZJENJIUOLOGY Series enhance and glorify the particular individual essentials of each school, and won’t be confined to certain theory. Teaching from ancient to modern, from the basic theories to the clinical cases, CHINA ZHENJIUOLOGY is currently the most prestigious audiovisual educational material.  With the highest authorities, the academic value & practical uses of CHINA ZHENJIUOLOGY Series are confirmed and got the recognition from the whole world.

The prestige value of “CHINA ZHENJIUOLOGY” Series are substantiated by the following rewards:

* “Gold Medal Award” by WHO & WFAS 1996

*W.H.O. purchased this series for use in “Internationally Sponsored Health Programs” as the Acupuncture Teaching Programs in some aided countries in 1993 & 1999

* Passed the Review of WFAS as a standard educational tool 1993Prize of

Outstanding Audio-Visual Materials by People of Republic of China (P.R.C.) 1991

*First Prize of Teaching Programs by Ministry of Education Taiwan R.O.C. 1994

CHINA ZHENJIUOLOGY Series are truly a treasure worth keeping by everyone as well as medical libraries. To make it more convenient to readers worldwide, “CHINA ZHENJIUOLOGY” Series is published in two languages – Chinese & English with the formats of DVD. 


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This CHINA ZHENJIUOLOGY DVD Series and publication is designed to provide accurate and authoritative information with regard to the subject matter covered.

It is sold with the understanding that the Publisher is not engaged in rendering acupuncture, medical or other similar associated expert assistance is required, the services of a competent professional in connection here in should be sought.

As for those who wish to be certified to render acupuncture services must accept the training according to the rules of every country.

Beware of finger contact with needlepoint or body of the needle in use of a safety tube is recommended. Finger contact with needlepoint or the body of the needle during the insertion and treatment will automatically disqualify the candidate from certification.

The reader and/or user of this CHINA ZHENJIUOLOGY DVD Series and publication agrees to assume any and all risks regarding the unauthorized & unsupervised use of any of the ideas and techniques presented herein. And agrees to hold harmless all those associated and connected with this said presentation, in the event that the said reader and/or user should proceed as against this caveat.

*This series of teaching programs is also sold in the public version that can be used for teaching, promotion, teaching in public places.

  • 關於講師

Chief Editor主編:Wang De-Shen王德深/中國中醫研究院針灸文獻研究室主任

Advisors顧問:Wang Shu-Qi王樹岐/中國協和醫科大學公共衛生系主任/教授

Lu Zhi-Jun魯之俊/世界針灸聯合會名譽主席、中國針灸學會名譽會長

David P.J. Hung洪伯榮/世界針灸聯合會副主席、美國針灸學會會長

Huang Wei-San黃維三/台灣中國中醫藥大學中醫研究所所長

Deputy Chief Editors副主編:Li Ting李鼎/上海中醫學院針灸文獻研究室主任、中國針灸學會理事

Kao Chen-Wu高鎮五/浙江省針灸學會副會長

Yan Zhen-Guo嚴振國/上海中醫學院主任教授

Chang Cheng-Kuo張成國/台灣中國中醫藥大學副教授

Chang Pu-Tao張步桃/台灣國醫大師、曾任行政院衛生署中醫藥委員會執行秘書及中醫組組長

Chief Peer-Reviewrs主審:Wang Xue-Tai王雪苔(Chinese Editor中文版)/世界針灸聯合會前主席;David P.J. Hung洪伯榮(English Editor英文版)世界針灸聯合會副主席、美國針灸學會會長

Producer製片:Li De-Lin李德霖/中華醫學會音像出版社社長    

Supervisors總監製:Xue Jian-Ge薛建閣/中華醫學會音像出版社社長(1987年)

Hsu Wu-Ching許武慶/駿緯健康產業集團總裁

Participants In Production聯合製作單位:

China Academy Of TCM中國中醫科學院針灸研究所

Shanghai University Of TCM上海中醫藥大學

Chengdu University Of TCM成都中醫藥大學

Guangzhou University Of TCM廣州中醫藥大學

Nanjing University Of TCM南京中醫藥大學

Shandong University Of TCM山東中醫藥大學

Liaoning University Of TCM遼寧中醫藥大學

Zhejiang University Of TCM浙江中醫藥大學

Fujian University Of TCM福建中醫藥大學

Heilongjiang University Of TCM黑龍江中醫藥大學

Tianjing College Of TCM天津中醫學院

China Great Wall Hospital中國長城醫院

Beijing Institute Of Physical Education北京體育學院

China Medical University(Taiwan)中國醫藥大學(台灣)



Palpitation and Obstruction of the Heart (English version)

1.The Function of the Heart
2.The Heart Meridian and Common Points
3.The Common Methods of Needle Technique
4.Diagnosis and Treatment
5.Protection Learning
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