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Complete Business Intelligence with SSIS, SSAS and SSRS

Master Microsoft BI by solving Real-Life Problems. Learn ETL, Integration, Analytics, Reporting and Visualization!
Ikram Haq
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Perform file system tasks
Perform FTP tasks
Create dynamic properties with variables
Perform ETL jobs (Extraction, Transformation and Loading)
Perform Aggregates, Sorting and Conditional Splitting of data
Create analytic cube in SSAS
Design the Cube Dimensions and Measures

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Reviews from some of our students

I had little knowledge about Business Intelligence. But after attending this course and practising the examples. I can now do BI solutions on my own.

-Edwin Molapo

“Great course. I am in College currently getting my BA in Data Analytics and this course has help solidify my learning and also helped me with projects we had in our classes. I would highly recommend for and Business Intelligence seekers “

-Jared Rentz

Easy to follow and very understandable

-Dilli Sharma

As data volumes are exploding, more data has been created in the past two years than in the entire previous history of the human race. With an estimate of 4.1 zettabyets of data available today, the numbers  just keeps increasing every second. Organizations today estimate that only a fraction of recorded data can be analyzed, and IT professionals who can work with data by Data Integration, Data Analyzation, Data Visualization etc. in short a ‘Data Geek’ are becoming increasingly popular.

In Simpler terms, there is enormous amount of data and not enough professionals to manage it.This course aims to close that gap with SQL Server Management Studio and SQL Server Data Tools for Business Intelligence (BI).

We will Learn from the basics of creating a Microsoft Business Intelligence (MS BI)ecosystem, Sql server Integrating services(SSIS), Sql Server Analysis Services (SSAS), Sql Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and putting all of them together to learn the Complete Microsoft Business Intelligence (MS BI)

Learn and Master Microsoft Business Intelligence(MS BI) in this Comprehensive course.

SSIS(Sql Server Integrating Services)

Extracting Data from Source.
Transforming the Data in a staging area
Loading the data onto a destination
Managing different types of sources and destinations
Implementing aggregates and transformations 
Managing data flow and control flow tasks
SSAS(Sql Server Analysis Services)

Configuring analysis services
Creating a cube
Managing data in the data source view
Designing and deploying Cube dimensions and meassures
SSRS(Sql Server Reporting Services)

Creating reports and visualizations 
With 6 years of experience in the BI, Data analytics and Big Data, be sure to get rich content to help you succeed. Although it is still in the beginning phase but more in depth and quality lectures are being added regularly.

Setting up your Microsoft BI environment

Downloading the right file for installation
Installation guide for SQL Server Management Studio 2014

Learn how to install and configure SQL Server Express on your PC from start to finish

Installing Visual Studio SSDT-BI
Setup Adventure Works DW 2012 for Analytic Services Practice
Create a new database and a new table in ssms
How to Insert, truncate and drop a table?

SSIS Control Flow Tasks

FTP Server File download using SSIS

Create your first FTP task to get data from the server to a destination server or your local machines.

Creating new package and a look around the interface

Look around the visual studio interface and get accustomed to the numerous window panes that will help you through out the course to navigate.

Move files using a File System Task

Create and Configure the File system task to move a file internally from a source folder or server to a destination folder or server.

Creating a table in SSMS using a Execute SQL Task

Learn how to create a table using an Execute SQL task from SSIS itself in SQL Server Management Studio. Use the script provided in additional resources. You can also write your own script for practice.

Inserting into the new table and truncate the old table using Execute SQL Task

Use the same Execute SQL Task to insert and truncate into a table in a sequential manner by making use of the precedence constraints( green arrows).

Take Backup of Database using the Backup Database Task

Lear how to take a Back up of your Databases by using the Backup Database Task.

Variables: Create a new user defined variable

Learn about user defined variables, how to create and configure them.

Variables: Create a new file system task

Create a File system task to help us understand the concept of variables.

Variables: Establishing a logical connection between Variables and File Sys Task

Learn how to establish a logical connection between the User Defined Variable and the File System Task with the help of Properties.

Copy 'n' number of files using the Foreach Loop container

Want to move or copy numerous files without knowing the exact number and by avoiding to create multiple connection managers. Foreach loop helps us to do exactly this. Learn how to in-cooperate it with Variables and Files system task.

SSIS Data Flow Tasks

Introduction to Data Flow Tasks and its components

Learn the basic difference between Control flow and Data Flow. Get accustomed to the Data Flow task and its components.

Transfer Data from a Flat File Source to an OLE-DB Destination
Performing Aggregates.
Storing aggregated data in a table using OLEDB Destination
Performing a Conditional Split
Sorting data in ascending or descending order
Creating a Derived column
Performing data merge with two ways to sort the data

SSAS : Designing Cubes for Analysis

Creating a new project and configuring a Data source for SSAS Cube
Creating and Understanding the Data Source View
Creating a Cube by assigning Dimensions, Measures and changing column names
Deploying and viewing the cube
Browse the cube before Deployment
Dimension Designing 1: Gathering required columns and renaming them
Dimension Designing 2: Creating Named calculated columns
Dimension Designing 3: Named Column-Getting underlyinng data of a key
Dimension Desingning 4: Grouping dimensions into logical categories
Creating a Hierarchy

SSRS: Understanding report creation, management and deployment

What is SSRS?

Learn a very brief definition of SSRS

Life Cycle of a Report

Learn the different life cycles of a report

Getting started and looking at the Reporting Services interface
Connecting to a Data Source using Embedded Connection

Learn how to connect to a data source using embedded connection.

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