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Complete Facebook Live Course: How I Reach 1,000,000+ People

Ultimate Guide to Facebook's Hottest Live Streaming App, Facebook Live. Attract Huge Organic Traffic with Facebook Live!
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Learn how to achieve 1 million organic reach with Facebook Live in 1 day!
Learn to connect your brand with the 1.65 million people that use Facebook worldwide
Go Live with confidence even if you don't have any experience or ideas
Learn all of the features on Facebook Live and how to make your live streams stand out
Learn how to go Live both on your mobile phone and on desktop computer
Learn how to optimise your stream for views
Make their Live Streams stand out on their friend's and page fan's timelines.


I am now reaching over 1,000,000 people a day with Facebook Live for free. Facebook Live has transformed my page and turned into a channel that is better than my YouTube channel. I have over 200,000 page fans and I am talking to them twice a day in my Live streams. With Facebook Live, I have been getting up to 1000 comments in a stream! When do you ever see 1000 comments on a Facebook Post, unless it’s a viral page with millions of fans?

In the latest update I share with you the exact way I am receiving a reach of 1 million! This is a game changer… and you can be in on the action. 

It’s a secret I hope you WILL NOT SHARE outside of this course!

Over 7000 students have already enrolled! Make sure you don’t miss out on this hot new Live Streaming app which is taking over the internet!

Course updated on 28 July 2016




If you want to be successful with Facebook Live, Facebook’s hot new free Live Streaming app, you should love this Udemy course! I want you to take a serious look at this incredible business-building tool to your marketing arsenal. You will be given techniques and strategies that will turn your Live Streaming broadcasts into a channel that will attract viewers and fans. Take this course today to get the best results with Facebook Live Streaming!

This is a golden time to get streaming with Facebook Live. The era of live video has just begun. 

Now, I know there is a massive elephant in the room. You are probably scared of hitting the “Go Live” button! Most people are scared out of their wits to talk on video, let alone on LIVE video! I personally found it daunting at first! But once I got my first one out of the way, I found it a LOT of fun! I have been building loyal audiences on both Facebook and Periscope. However, Facebook Live allows you to connect your brand with the 1.7 billion people that are on Facebook, and Facebook are giving Live users a place at the top of fan’s timelines. That means a ton of organic traffic is just waiting for you to collect and convert!

In this course, I give you the confidence, ideas and structure to be able to stream live video on Facebook. In addition, I give you the tips as to how to create a channel on Facebook that rivals YouTube. I want to help you move in the right direction!

You may not find a better course on Udemy that gives you better value for money, and you probably won’t find another Facebook Live course on the Internet for this price. 

Facebook Live was initially released to a selection of users back in August 2015, and it has only just been released as a service to the general public. Now is the time to start broadcasting your expertise, whether it is how to grow a successful niche business or how to apply make up properly. 

To become a student, find the blue “take this course” button or the “start free preview” button above to enroll. You risk nothing by enrolling because of the 30 day no questions asked refund policy. 98% of students do not request a refund which then just leaves your time.

You will see how the great Live Streamers utilise the techniques and strategies I discuss to capture organic Facebook traffic, leaving their competitors hung out to dry, and now you can join them.

You will see how I managed to get 1 million people reached organically in a Live Stream, which is something I would find impossible on YouTube. 

  • If you want confidence to use Facebook Live, this course is for you.
  • If you want to grow your customer base on Facebook Live, this course is for you.
  • If you want the best techniques to connect with 1.7 billion customers, this course is for you.

It doesn’t matter what your niche is, I have you covered. I will even show you how to add thumbnails, which is something no other course on Udemy does!

Thank you for learning more about my course and I hope that the information I share with you when you are enrolled in the course will prove valuable! Click on TAKE THIS COURSE now to get started!

Welcome to Facebook Live! Learn Why Facebook Live Is The Best Medium on Facebook

Thanks for learning with me! Why Is Facebook Live An Unmissable Opportunity!

Welcome to Facebook Live Course, see my proof of 1,000,000+ organic reach in just one day of Facebook Live streaming!

See My Proof That Facebook Live Gets The Best Reach For Your Facebook Page

In this video I show you proof that Facebook Live video is the most effective medium now available to you on Facebook to get thousands of people reached organically, for free!

Why Entertaining Your Audience Is Key To Dominating Facebook Live!

In this lecture, I describe what WORKS when doing Facebook Live video. This is the absolute key to success once you have traffic coming to your Facebook live stream.

How To Go Facebook Live!

How To Start Facebook Live Streaming

In this video, I walkthrough with you how to 'Go Live' on Facebook Live. 

How To Live Stream From Your Desktop Computer Using Free Broadcasting Software!
Adding Titles, Tags & URL Links To Optimise Your Live Stream On OBS!

In this lecture, I will show you a live, step-by-step, example of how I add titles and video tags to optimise my Facebook Live stream.

How I Achieve An Organic Reach Of 1,000,000 with Facebook Live - Secret Strategy

The Secret Strategy To Getting 1,000,000 People Reached A Day!

This lecture is one of THE MOST important! You will see here the EXACT way how I manage to get approximately 500,000 organic reach from one Facebook Live Video. This is Pivotal for Facebook Live success!

Exact Method: How You Can Get Visibility To Your Target Audience!

Here I show you step-by-step exactly how to get your Facebook Live video in front of your Target Audience... completely for free!

Another Way To Use The Secret Facebook Live Strategy!

In this lecture, you will see how another Facebook Page is using the secret Facebook Live method outlined in the previous lecture to grow their page... purely using Facebook Live Video. 

Early Success Stories With Facebook Live!

How I Got My First 10K views In Less Than 24 Hours On My Facebook Live Stream

Here I explain how I used Facebook Live to viral effect in the Local Area. Not only did I achieve 10K views in 24 hours, I also increased my page likes by 500.

How One Brand Broke The Internet With Facebook Live, And Other Uses For Live.

In this video, we see how Buzzfeed used Facebook Live to break the internet! We also see how other brands are engaging with Facebook Live to connect with new fans.

Facebook Live Quiz Module 4

A test to check your learning of Module 4 of Facebook Live.

New Features On Facebook Live - These Are Great!! (July 2016)

How To Draw & Add Video Filters On Facebook Live!

Find out how to draw and sketch on your Facebook Live stream and how to add video filters that make your subjects pop out!

New Face Filters For Facebook Live - Perfect for Engaging Young Audiences!
Showing You How to Go Facebook Live With MSQRD's Face Filters!

Where You Can Go Facebook Live Right Now!

How Your Facebook Page Can Be Better Than Your YouTube Channel!

In this video, I show you how Facebook Pages are the new YouTube channel!

How To Appear in Front of Thousands By Posting on Groups!

Here I show you how I have used Facebook Live to achieve organic reach for my stream within Facebook groups.

How Facebook Live Can Revolutionise Your Personal Profile on Facebook!

This video discusses how Facebook Live can be used to revolutionise the way you socialise with friends and acquaintances on your Personal Profile.

Set Your Privacy Settings So You Can Decide Who Sees Your Facebook Live Stream!

In this video, I guide you through how to control who sees your Facebook Live Stream.

Facebook Live Quiz Module 6

A test to check your learning of Module 6 of Facebook Live.

Why And How You Should Go Facebook Live Even If You Don't Sell A Product

Facebook Live Secret - Why Live Video Is Better than Normal Video!

In this video, I point out the ways in which Facebook Live Video, and Live Video in general, is so much more engaging and human than traditional, polished, video.

How to Go Live Even If You Don't Have a Product To Sell or Any Ideas

Here I give you advice as to how you can go Facebook Live even if you do not have a product to sell or are not running a business.

15 Stream Ideas That Could Make You a Star On Facebook Live

This is a detailed lecture where I go through 15 different ideas you can use effectively for your Facebook Live Streams.

Test, Test and Test To Make Your Presenting and Streams The Best On FB Live!

Here I discuss with you why it is important to use Facebook Live to constantly test and improve your presentation skills and content ideas.

Facebook Live Quiz Module 7

A test to check your learning of Module 6 of Facebook Live.

How To Optimize Your Streams For Organic Reach and Viral Success

How To Schedule Your Facebook Live Stream So You Get Viewers!

Here I show you how to prepare potential viewers to join your scheduled Facebook Live Stream.

Use Page Insights To Know When To Go Live and Who You are Streaming To

In this video, you will see how you can view your Facebook Page insights to find out when your page fans are most online and what their demographic is, in order to tailor your Facebook live stream to suit them.

AIDA - Writing a Compelling Headline That Generates Attention and Interest!

Here I discuss the principles of AIDA in order to generate Facebook Live Stream titles that get the attention of viewers and get more organic reach.

Adding A Thumbnail That Attracts Viewers To Your Live Stream - Top Secret!

I show you how to add thumbnails to make your video more appealing and eye-popping when your target audience glances at your replay steams. This shows how Facebook Live is definitely the new YouTube.

Optimal Lengths For Your Stream To Keep Users Interested And Returning For More!

Here I advise you on optimal lengths for your Facebook Live Stream. This will ensure that you do not bore the audience and keep them coming back for more.

Facebook Live Quiz Module 8

A test to check your learning of Module 8 of Facebook Live.

Time to Go Facebook LIVE!!

Ok, Now It is Your Time To Go LIVE! Here are some Top Tips!

Ok, after many lectures of theory, it is time for you to press the "Go Live" button and start your Facebook Live presenting career.

You Have To Create A Page To Host Your Channel

I walkthrough how to create a page to host your Facebook Live channel effectively. 

Create a Facebook Group And Go Live For the Community

Here I show you how you can create a group/community where you can bring people together with your live streams.

Facebook Live Quiz Module 9

A test to check your learning of Module 9 of Facebook Live.

Conclusion! I Will Be Constantly Updating This Course!

Increase The Traffic To Your Facebook Live Stream With This Method!

This is the final lecture, where I show you the best and cheapest way to get paid page post engagement for your Facebook live stream.

Bonus Material: Retired Lectures That Were Replaced By New Content

Facebook Live Is An Incredible Opportunity for Everyone!

I go live on Facebook Live to show you interface and explain to you why Facebook Live is the next big business-building marketing tool.

Thanks for learning with me! Why Is Facebook Live An Unmissable Opportunity!

In this Introduction video, I go Live to explain to you how Facebook Live is the most amazing free tool for gaining online traffic on the internet. The video quality is slightly blurry here because this is filmed with Live streaming software... the best is better! :)

See My Proof Of Why Facebook Live Gets The Best Reach!

In this video, I compare the Facebook Page reach from different types of post - status, photo, shared video and video. In this video you will see proof that Facebook Live is 600x better than a written status!

The History of Live Streaming And Why Facebook Live is Better!

Here I talk through the evolution of Live Streaming and why Facebook Live has the biggest potential in the Live Streaming space.

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