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GIT is by far, the world’s most famous and widely used modern version control system. Whenever a product is designed, it might a game, an Android app, iOS web, web project using Django, node, ruby etc, that product is not finished in one go. Every product needs revision that we commonly know as updates. In order to push those updates and test out many such features, a proper version controlling system is a must.

Without such a version controlling system, it tough to release anything new and keep track of it. Git is a mature, actively maintained open source project, that was originally developed by Linus Torvalds, creator of Linux operating system kernel. Git is so popular now that most IDE supports it as default.

If you want to work in any product based company, Git is an essential thing that you should be aware of. And git is way more than just 4 commands that most people are aware of. GIT comes with a lot of features like code tracking, branching, merging, stashing, forking, tags and lots of others.

One more thing, nowadays most companies are looking at uses Git online profile. It’s the easiest way to check your coding skills. You can upload your projects in the public domain and can prove your authority over that subject matter and can prove your skills even if you don’t have a company working experience. It’s something like you are creating your own experience and proving it with your git profile.

Another great feature of it is team collaboration. To build any great product you have to work in a team. Managing code files, while working in a team can be a nightmare. But with proper knowledge of GIT, you can work with your teammate. But remember, just by knowing 4 commands on GIT, you can make a mess for your entire team. Don’t be that person and understand what GIT is in detail.

Further, we will also explore about online repo’s of git such as Github, bitbucket, GitLab etc.

So, join me up and catch you inside the course.

Introduction to git

Introduction to GIT and Why GIT is important

Learn and understand the importance of GIT

Collaboration and forking

Git is used for collaboration in projects. Almost all programming language are compatible with GIT

Autocompletion of GIT

Windows comes with pre built autocompletion of GIT but MAC needs some configuration

Git foundation

GIT architecture and Github Gitlab and bitbucket

Understanding the GIT architecture is important as it will clear a lot of future concepts

Initialising and exploring GIT

Let's initialise our first git repository

First commit and log messages

Let's learn about git log messages. We will revisit this topic in future

Git checksum and SHA-1

Git works on SHA-1 and checksum is the core foundation of GIT

understanding HEAD and checksum

HEAD is the concept that keeps track of all files

Getting into files

Lets do it again

Let's revisit the whole concept, once again

Track difference between files

Let's learn about diff command to track difference in GIT files

delete from repos

Not just add, GIT also keeps track about files that are removed.

Repo reset and unstagging

Learn about reset command and un-staging files

Can we reset commits

Let's learn about GIT integrity

Git snapshots

Checkout and previous versions

let's learn to restore our project from past state

Soft Mixed and hard reset

Reset are of 3 types in GIT, soft, mixed and Hard. let's explore them

Ignoring the files

Let's learn to manually ignore some files from being tracked.

What to ignore

Let's talk about common files to ignore, before pushing to any online repo

Gitignore will not listen

Sometimes, GIT don't track things, things like empty folders. Let's explore it

This is not even in docs

There are some tricks that we can use in GIT, these are alternatives and not pure git features.

Git for team managements

Git tree listing

Let's explore about tree listing

Git log in detail

Time to revisit Git logs as they can be really powerful

Git branches

Git branches basics

Let's move and learn about branching in GIt

Creating a new branch in GIT

Let to create new branched in GIT

Checkout branches

Learn to move from 1 branch to other

RD of branches in GIT

Learn to rename and delete branches, safely

GIT Merging

Basics of merging in GIT

Learn what is merging in GIT

fast forward

While merging, fast forward is one type of merging.

conflicts and merging in GIT

While merging, conflicts is the most common thing to resolve.

Stashing a branch

Learn, what is stashing in GIT

stashing in multiple branches

Learn to use stashing feature in multiple branches

clean your stash

now let's clear our stash.

GIt and GitHub

GIT online hosting

Learn about online hosting of repos

Creating a repo at Github

Let's create an account at GIThub

Uploading local repo to remote repo

Let's push our local repo to remote repo

Push for a remote collab

Learn to add more user for a collaboration in a project.

Merging from origin master

Learn to merge from origin master

Assisting on an open source projects

Let's learn about contributing in open source projects.

Tags and tickets

Concepts of tickets and tags

Tagging is another concept in GIT, that is helpful in ticketing system

Pushing tags to github

Tags in git are not automatically pushed to GITHUB

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