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Content Strategy & Marketing with WordPress

Learn WordPress Content Strategy & Marketing tactics to Increase Engagement & ROI!
Scott Frangos
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Understand principles and tactics for Content Strategy & Marketing
Understand how to conduct a content audit to promote content reach and engagement
Review both the Popular Divi Builder & the New Gutenberg Editor for Content UI Strategy
Learn How to use WordPress for Content Marketing
Learn key SEO tactics and how to use them in WordPress
Access and review key plugins and taxonomy concepts in the student site for the course


Learn Content Marketing and Content Strategy with WordPress and plugins to engage visitors and turn them into prospects, leads, and customers

NEW – for 2019:  We’re adding a number of updated lectures on the latest content marketing plugins, content strategy, content audits, hands on exercises, and some new interviews with industry leaders.

Student Resource Site: Your course will have a brand new resource page over at COMP — the College of Marketing Pros.

  • GOAL: You will understand content marketing strategy, it’s principles and tactics, and how to use the powerful WordPress publishing engine to best enable those tactics at your sites. Includes little used but powerful insights to boost visibility, and engagement in marketing your business.

  • AUDIENCE: Great for Marketers and Communication professionals, designers who want to take better advantage of WordPress features, and developers who need to gain a better handle on Content Marketing strategies.

  • REQUIREMENTS: Work your way through each lecture on content marketing strategy. Ask questions. Give yourself a review then take a Quiz to lock in your learning (this also helps your Instructor with valuable feedback)

  • EARN A CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION: Upon successful completion, you will earn a printable and frameable certificate of completion. It’s a great thing to list on your resume and at LinkedIn

Introduction and Overview

Intro To WordPress Content Marketing Power
Watch this if you are a prospective student and want a quick overview.  Students already in this course may skip this video.
Meet Instructor and Course Overview
BONUS - Guest Lecture: Tessa Needham on WordPress Technical Tactics

This bonus guest lecture is with Tessa Needham Synnott -- Director at WPSuperGeek.com, and also a WordPress Udemy course instructor with three classes available. I asked Tessa to tell us about some of the tactics and techniques she uses for marketing her own sites in WordPress.

How Content Marketing Works (Principles & Tactics)

What is Content Marketing?
What is Content Marketing... and how does it work?  A very short concept overview video done "white board style."
Content Marketing Principles

What makes Content Marketing work?  In this lecture we'll learn the principles behind content marketing so we understand how to select tactics, form strategies and use them later when we review WordPress as a publishing engine.

Assignment:  Watch.  Take notes.  Ask questions here. 

How Does Content Marketing Work?
In this lecture we'll review principles of Content Marketing, and also consider the fact that there’s a lot of buzz these days about the “new” focus on “Content Marketing” — but what does it mean and how does Content Marketing work? Infographic link included which we can discuss here.

ASSIGNMENT:  Read, take notes, ask questions here.

WordPress - A Powerful Content Management System (CMS)

WordPress CMS Overview

We review key points about WordPress as a CMS on eight infographics (also available for download).  Take notes, and ask questions.

Goal Based Content Marketing Tips
Let's take a look at how we connect Content Marketing goals to trackable business outcomes using Google Analytics.

ASSIGNMENT:  Read, take notes, ask questions here.

Post vs. Pages vs. Special Content

What's the difference between posts and pages?  What about custom post types -- how can you use them?  We'll learn these answers and more during this video lecture.

ASSIGNMENT:  Watch.  Take notes.  Ask questions. 

Understanding Taxonomies
This lecture presents a 5-page overview PDF for review and discussion on what WordPress "taxonomies" are, and how to use them for Content Marketing.
LINKS: A Powerful but Overlooked WordPress Taxonomy

Links got have been mostly forgotten since a few years back when people thought they were only for "blog rolls."  But there are ways to use them as a powerful Content Marketing tactic.

More about XFN Linking Tactics & SEO
While some of the concepts here are more for site developers and programmers, it is important that Content Marketers have a grasp of how the web is continually evolving to embrace "semantic mark-up", how you can exploit that in marketing tactics, and how WordPress facilitates this for you. WordPress…
WordPress Content Marketing Solutions that Rock
This is a three page PDF that will give you a good handle on matching WordPress features and plugins to Content Marketing objectives (hit there will be some quiz questions on this).  You will also get an overview of the plugins and features we will cover in the course. 
Custom Post Types -- Grouping Special Content

How to use WordPress Custom Post Types to group content for smart marketing.

Assignment -  Watch.  Take notes.  Ask questions.

Custom Tag Tactics

How can you beat the competition with smart optimization of tag archives for content marketing?

Three Question Quiz - Review 1

This quiz is to help you lock in your learning and provide some feedback -- for both you... and your instructor!  

Content Marketing Principles & WordPress Site Design

WP InfoGrphics Archive

A set of eight helpful infographic overviews of WordPress for you:

  • WordPress History by Splashpresmedia and infographic labs
  • WordPress Infographic by Pagely
  • WordPress Stats by Yoast
  • Ultimate Upgrade Guide by WP Beginner
  • Speed Up WordPress by WP Beginner
  • Should You Move to WordPress Self Hosted by Right Mix Marketing
  • SEO Action Guide by WP Pro Business
  • Anatomy of a WordPress theme by Yoast
ASSIGNMENT:  Download, review, ask questions here. 
Key Insights from Content Marketing Infogrphics

We'll review some key points, research, tips and recommendations from infographics about Content Marketing. The infographics themselves have been zipped and made available for download so you can study them and learn more.

Assignment:  Watch.  Take notes.  Ask questions here. 

Archive of Content Marketing Infographics

Here is the complete set of infographics on Content Marketing so you can review the items I touch on in the video lecture and study up on some other key points from the research that went into producing the graphics.  Note that I did not create these, instead you should review the sites and companies behind each of the infographics since they will serve as resource sites for you.

Sites Mentioned in The Video and Companies Behind the InfoGraphics:

  1. ContentMarketingWorld.com
  2. MarketingProfs
  3. Content Marketing Institute
  4. Marketo
  5. TechValidate
  6. One
  7. Brandpoint
  8. Dlvr.it
  9. Column Five
  10. Slideshare
  11. Brafton
  12. Content+
  13. First 10
  14. Smart Insights
  15. NewsReach
  16. Attach Media
WordPress and Google+ for Content Marketing

We'll look at a strategy to leverage the power of WordPress plus Google+ and other social media to form a site concept with Content Marketing components.

Assignment:  Watch.  Take notes.  Ask questions here. 

Rel=Author Tutorial PDF
This key tactic helps you tell Google and other search engines that you are the author of articles using an "XFN" technique. In Google search, once carried out correctly, you will see your avatar photo show up next to articles you have written, and a click on the avatar will display other articles of yours.
Wireframing Widget Areas for Content Marketing
In this lecture, we'll look at how to do Wireframing for smart planning of Content Marketing widgets in WordPress.  I'll show you how to work with a free template I've set up online for students of the course. 
Guide to WireFraming with Link to Free App
This is your 1-page PDF Guide with link to the online course wireframing tool (free in Google Apps). It is covered in the Wireframing WIdget Areas Video.

Content Marketing Plugins for WordPress

Custom Greeting and Calls to Action

This plugin has not been updated in over 2 years so we will be replacing it soon with a new lecture for 2017 - 2018

Always Suggest Related Content - YARP
Use this plugin and tactic to engage more visitors and email readers... those that engage (visit 3 or more pages) are more likely to do business with you.
Streamline Publishing for your Editorial Team - Edit Flow

SEO Tactics in WordPress

State of SEO Overview
Long Tail Tactic using WP SEO Plugin
BONUS: Guest Lecture - Julie Hume
SEO and Social Media Specialist, Julie Hume, answers questions about SEO tactics, Content Marketing, Business Examples, and her upcoming course. 
In Search of the Perfect Long Tail Keyword
This article, by Julie Hume, explains more about using the "Long Tail Search" tactic -- an essential concept for success in SEO.  Read, take notes, ask questions. 
SEO = Social Environment Optimization
This article, by Scott Frangos, covers how SEO is becoming much more about the social environment.  Read, take notes, ask questions. 

Review & Quiz... Lock in your Learning!

Q & A with Scott
A response to six good questions about the course concepts with real examples and advice. 
4 Question Quiz

Lock in Your Learning:  Before you get your certificate of completion, take one more 3 Question Quiz to lock in your learning as you consider strategies and tactics covered in the course.

Legacy Lectures: Older but Still Relevant

BONUS: Guest Lecture - Joe Pulizzi
He's the man behind Content Marketing World  and Content Marketing Institute  -- the one, the only, GodFather of Content Marketing -- Joe Pulizzi.
Resource Lecture: CM Retreat 2012

We review key take aways from the Content Marketing Retreat 2012 on Langley Island in the Puget Sound of Washington State.  We'll learn from six speakers and their thoughts on strategies and tactics you can use in your Content Marketing.

Assignment:  Watch.  Take notes.  Ask questions here. 

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