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Create an Online Business You Love

Learn the Essentials of Online Business in a Straightforward and Easy-to-Understand Manner - You Can Do This!
Paul Jenkins
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set priorities for the strategy of your own business
know how an online business functions
know what to buy and what not to buy
know critical flows in an online business
how to structure the product line in a cohesive way
know the different types of traffic you need to think about for your business
critical mindset hacks, which is a huge component of being successful online

Looking to start an online business, but bombarded by confusing offers and terminology?

Not sure about where to start, or which step to take next?

Need a shot in the arm to get you on the right track?


Three years ago I started an online business, and made an ton of mistakes! 

You see, I’m not really a business person at all! 

I’m a film director and author, who wanted to extend his presence, passion (and earnings, truth be told) in the online world.

I wasn’t remotely ready for the multiple ‘rabbit holes’ and traps this would entail.

Now, I’m happy to report, I have a grip on what I’m doing and why. Which principally involves knowing when to refuse seemingly attractive offers, while knowing and sensing which ones to pursue (and why).

To help save you from going down some of the wrong paths I took, and to show the RIGHT ones, I decided to create this course.

Paul has a lovely teaching style. It is super obvious that he is an honest, compassionate person who is genuinely interested in ensuring his students will learn how to get an online business up and running — just as he promised.”

The course gives you a condensed guide through the absolute fundamentals of setting up and running an online business.

An online business which is not going to kill you through overwhelm or sending you down those false paths.

The course runs through several very important areas that you need to know before embarking on business online, or even at a stage where you’re already underway but seeking clarity about what the business should do, and how it should do it. 

Even such basic yet critical decisions such as who your client should be.

“This course is an excellent overview to all the elements you need to have in place to launch and scale an online business. You can tell that the instructor knows the subject matter well and the lessons are very interesting and well put together. Thanks for a great course.

I’m teach this course through combination of face to camera lectures and screen-casts, giving insights behind-the-scenes into my own business.

Mind maps are used to explain key parts of strategy and content.

You could properly jump through the main elements of this course in a couple of hours, though you’d be better served by watching through every lecture. 

I just love this course. It helped me defining my purpose, gave me awesome advice to set my prices and create a good mixture of products to offer in an online business, and solved some major problems with marketing. Thanks a lot for solving my landing (or squeeze page) problem and giving me another idea for an email solution. I really enjoy the way this course was presented, authentic, loving, and fun. “

More lectures will be going up over time, therefore it’s hard to give an exact estimate of the total time commitment. But if you count on a few hours, that will be about right.

Using training and exercises, the course:

  • Gets you to think about and settle the exact focus of your business
  • Helps you define who your ideal client should be
  • Helps you design the “customer journey” that your clients should experience when doing business with you.

“I liked the idea that the instructor started out with getting your reason for your business clearly defined and not just about making money. He went in depth with a bit of homework for the student to accomplish that made it easy for me to figure out what is my big “why” and what is the purpose of my business.”

The course goes on to show the specifics that you need to know about in order to operate effectively online, and build your business into a success. 

This includes:

  • copywriting
  • sales pages
  • traffic
  • funnels
  • sales process
  • leverage
  • focus 

and more.

All these concepts are explained – so don’t worry if they sound unfamiliar at this stage.

Indeed, even if you took nothing else away aside from reading this sales page, the above list by itself would be useful to you.

You should take this course if you want to get clear about exactly what your business should do online, and how it should do it. 

“Paul has a very personal style. I feel like I am consulting with him on a Skype call. This is an excellent course to get you motivated on your internet marketing journey. It is so important to establish a solid foundation in the creation of an online business.

The course is aimed primarily at those just starting out, or those who may have been trying to get a business to motor for a period of time, but are finding it difficult to gain clarity or are finding that there is a particular problem in one of the key areas that an online business needs to operate in order to succeed.

Those who are already highly successful or have a very clear plan in place to run their online business may not find a lot of new concepts and methods in this course, however you may enjoy some of the insights contained within it.

Enrol now, and start training!

Introduction & Objectives of this course

Ratings & Reviews

Purpose and Market

Defining your purpose, including Exercise 1
Niches, products and content
The Easy Way to Structure your business and get clarity about your offering
The Big Picture (Reverse Engineering) Intro
The Big Picture Exercise


The Customer Journey
The Customer Journey Exercise
Copywriting Intro
Copywriting examples

'Traffic' and ROI

The things you need to know about 'traffic' (read clicks..)
Pricing - why getting, and monitoring, 'ROI' matters

Cohesiveness - why having an Identity Matters

Brand and Positioning

Process and Leverage

Sales Process
Sales Funnels Intro
Inside a Sales Funnel - how it works illustrated

Email marketing fundamentals - if you do ONE section in this course, do THIS one

Squeeze pages
Email Marketing Pt1
Email marketing Pt2
Email marketing Pt3
Email marketing Pt4
Email marketing Pt5

Putting it All Together

The Gears of an Online Business
Main Setup Sequence of an Online Business - the Flow

Pillars of Online Business Success

Pillars of Online Business Success

You can download the Pillars as a handy pdf

The Most Important Lecture in the Course

Money and Freedom
Closer Exercise
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