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Create More Love, Sex and Passion with Feng Shui

Conversation and Feng Shui cures on boosting the LOVE area of your home, to attract love, & spice up sex and intimacy.
Nicolette Vajtay
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Learn where the LOVE GUA is in your own home
Feng Shui cures to boost the love energy in your home
Learn how to create a more open space to attract the love you desire
Do's & Don't's for the Love Gua
Cures for single people wanting to find love
Cures for dating couples who are ready to anchor their relationship in marriage
Cures for married couples who are wanting to increase intimacy and/or spice up their sex life

Join us for a dynamic conversation with Feng Shui Practitioner Nicolette Vajtay with Inspired Living Feng Shui, and Feng Shui Master Practitioner Tanya Jahnke with Feng Shui for the Om, about the ancient art and science of Feng Shui to enhance love and intimacy in life and in the bedroom!

We’ll take a long look at the love sector in your home with Feng Shui eyes. Once we analyze what we see, we’ll address negative design details, things to do and not do in the bedroom, we’ll focus on the feel, smell and touch of love, and share specific Feng Shui cures to attract love or to spice up the relationship you are already in.

This 45 minute conversation is interview style with specific guidance and Feng Shui cures that you may implement into your own home right away.

Set a new intention, attract a great love, and make room for more love, sex and passion with your beloved!

Introduction and Preparation

Meet Feng Shui Practitioners Nicolette & Tanya and prepare your floor plan.

Welcome to our class where you will learn how to incorporate the ancient art and scient of Feng Shui into your life to boost more Love in your life. With a combined 27 years of practice and study, Feng Shui Practitioner Nicolette Vajtay and Master Feng Shui Practitioner will share cures and conversation about the ancient and powerful practice.

The Bagua Overview

A 9 square grid that shows up where the different energies are in your own home.

The Bagua is Chinese word that means "diagram of 8" - ba means 8 and gua means house or diagram. It's a diagram of 8 houses with one house in the middle. We use this tool, this energetic map by stretching it over the floor plan of a home to learn where the energy values fall in your home. Discover where your Relationship/Love corner is in your own home.

Influences, Symbology & Artwork

Certain influences are either depleting or supporting the enegery in your home.

According to quantum physics, everything is energy. When using our Feng Shui eyes, we look for the different influences in your environment and interpret how your artwork, colors, furniture and knick-knacks are affecting you. We want to assure that our environment is supportive and empowering so that we may thrive in life.

The Love Gua and The Bedroom!

Look for issues in your love corner and bedroom, and make positive changes!

It's been shown that what we believe, manifests in our environment. Now that you know where your love corner is, we'll take you to that area of your home and help you see what you have created in your own space. Do you believe you are poor? Do you believe you are unlovable? These limiting beliefs will show up in your environment.

When looking at the Feng Shui of your home for good or bad love symbology, the love corner on the main level of the home is considered the macro, and your bedroom is considred the mirco . We'll share cures and ideas on how to boost these areas right away to attract the love you so desire.

The Cures

Learn dynamic cures to boost love in your life whether single or in relationship

Tanya will share with us, three powerful cures on creating more love in life. One cure for those of us who are single and desire to attract a soul mate and life partner. She'll share another cure for those who have been in a long term relationship and are ready to tie the knot. A final cure is for those who want to reignite the passion and intimacy in a current relationship.


Share in the ancient practice of the Red Envelope Tradition and thanks to Tanya!

As Black-Sect Tantric Buddhist Feng Shui practitioners, we practice the Red Envelope tradition, sharing red envelopes in exchange for the ancient wisdom in the Feng Shui tradition. The knowledge has been passed down teacher to student for 5,000 years and we invite you to join in the tradition.

To participate in the Red Envelope Tradition, please send one, three or nine red envelopes with a coin in each and mail to: Nicolette Vajtay, 5031 1/2 Cartwright Avenue, No. Hollywood, CA 91601. You envelopes will be prayed on and your coins will be donated to keep the blessing moving forward with love and good fortune to all.

Feng Shui & Love: Assure success in boosting love in your life with Feng Shui

Make sure you got it all right in your head, then take all that information and start practicing the cures your own home. Create dynamic love and passion in your life!

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