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Creating a Meaningful Life & Developing Habits of Happiness

Learn to design the life of your dreams with intensive, hands-on, & transformational exercises used by top life coaches.
Jonathan Levi
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Use the most powerful and transformational tools available for creating a life of meaning and purpose
Identify passions, goals, values, and personal missions
Develop powerful self-knowledge to determine and pursue the right path
Create a meaningful life full of joy and fulfillment!

We all want to live a life of meaning, joy, and fulfillment. But let’s be honest… it’s not easy! 

Finding our passions, defining our purpose, and balancing all the many aspects of a complete and rich life… this stuff takes work!

In this course, the product of over 2 decades of university-level work and thousands of lives changed, we’re going to give you the strategies, tools, and frameworks to create the meaningful life of your dreams. 

Fortunately, there are powerful, hands-on exercises you can do to discover your life’s purpose and achieve your dreams

This isn’t some fluffy course about motivation and inspiration. It’s an intensive, step-by-step action plan to help you…

  • Build the foundation of a happy and meaningful life
  • Understand the science of happiness and how to apply it
  • Discover the purpose and mission of your life – and pursue them!
  • Create wellness and balance in all 8 of life’s core elements
  • Develop the wisdom and self knowledge to be your true self
  • Understand the role of change and harness it to propel yourself forward
  • Reframe negativity and obstacles to avoid getting “stuck”
  • Develop powerful and effective goals to help accomplish your dreams
  • Uncover your core values and learn how to live them to the fullest
  • Map out and design your life for meaning and happiness – deliberately
  • Build the powerful support system and the nurturing environment that helps you achieve greatness
  • …and much, much more!

For the first time ever, you can Create a Meaningful Life in the comfort of your own home!

Join top-rated university professor Linda Levine and Jonathan Levi, one of Udemy’s all-time bestselling instructors, in this first-of-its kind online course.

Throughout the course, we’ll use the same hands-on techniques and exercises used by the world’s top life coaches and university professors alike to help you define and attain a truly meaningful life.

You’ll learn about powerful, life-changing tools such as…

  • The Wheel of Life
  • Personal Mission Statements
  • Core Values
  • Cognitive Reframing
  • SMART Goals
  • Life Dashboards
  • Vision Boards
  • Happiness Habits
  • and many other techniques for increasing happiness and fulfillment!

It’s going to take hard work – and we’re going to push you out of your comfort zone…

But through this course, we’re going to get there together.

Whether you’re mostly satisfied with your life, or deeply in need of a change, this course is guaranteed to improve your life in measurable and remarkable ways.

We can’t wait to see what you’re able to achieve – but as you’ll learn – designing the life of your dreams is about taking action…

So click “Enroll Now” and join us on this incredible journey, so that you, too, can Create a Meaningful Life.

Introduction to Creating a Meaningful Life

Introduction to This Course

In this lecture, you'll learn a bit about your instructors, and what you can expect to gain from this course.

Download the Course Syllabus

This lecture will introduce you to the Course Syllabus, which you should download in PDF version from the supplementary materials, as well as the Zip file of the PDF bookmarks, which makes it fast and easy to get all of the links provided throughout this course.

Creating vs. Waiting for Your Meaningful Life

This lecture will talk about two different ways to look at life, and which one we advocate. 

Are we ready to learn together?

Setting the Foundation for a Happy & Meaningful Life

The Research on Quality of Life and Happiness

This lecture is about the importance of happiness and how complaining and comparison can affect our quest in creating a meaningful life.

Happiness is Your Choice

This lecture teaches you about the proper framing and how to be happy in every situation.

How to Use Worksheets & The Happiness Habits Worksheet

This is the first worksheet of this course and it is essential part of the process of making this your own.

In Search of Meaning

In this lecture, you'll learn about meaning making and how important it has been for great figures in history.

Mindfulness, Acceptance, & The Power of Now

This lecture is about the importance of living in the present moment and practicing acceptance as tools and strategies to begin creating a life full of joy.

What will bring YOU happiness & meaning?

This lectures is about how to find your life's purpose and that Happy and Meaningful life may be closely correlated, but do not always overlap. 

Do we understand the pursuit of happiness?

Discovering Wellness & Balance

The Importance of Wellness and Balance

This lecture discuss about the overall sense of balance as the real key to creating a life worth living,

Introducing the Wheel of Life

This lecture will introduce us to the 8 elements of creating a balance wellness.

The Wheel of Life Worksheet Explained

This exercise is designed to help you assess how you are currently living your  life.

How to Make Your Wheel Roll Smoothly

This lecture tackles about the "hack" that you can apply to improve the aspects in your Wheel of Life that needs attention.

What I Know About Myself Worksheet Explained

This is an important exercise to help discover what and how much you know about yourself.

The Power of Passion

This lecture tackles about how to discover your passion and the importance of pursuing it.

Finding Your Passions Worksheet Explained

In this lecture, we learn how to tackle the Finding Your Passions Worksheet, a very important part of course. 

What have we learned about passion & balance?

Changing obstacles into opportunities

Newton’s Laws & Why ALL Action Creates Progress

This lecture will help you in choosing a direction and overcome adversity - especially if you’re stuck. It's about changing obstacles into opportunities.

Overcoming Common Obstacles & Fears

We have two kinds of obstacles on our journey to joy: external ones and internal ones. This lecture will help you determine and overcome the latter obstacle.

Negative Beliefs and the Power of Reframing

This lecture is about the cognitive reframing that will help you change negative beliefs in order to create a meaningful life.

How will you deal with obstacles & uncertainty?

New Life, New You

The Critical Importance of Having a Mission, Goals & Defined Values

In this lecture, we learn how to define and determine the things that are going to help make us our best, most fulfilled selves through our Mission, Goals & Defined Values.

Creating Your Core Values

This lecture tackles about what helps a company to make sure that everyone is aligned and on-board and decide in toughest of times.

Your Mission & Who You Want To Be

This lecture talks about personal mission statements and why you need one!

The Right & Wrong Way to Set Goals

This lecture is about properly creating goals using the SMART methodology.

Which Goals Should I Set?

In this lecture we learn a clever way to decide which goals to set.  

Timelines & Setting Long Term Goals

This lecture is about structuring goals and learning how to assess what you want to accomplish in the short term, medium term, and long term.

The Role of Bucket Lists

This lecture is about the role and importance of Bucket Lists as another form of goal.

SMART Goals Worksheet

In this lecture, we'll walk you through another important worksheet, the SMART goals worksheet.  

Don’t Just Think It, Ink It!

This lecture tackles the importance of writing down your goals and posting them publicly.

Do you understand the formula that will get you there?

Tools for Making Progress

Life Dashboards & Vision Boards

This lecture discusses the two powerful tools that we use for posting goals publicly.

Help from Technology

This lecture is about the role technology plays in the entire process of creating a meaning life.

Mentors & Role Models

This lecture tackles the huge role of mentorship and role models and how to find them.

Nurturing Voices & Environments

This lecture is about the how nurturing people and your environments affect your motivation and quest for a happy and meaningful life.

Professional & Peer Coaching

This lecture explains both professional and peer coaching, and how to know if you need one or the other. 

The Tremendous Fulfillment of Giving Back

This lecture explains the marvelous virtuous cycle in the quest to creating a meaningful life. 

Lifelong Learning

This lecture explains the continuous process of seeking to learn in order to achieve personal development.

How well do you understand the tools for progress?

What’s Next, Congratulations, & Conclusions

What’s Next? Creating It On Your Own!

This lecture is a quick look of what you’ve accomplished and what you’re going to do moving forward.

Bonus Lecture: Discounts Jonathan’s Other Courses

In this lecture, you'll learn about Jonathan's other courses, and how you can get deep discounts on them!

Bonus Lecture: Private Coaching with Linda

In this lecture, you'll learn about private coaching with Linda, as well as her public speaking offerings. 

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