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Culture | How to be a Great Coach

Understand what coaching is and how you can use coaching and feedback to maintain and drive your culture
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Understand what coaching is
Understand the benefits of coaching
Identify and avoid coaching mistakes
Use the GROW model to manage a coaching conversation
Use Appreciative Inquiry in coaching
Identify the principles of a feedforward coaching approach

Culture is not so easily defined. We think about culture as the mix of ingredients to get a recipe right. How to be a great coach with Learoy Tonight will provide you with the skills and knowledge to understand what drives culture and what you can do to create and foster the one that’s right for you.

Culture needs to be constantly supported and massaged to ensure it stays on the right path. Just like adding a little extra spice or giving the pot a little more time to simmer before serving, the extra work you put into your mix can make all the difference.

Coaching and giving feedback are two tools that you can use to maintain and drive your culture. It’s all about driving high performance. Sometimes this means improving their technique, and at other times, it means motivating them to keep their head in the game. While it’s all about them – their success becomes yours too, as you work together to elevate them to levels they didn’t even know they had in them.

Each lecture in this course has been carefully selected for you to explore how to implement relevant and meaningful strategies to support you as a leader and culture driver now and in the future.

This course will provide you with many tips and tricks you can utilize inside and out of your workplace, it will encourage and motivate you to really understand and support the environment you’re trying to create.

Learoy Tonight is a fresh business with interesting and modern ideas towards education. Many people take part in creating these courses – from subject matter experts, to researchers and designers – to ensure you are provided with the best learning experience and the most up to date information. We are excited about education and want to give you the opportunity to be the best you can be.

This course will take you approximately 30 to 45 minutes to complete and will cover various methods and approaches to coaching and providing your team feedback. Our content will give you the opportunity to listen to experts and understand relevant models for you to use on your journey to a strong team culture. This will be an experience to enjoy with a collection of videos, interviews and engaging imagery throughout our presentations.

This course is a small section of our Culture: In the Mix journey. If you would like to really challenge yourself, join us for the entire culture building experience.

What are you waiting for? Start tonight, be on your way to amazing culture tomorrow.

Welcome to How to be a Great Coach

Welcome to How to be a Great Coach

Let's explore, what you need to do to become a great coach, the benefits of coaching, and powerful questions to maximise coaching outcomes.

Understanding Coaching and its Benefits

Understanding Coaching and its Benefits

Coaching has great benefits when done well. Let's take a look in more detail at what coaching is, and what you can get out of it.

Avoiding Coaching Mistakes

Avoiding Coaching Mistakes

Let's look at some of the most common coaching mistakes. By understanding them, you can seek to avoid them yourself.

A Quote from Ara Parasheghian

Let's take a look at a quote from Ara Parasheghian.

A Coaching Framework

A Coaching Framework

The GROW model is a great tool to structure your coaching conversations. Let's understand more about this framework and how to use it, particularly to craft your coaching questions.

A Quote from Zeus and Skiffington

Let's take a look at a quote from Zeus and Skiffington.

Coaching Trends and Methods

Trends and Methods of Coaching

Here we will take a look at the modern trends on coaching and the appreciative inquiry method of coaching.

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The Five Core Principles to AI Coaching

We spoke about the five core principles to AI Coaching in the previous lecture, here they are again for you to understand further and download to takeaway.

Appreciative Inquiry

Click on the resource tab and check out this clip on Appreciative Inquiry and how it creates a more positive approach, whether managing performance proactively or reactively.

Stop Giving Feedback, Instead Give Feedforward

Here we will look at an article from Kevin Kruse on why feedforward coaching works.

References and Further Reading -

  • Kruse, K 2012 'Stop Giving Feedback, Instead Give Feedforward', 19 July 2012, forbes.com, viewed 7 April 2015. (see external resources)

What's Your Game Plan?

What's Your Game Plan?

Using the information throughout this course, take a look at this scenario and write a list of ten questions, based on the Appreciative Inquiry model, to help direct conversation with this client.

Congratulations! You now know how to be a Great Coach

How to be a Great Coach

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