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Customer Success Manager 101: Foundations to your CSM career

The foundations to become a great Customer Success Manager in a tech company. A very well paid profession on the rise
Gustavo Escobar Henríquez
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Have a better understanding of what your job as Customer Success Manager will be
How to write a resume that will help you land a CSM job
Understand the fundamental principles of Customer Success. Which will be the foundation for your career as a CSM
Be more prepared for a Customer Success Manager job interview
Show your interviewers that you are more knowledgeable about Customer Success than most of the people
Get ready to start your new job with as a Customer Success Manager

Uzo Akotaobi , Director, Human Resources at Comcast, said:

I took Gustavo’s course about Customer Success and found it to be the single most valuable resource I tapped into when pursuing a career in this space. The reason for that is because Gustavo was able to explain the science of customer success in such a way to where you could look at your own experience whether it was in Customer Success or not and find ways to translate it to a resume. This helped me tailor my resume to Customer Success jobs in ways I didn’t think to do otherwise. I can attest to the fact that after I took the course on Customer Success and revised my resume, recruiters responded more frequently. No joke! 3 different companies contacted me over the course of 3 weeks vs. NONE before. My background is in HR so I was looking at Customer Success roles in the HR technology space. Gustavo was easy to understand and the content was insightful. There is no silver bullet but if you take his course and really try to understand how your experience translates to Customer Success, there is no way you won’t benefit from this course. I know I did and I got the interviews and job OFFER to prove it! 

What is a Customer Success Manager?

In the digital age, tons of new jobs have sprung up. Most people think of computer programming, website design or software integration, but what about the human side? The Customer Success Manager is one such job.

To sum it up in one sentence: This job is simply helping customers accomplish their goals with the software or service they purchased. 

For any business, client retention is huge. It costs a company way less to keep a customer than to acquire a new one, and even more costly is to try and win that customer back. That’s where this job comes in. If they have a complaint, you take care of it. If they succeed, you celebrate with them. You get to build long term relationships with the clients, and as the client’s needs adapt and change, you get to assist them in that process.

Benefits of working as a Customer Success Manager

Let’s start with Salary. According to Payscale the average salary for an Entry-Level Customer Success Manager is $59,619 per year, and $69,210 when you are past Entry-level and can reach into the 6 figure range for those who excel at this position. 

More and more companies are seeing the incredible opportunities this type of job can provide. Startups and tech companies are leading the way, both big and small, and this field of work is only growing bigger. 

And let’s not forget perks. Because a lot of these jobs are at tech and startup companies, often they have great employee benefits such as:

  • Great health care coverage, and even gym memberships.

  • Amazing offices, with plenty of recreational activities around.

  • Often they will match your 401(K).

  • Free snacks, free catered lunches every day… some even free beer.

  • Happy hours or cocktail afternoons.

  • Company trips, dinners, events.

  • Flexible hours and unlimited vacations.

  • Remote work.

  • And of course: equity.

If you consider all of the benefits, the salary, and how dynamic this position is, it definitely makes sense to invest a few dollars in a course that will help you learn about and prepare for this growing job opportunity.

Enroll now, and I’ll see you on the inside.

How to follow this course

How to follow this course

Here you will find some tips to be able to get the most of this course, so that you can really absorb the principles of Customer Success. Use this guide to take notes and to make the most of the cours


This is an introduction to the Customer Success course and a presentation of the instructor.

Introduce yourself

Since Customer Success is all about engaging with your community, lets engage and get to know each other

Quick message

A quick message to talk about the review and feedback about this customer success online course.

Customer Success 101

What is Customer Success and why is so important?

If you want to get a customer success manager salary you need to understand these concepts perfectly

What if your Customer Success management sucks?

In this video you will learn what are the consequences of a wrong Customer Success Management.

When should you start worrying about Customer Success?

Find out when is the best moment to lay down the foundation of your Customer Success strategies

Purpose, People and Culture

Customer Success is more than just another department of the company. In this video you will understand how deep the Customer Success ideas should run in your company


Here you will learn the main vocabulary that a Customer Success Manager should know. This is key for building your resume and cover letter to apply to a Customer Success Manager job

Customer Success Manager

What is a Customer Success Manager & its Mission?

A Customer Success Manager job description, so that you understand perfectly what is your mission a CSM.

The skills to be a great CSM

To be get a Customer Success Manager salary, you need to have a particular set of skill that will allow you to be a great CSM. In this video you will learn what are the skill that you need to develop

The Keys to be a Successful CSM and creating a world known CS brand

What is “success” for your client?

This is a key factor to make sure your retention rates (and therefor the money you make) are excellent

Time to first value

A concept that you must know to help your users becoming paying customers

Understand and map the whole process from sign-up to becoming brand ambassador

This is a must in Customer Success Management. Do this and you will get great results a CSM. Learn this and use the knowledge for a job interview to show how much you know about Customer Success

Reduce the time from sign-up to actual usage, to initial feeling of victory o

How to get your users from just users to happy loyal customers

Always show value and focus on solutions

As a Customer Success Manager you must always show value to your clients

The basic Reduce Churn

This is the main objective where your day to day tasks will be directed as a Customer Success Manager


Profile your ideal customer

Understand who is your best customer. As a Customer Success Manager you have all the data necessary to do this better than anyone else

The Success Gap. The last step before your customer’s success

Understand what Lincoln Murphy defines as the Customer Success Gap

Where to find Customer Success Manager jobs

Where to find Customer Success Manager jobs Part I - AngelList

Here I will walk you thorugh AngelList, or angel.co, probably the best place to find jobs in tech companies. So if you want to find a job as a customer success manager in a tech company, this is a one of the best websites that you can use.

Learn how to use AngelList to find a jobs as a customer success manager.

Where to find Customer Success Manager jobs Part I - LinkedIn Jobs

When searching for a customer success manager job, LinkedIn Jobs is a great tool that will help you find what positions are out there. LinkedIn jobs is definitely one of the websites that you should use to get your job as a CSM

Learn how to find a customer success manager job with LinkedIn Jobs

The plan, Lessons Learned and FAQs

The Plan to launch your Customer Success Manager career

What should you do next to get a Customer Success Manager job. Or if you already are a Customer Success Manager, they what are the next steps you should to make the most out of what we review in the course

Lessons Learned of Customer Success Manager 101

In this video we will review the most important concepts that you have to take with you from this Customer Success Manager course

FAQs about Customer Success Manager

Here you will find the answer to the 2 most asked questions

Final message

One final message to finish the customer success manager online course

Bonus - Customer Success Manager course bonus

Customer Success Resources

In this lesson I will share with you my favorite resources to keep informed, get ideas and keep learning about customer success management


In this lesson you will find the audios of the most of the Customer Success Manager 101 course in case you need to listen to it while you don't have internet

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