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Dance Floor Game/Club Seduction

How to Approach, Attract and Interact with Women on the Dance Floor at Clubs, Parties, and Weddings
Chi Szeto
1,225 students enrolled
Be able to approach and open a lady on the dance floor
Have basic dance moves to get you through the night
Be able to kiss a girl while dancing
Learn How to be more Fun, Funny while Dancing
Learn how to Lead a women and take control while dancing
Learn how to be sexy and more sexual while dancing
Learn the 5 Magic Words you need to say to get her to leave the club with you. How to respond if she’s unsure about leaving the club with you and needs more assurance. (This is much easier you think and I’ll tell you the exact words to say)
Learn an amazingly effective way of getting her phone number so she thinks it was her idea to give it to you!
Learn 4 Easy Opening Lines you can say to get her to start dancing (These are word-for-word so you can’t mess this up!). How to play “hard to get” on the dance floor using your body language alone (This gets her addicted to your touch).
“Talking dirty” on the dance floor revealed ? whisper slightly dirty things in her ear to make her hot
Learn how to take her from “casual” dancing to full body-on-body grinding within just a few minutes using my intimacy sequence.
Learn how to know when to “give her a break” and relax before turning her on again (Guys that get rejected often try to keep it hot for too long, so you need to give her a break sometimes).
Learn sly ways to make her dance around you like you’re a stripper pole (She’ll think you two are goofing off… but subconsciously she’s letting out her naughty self)
Learn how to get a girl to dance with you without saying a word (most guys are super-creepy when they try this because they have not learned this method!)

Dance Floor Game/ Dance Seduction is a course on how to be more fun, attractive, and sexy dancing with Women.

Learn Fun, Simple openers, basic dance moves, kiss closes and more.

Most Guys have one of two problems dancing:

1. They’re too aggressive/touchy/creepy

2. They’re too much of a wuss, and unsure which is unattractive

Learn how to be more confident on the dance floor without weirding girls out.

You Only Need a Few Very Specific
Dance Moves to Attract Women
Things turned around for me when I spotted the few moves that were getting me and other guys a ton of attraction from women. Once I stuck to those few moves, everything got a lot easier.

Now whatever physical shape you’re in right now, let me tell you what your requirements are to use my methods:

You don’t need to be flexible You don’t need to be able to keep a beat You don’t need to be good looking or tall You don’t need to have a nice body You don’t even need to even be in shape All you need to do follow the simple step-by-step instructions I teach and you can confidently walk or dance up to women on the dance floor and get them interested in you right away.

Be Fun

Chi Demonstrates Dance Floor Game in the Club
Summary Secrets of Dance Floor Game

Some of my best tips on Dance Floor Game I've discovered after thousands of hours taking/teaching classes, observing attractive dancers, and creating my own techniques. Stand by everything I teach and only show the most effective and practical moves.

Series Introduction


Be Fun Intro

Everyone wants to be around people who are fun and have great energy.

Shadow Box

A simple but effective dance move to do by yourself or with a partner

Walking Dance

A simple, stylish dance that's easy to learn.

Dance Openers

How to start dancing with a lovely stranger when you're out at a bar, club, or party

Be Funny Intro

Being able to make someone laugh puts them at easy and makes them comfortable with you. Learn how to make people laugh on the dance floor!

Booty Wiggle

This is a flirty butt to butt move that inevitably makes girls smile.

Booty Bump Opener

A great way to open, and be playful on the dance floor.

Fun Expressions

These are funny sound bites to say to a girl to pump her state, make her have more fun.

Funny Things I say

More ideas on funny things to say to the girl while dancing.

Reverse Psychology

Make it seem like the girl is chasing you, and you're the prize =)

How to Lead

Girls love to be spun, they find it very fun. Not many guys do this but the ones that do are the envy of all the other guys.

Take Control


This is a sexual move that shows you're confident, fun, and perhaps interested in her more than just a friend.

Spin The Girl

A sexy move where you take control and puts you in the dominant frame.

Take Control Summary

A short explanation of why taking control and leading women is attractive.

Get Over Here

A smooth way to get a girl close to you, so smooth she'll be pleasantly surprised and into you.

Fatality 2

This is an advanced version of the fatality which takes alot of practice. When implemented correctly it's very HOT.

Fatality 3

"Self fatality" - A funny version of the fatality where the guy goes down.

Chi Combines the Moves

Chi puts some of the moves together so you can see how to combo one move to another smoothly so the girl doesn't get bored.

Combination Explanation

A blow by blow account and explanation of what moves I'm doing.

Be Sexual

How to Touch her part 1

How to be more aggressive and touch the girl sensually without being too rough.

How to Touch her part 2

How to not be needy and creepy on the dance floor.

Circle Hit Freak Dance

A sexual/sexy move that will turn her on while dancing.

Zig Zag Freak Dance

How to mesh your hips with your partner in a fun, sexy way.

The Tease

Many people are surprised that I can get away with this move, but as it's titled it is a TEASE (not a GROPE).

A tease gets the idea across without being a total pervert.


All the moves that I teach are moves that I use and are effective when executed right. Keep in mind they take alot of practice so don't think you can try them once and that they'll work perfectly every time.

IF you do execute them correctly these moves will help you attract women as you'll be more confident, smoother than 90% of all the other guys.

Be Sexual

Being sexual shows confidence and will make the girl more likely to see you in a sexual manner.

It also will help you stay out of the friend zone.

Be Sexy- Flatter her

Don't overuse this and compliment the girl non stop as this may seem inauthentic and make you seem like you don't get any.

Everyone loves compliments and flattery sometimes. Show interest and let her know even indirectly that you like her.

Sexy Movements- Hip Isolations

HIPS- this is where all the action happens.

As a guy if you can move your hips women will visualize you as a better lover.

Most guys are shy, or don't have the skill to move their hips well.

This drill will help you be more attractive on the dance floor and in the bedroom.

Dirty McGurty

This is another move that seems so simple it may seem stupid and effective. Trust me when I say although it doesn't seem like much it can REALLY turn women on. Again it's not like you're groping her privates, however you're putting your hands in an erogenous zone. ONLY use this move once you've developed some attraction and the girl is into you, otherwise you'll seem like a dirty pervert!

Instant Kiss Close

This move takes ALOT of confidence, and you definitely have to have great energy to pull this off.

The Tease 2
The Frisk

This move is very bold but the effectiveness comes from the fact that I'm touching very lightly. Execute this move, then continue dancing as if it's no big deal. This move will spike attraction.

Slow is Sexy

A POWERFUL technique where moving from fast to slow movement creates a time warp and creates a moment and connection between you and her.

The Check Out

This move shows that you are comfortable with your sexuality. It will make her put you in the "lover" category versus "friend".

Predator Walk 2

Another simple technique that takes practice to perfect. The stomach is sensual area that if you touch lightly in the right way can make her lust after you.

Be Confident

Get Off Me

Most guys are too needy on the dance floor. In this video I show you how to "push pull" on the dance floor and make the girl want you by not being all over her the whole night.

Kiss Close
Behind the Scenes - Kiss Close

Hear me coaching my student Joe on how to kiss a girl while dancing.

Be a Challenge

Flip the script on women and learn how to play hard to get.

Be Expressive

Expressing yourself can be difficult, I know as a naturally introverted person. But expressing your feelings will have her respect you more, and there will be less ambiguity in what you want from your interaction.

Look Sharp

Dressing well makes you more attractive. Whether you're short, tall, skinny, overweight dressing better can accentuate/hide parts of your body. Dressing well can result in women approaching you.

Be Confident Intro

Confidence is probably the number 1 factor in attractiveness. Even if you're not traditionally good looking, confidence shows you know what you want and you aren't afraid to go after it. This is attractive whether you're male or female.

How to Compliment Her

Some ideas on ways to compliment her without going over the top.

3 Second Rule

Approaching quickly without hesitation will cut your rejections in half. Hesitation shows you're NOT confident.

Predator Walk

This moves shows you're comfortable in your sexuality. When you show sexual interest in a woman openly, she'll be more open to seeing you in a sexual way.

Getting Comfortable Being Physical

Alot of guys don't have experience in close proximity with women. If you learn how to be comfortable you're intimate interactions will go alot smoother. Hesitating and looking like you don't know what you're doing can be a turnoff.

Putting it Together

Putting some of the dance seduction moves together in a sequence so you can have an idea of how it should go down.

Signs She's Into You

Tips from my very attractive assistant Erika on ways that women will convey interest in you. (Mostly non verbal).

In Yo Face!

A fun gesture I use to get in the girls face that is playful and shows you're the man.

How NOT to Touch Her

Tips on how NOT to touch a woman while dancing.

Push Pull on the Dance Floor

Push Pull is a technique you can use on and off the dance floor. It is effective because it makes you less predictable and less boring. This makes you're interactions with women more exciting and will keep her on her toes so she doesn't get bored with you.

Proper Amount of Eye Contact

This is a SUPER important exercise.

Most guys don't have enough eye contact, other guys are the opposite and stare too much at the girl.

This video teaches you the proper amount of eye contact to be flirty without being weird.

Smooth Transitions

How to transition the girl on and off the dance floor so you don't get stuck on the dance floor all night.

How to START dancing with a girl in a confident,leading manner.


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