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Deliberately Attract Your Soulmate Love

Attract Soulmate Love, Meditation and Law of Attraction Exercises For Attracting and Dating Your Soulmate
Dina Robison
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Exude the love, inside and out, that you seek.
Be able to meet people and date with ease, confidence, and joy.
Have crystal clarity about who your partner is and what soulmate love is for you.
Halt any limiting beliefs that are currently blocking you from real love and create new, empowering ones.
Know how to use the Law of Attraction to really attract the soulmate love you want instead of attracting the wrong person over and over.
Feel confident and know that your soulmate is on his or her way.
Love like you've never loved before!

“I am really loving your program, visualizations – especially the
future vision of seeing your partner.. It is really one of my favorite
programs that I have done!” Tali, Deliberately Attract Your Soulmate Love student 

In this 9 part course you will be guided through law of attraction exercises and meditations that will take you from negative, heartbreaking relationship and love patterns to becoming a magnet for the deep soulmate love your heart desires. 

In this course you will be guided through exercises and law of attraction processes that will help you:

Discover and Believe In the Soulmate Love You Really Want

Break Repeating Dating, Relationship, Love Patterns

Forgive, Release Ties and Heal Wounds That Are Blocking Soulmate Love

Create Intentions That Magnetize Love

Be Comfortable As Your Most Dynamic, Radiant Feminine Self

Attract a Soulmate Partner That Loves and Respects You

Attract an Available Soulmate That Shares Your Life Vision and Path

Recognize Him So You Don’t Waste Your Time Dating the Wrong One

Create a Deliberate Action Plan To Meet Your Soulmate Love In Person

Soulmate relationships should feel supportive and loving. Say goodbye to unfulfilling, dead-end relationships…

By the end of this program you will feel prepared, excited, and ready to attract the soulmate love your heart desires!

Introduction & Connecting With the Love You Want

Module 1: 1 Intro & Getting To Know What Love Is

Introduction, my story, and what to expect from this course.

Module 1: 2 Meditation - Your Soul's Expression of Love

A guided meditation allowing you to connect with your deepest feelings of love.

Module 1: 3 Insights & Follow up from Soul's Expression of Love

Insights and grounding that meditation in real life.

Module 1: 4 On Giving & Receiving Love - Breath Exercise

Learn to give and receive love in balance with this simple exercise.

Module 1: 5 Believing In This Love

An exercise that will make you believe this deepest love is truly possible.

Transmuting Energy Blocking Love

Module 2: 1 Transmuting Energy Blocking Love

Why letting go and forgiveness alone is not enough to change negative patterns. How transmuting energy from the past can change your present and future. 

Module 2: 2 Past Relationships - Going From Pain To Empowerment

Transmuting the negative feelings around past romantic and family relationships into a spring board for attracting love. 

Module 2: 3 Releasing Others' Negative Energy

Determining which negative patterns came from others and how to change them.

Module 2: 4 Gratitude - Transforming the Past Into Love

A simple exercise for transmuting painful experiences from the past into love and gratitude. 

Forgiving & Releasing Ties to the Past For Emotional Freedom

Module 3: 1 Forgiving & Releasing Ties to the Past

Forgiveness and why it's so important before attempting to attract soul mate love. 

Module 3: 2 Guided Meditation - Forgiveness of Parents & Self

Guided meditation that will assist you in forgiving your parents, caretakers, and self. 

Module 3: 3 Insights From Forgiveness Meditation

Grounding the experience from the forgiveness meditation into reality. 

Module 3: 4 Guided Meditation - Cutting Ties & Soul Fragments

Guided meditation that will enable you to cut emotional and energetic ties to past relationships. 

Module 3: 5 Insights from Meditation on Cutting Ties & Soul Fragments

Insights and grounding the cutting ties and soul fragment meditation into reality. 

Evolving Agreements & Hidden Personalities Guarding Your Heart

Module 4: 1 Evolving Agreements & Hidden Personalities

Discover any unconscious agreements holding you back from love and evolve them. Learn about hidden parts of your personality blocking love. 

Module 4: 2 Hidden Personality Meditation

A guided meditation for discovering your hidden personality that is blocking you from soul mate love.

Module 4: 3 Creating New Agreements That Attract Love

Discovering old agreements not aligned with soul mate love and creating new agreements that will attract the love you want. 

Module 4: 4 Healing Wounds That Block Soul Mate Love

Discovering wounds that are blocking soul mate love and a simple exercise for healing them to attract the love you want.

Revealing Your Most Divine, Radiant Self

Module 5: 1 The Divine Feminine In You

The importance of connecting with and embodying the depths of your divine femininity in order to attract your partner. 

Module 5: 2 Merging With Your Goddess Essence Meditation

A guided meditation for merging with and embodying your inner goddess. 

Module 5: 3 Being a Goddess In Life and Love

An exercise to bring the inner goddess you discovered in the meditation in your daily life. 

Module 5: 4 Goddess Art Bonus Exercise

A fun, creative way to be inspired by your goddess energy daily. 

Deeply Loving & Respecting Yourself

Module 6: 1 Loving Your Self To Love Another

What the real meaning of "loving your self first" is and how it applies to the law of attraction and love.

Module 6:2 Appreciating & Loving Your Unique Qualities

An exercise to help you appreciate, maybe even love, your unique qualities and how your soul mate will appreciate and love them, too. 

Module 6:3 Expanding Self Love Writing Exercise

A powerful writing exercise for re-programming your mind from one of pain and rejection into one of gratitude and love. 

Module 6:4 Basking In Love & Check In

Learning to bask in this love and to make it your new norm. 

Connect With Your Soul Mate

Module 7:1 Knowing the Essence of Your Soul Mate Partnership

How the deliberate attraction model of clarifying who your soul mate is is the opposite of our common idea of attraction and why it's more effective for attracting deep, lasting love.

Module 7:2 Connecting With Your Soul Mate Guided Meditation

A meditation that will guide you to meet your soul mate for the first time, on the soul level.

Module 7:3 Your Partnership's Energy

Clarifying the energy of your soul mate and partnership based on what you experienced in the meditation. 

Recognizing Your Soul Mate In Person

Module 8:1 Recognizing Your Soul Mate In the Physical World

How to determine the material and physical qualities and personality of your soul mate. 

Module 8:2 Future Life Meditation

A meditation that will guide you to see your future self and the life to come with your soul mate. 

Module 8:3 Qualities of Your Soul Mate Partnership

Identifying and clarifying the qualities of the partnership you will have and your soul mate. 

Note On Creating "The List"
Module 8:4 Your Must Have & Must Not List

Making "the list" in a way that is powerful and effective for attracting only the right person for you. 

Manifesting Your Soul Mate With Deliberate Action

Module 9:1 Manifesting Your Soul Mate With Inspired Action

The final steps you must take now to manifest your soul mate into your life. 

Module 9:2 Your Deliberate Action Plan To Meet Your Soul Mate

Creating your deliberate action steps to take now in order to meet your soul mate in person.

Module 9:3 Take Action & Closing

The importance of having accountability with taking action and some final words. 

Bonus: Q & A Preview of Dating Deliberately Course

Bonus: Common Questions Asked

Answers to some common questions about the course and attracting love and dating.

Preview of Dating Deliberately To Attract the One
Bonus Lecture 2: Special Offer On Deliberate Attraction Coaching

A special offer on deliberate attraction coaching for you and how to get a complimentary session. 

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