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Designing and Developing a Modern Jenkins CI System

Efficiently build advanced pipelines with pipeline as code, increasing your teams productivity
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Use Docker and Docker Compose to run Jenkins
Create a local Jenkins development environment
Programmatically install and configure common Jenkins Plugins
Programmatically configure the Jenkins master on boot using Groovy
Create jobs using the Jenkins' DSL and utilize Jenkinsfiles from the Pipeline plugin
Utilize Docker to build software projects

Jenkins has been known as a fairly inconvenient tool for deployment and management. This is due to the level of customization required for the deployment of a given piece of software. That fact in combination with the lack of methods to programmatically configure Jenkins has created a barrier to success that we’ll break down in this series. We’ll simplify the Jenkins deployment pattern in order to achieve CI system deployment repeatability and a reduction in CI infrastructure management overhead on top of deterministic continuous integration pipelines.

About the Author

Martin Reinhardt has around 10 years of experience in Research, Enterprise Solutions, Consulting, Portal Development, JEE Solutions, Application and Infrastructure Integration, Test Automation, Virtualization Technology, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. Martin is also involved in several OpenSource project, e.g. Jenkins, Galen and NativeScript.

He is in charge of the architecture of complex distributed systems, modern web architectures, and build management. Martin is involved in the software-craftsmanship movement. He is active on different open source projects, such as the Galen Framework, Jenkins, and NativeScript.
His specialities include model-driven architecture, Java Enterprise solutions, Test automation with Selenium, and Continuous Integration.

Configuring the Jenkins

The Course Overview

This video will give you an overview about the course.

The Jenkins Groovy init System

In this video, we will understand the Groovy init system and learn how to use it.

Jenkins Configuration

This video aims at exploring how to customize Jenkins via different customization options.

Installing Plugins and Configure Them

This video focuses on plugins and sees how to configure them.

Managing Configuration Data and Secrets

In this video, we will learn how to manage configuration data and secrets.

Creating Jobs in Jenkins

Creation of Jobs via the User Interface

Understand what types of jobs exists, what the term build job means and how to create it.


Learn the different ways to script the creation of Jenkins jobs.

Working With Jenkinsfiles

Discuss how to build pipelines with the pipeline plugin in Jenkins.

Managing Build Dependencies

Learn how to manage tool and other dependencies for the build in Jenkins.

Running Jenkins Jobs

Blue Ocean

In this video, we will get to know Blue Ocean and how to use the plugin.

Pipeline Editor

In this video, we will learn how to Pipeline Editor can be used and what the limitations are.

Multi Branch Handling

This video will help us learn how to handle multiple branches in Jenkins

Advanced Job Configuration

In this video, we will handle advanced job configuration topics, For example: notification.

Utilize Slaves

In this video, we will see what slaves are and how they can help.

Building Java Projects by Example

In this video, we will apply best practices for building Java projects in Jenkins.

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