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Discover Your Moon Sign and Find Your Soul Mate

Add a new dimension to your knowledge of astrology and understanding of relationships by learning about the Moon Sign
Alexander Kolesnikov
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Discover your Moon Sign
Understand what the Moon Sign is and why it is important.
Add a new dimension to your understanding of astrology
Better understand your strengths and weaknesses, and use this knowledge to achieve a higher level of success in life
Identify potential partners with whom you will have a strong subconscious bond

This course is about the Moon Sign, a very important, core element of your astrological profile, which most people are unaware of, unfortunately.

If you are interested in popular astrology, this course will open a new dimension in your understanding. You will learn that there is a lot more to astrology than the “star sign”. The knowledge of the Moon Sign will help you to better understand your strengths and weaknesses, yours and other people’s motivations, the choices people make, and the path to a happier and healthier life which is available to everyone.

One of the key benefits of knowing about the Moon Sign is that you will be able to use some powerful traditional formulas for finding a long-term partner, a person who will resonate with your soul so well that you’ll be happy to share with him or her the rest of your life. The popular rules of astrological compatibility are shallow and inefficient, compared to what you’ll be able to achieve with the help of the Moon Sign.

The course contains twenty six lectures, which is three and a half hours of video content.

The first section explains in great detail what the Moon Sign is and how to find out the Moon Sign, both for yourself and for any other person. You will also learn about the Sun Sign, which is a proper name for your “star sign”, and about some important nuances related to it. 

Next, there is a section that will help you to better understand the signs of the zodiac and their nature. 

And then there are twelve lectures, one per each sign of the zodiac, that will discuss each and every Moon Sign in a great detail, with examples of famous people who have that particular Moon Sign. There is also a discussion of how Moon Signs manifest themselves in family life, in recovery from stress, and a health and diet advice

The final section will teach you how to apply the knowledge of the Moon Sign to your relationships

Introduction to the Course


Welcome to the course! A few words about the author. The idea of the course and a brief overview of its content.

What is the Moon Sign?

The Zodiac

The Moon Sign is essentially one of the signs of the zodiac. So first of all we need to learn what the zodiac is, and what are the signs of the zodiac.

The Sun Sign

Before concentrating on the Moon Sign, it is important to understand what the Sun Sign is. This is where you are going to learn that the "star sign" of newspapers and magazines is actually your Sun Sign.

The Moon Sign

Learn what the Moon Sign is, and how to discover it, both for yourself and for any other person. There is a traditional way, and a much easier contemporary approach.

The Moon in Astrology, and Why the Moon Sign is So Important

Now that you know your Moon Sign, why exactly is it so important? This lecture will tell you about the important role the Moon plays in astrology.

The Signs of the Zodiac

The Main Characteristics of the Signs of the Zodiac

All you need to understand a particular Moon Sign is to take the astrological associations of the Moon and color them with the attributes of the sign of the zodiac the Moon is in. This lecture will introduce you to the basic features of the twelve signs of the zodiac.

The Elements and the Qualities

To better know and remember the main characteristics of the signs of the zodiac, it is important to know to which Element they belong (Fire, Earth, Air, or Water) and to which Quality (Cardinal, Fixed, or Mutable).

The Signs and the Planets

Another way to a good understanding of the signs of the zodiac, which will also add to your understanding of the Moon Sign, is to learn which planet (or planets) has its home in each of the signs.

The Twelve Moon Signs

Aries Moon Sign

Aries: hot emotions, plenty of energy, speed. There were many well known pioneers born with the Moon in Aries. And many famous creative people as well.

Taurus Moon Sign

Learn that Taurus is the sign of the Moon's exaltation, and what this means. A surprise moment: did you know that many prominent mystics were born with the Moon in Taurus?

Gemini Moon Sign

Curious and changeable Gemini. There are many scientists, philosophers and other intellectuals who were born with the Moon in Gemini. These people are typically versatile, charming, and they are always on the move.

Cancer Moon Sign

Cancer is the home sign of the Moon, and so the Moon in Cancer is very strong. People of this Moon Sign can be quite mysterious, but there were also many prominent scientists, musicians and politicians born with the Moon in Cancer.

Leo Moon Sign

Moon in Leo is bright and creative, and this lecture will tell you about famous actors and actresses, composers and musicians, and also world leaders having Leo for their Moon Sign. Do you know what's very important for them all? To be loved! 

Virgo Moon Sign

Those who were born with the Moon in Virgo are very attentive to details. They can be great scientists and craftsmen, and some of them can become famous writers.

Libra Moon Sign

Relationships are very important for the Moon-in-Libra people, and they are very attentive to what other people think about them. Some famous actors were born with the Moon in this sign — discover who they are!

Scorpio Moon Sign

A typical Moon-in-Scorpio person adores very hot water, and all things extreme. This is a powerful, sexy and secretive Moon Sign.

Sagittarius Moon Sign

Philosophers, discoverers, and adventurers. This generous and optimistic Moon Sign loves outdoors and enjoys travelling.

Capricorn Moon Sign

Capricorn is serious and responsible. Interestingly, people born with the Moon in this sign can look older than their peers in childhood and youth, but younger than their peers in a mature age.

Aquarius Moon Sign

The sign of many rebels, and freedom seekers. But it also gave the world many fine scientists and inventors! 

Pisces Moon Sign

Mysterious Neptune is one of the rulers of Pisces, and so many prominent mystics and healers were born with the Moon in this sign.

How Moon Sign Can Help You To Find Your Soul Mate

Carl Gustav Jung's Astrological Experiment

It might be good to know that an advanced thinker like Carl Gustav Jung was very much interested in astrology and wrote that, in his view, astrology is in the process of becoming a science.

There Are Many Different Kinds of Relationships

Moon-Sign-based relationships isn't the only possible kind of relationships, but it might be the most important, and the most stable kind.

Moon – Sun Relationship

This kind of relationship can form quickly and easily, but it has a downside too.

Moon – Moon Relationship

This is probably the most important and promising kind of relationships.

Consider the Degree

It can be desirable to know the precise degree of the sign of the zodiac your Moon is in, in particular when you have more than one potential partner.

Course Wrap-Up

Lecture 26: Conclusion, and Where to Go Next

This lecture provides an overview of the contents of the course, offers links to important resources and gives an advice on how to continue your study of the Moon Sign.

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