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Double Your Productivity And Save A Day A Week

Achieve A 90 Day Business Goal, Maximise Productivity & Kick Wasted Time
Lynette Green
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Learn the principles that successful entrepreneurs adopt to identify the real priorities in the business.
Develop a 90 day plan to achieve your business goals
Develop the mindset to focus on the things which will deliver faster financial growth.
Be able to complete projects quicker to a higher quality
Practical steps to follow every day to maximise productivity, squeezing more work and play out of the day.

Being productive is not about working harder, it’s about working smarter. This course is designed to supercharge your productivity whilst bringing greater ease into your day. 

If you feel like you’re working really hard but just not getting the rewards you deserve and not managing to achieve your goals, launch your products or services as you’re so busy running your business day to day then this course is for you. If you need to find extra time within the working day, feel less overwhelmed and work in a more purposeful, organised way which garners more reward for less effort then I can help.

Throughout this course you will learn to make a plan to achieve your business goal within the next 90 days. You’ll also up your productivity across your business, free up time and feel less overwhelmed.

After this course you’ll be able to:

  • Create a 90 Day Productivity Plan to achieve your business goal.
  • Save a day a week with simple, easy to implement time saving techniques.
  • Develop your own daily routine to supercharge your productivity.
  • Free up time from non essential tasks using our ABC Method.
  • Bring greater ease, less stress and overwhelm to your day.
  • Follow projects through to completion and get your products, services or business out in to the world.
  • Break down larger projects into smaller manageable chunks.
  • Take small steps, achievable steps every day towards your goal.
  • Develop habits to aid your productivity.
  • Complete projects quicker.
  • Maintain your energy, creativity and freshness throughout the day.

Why you should take this course:

  • Increase your productivity.
  • Gain clarity and focus on what you want in life and in business.
  • Overcome the fears that can hold back your productivity.
  • Beat procrastination.
  • Develop a mindset for productivity and success.
  • Avoid burnout.
  • Reduce overwhelm.
  • Launch products and services and reap the rewards.
  • Build confidence through taking action.
  • 30 day money back guarantee.


Introduction To Double Your Productivity And Save A Day A Week

Goals Mindset and Motivation

Introduction To The Mindset Section
Gaining Clarity & Focus

The first stage of getting super productive is understanding that you need to gain absolute clarity and focus on what you want to achieve. You'll learn the importance of getting completely clear on what you want and why you just need to focus on one thing at once to really make it happen.

Overcoming A Fear Of Failure
Overcoming The Fear of Success

A fear of success is much more common than you would imagine and it can be a major stumbling block to productivity. This lecture covers simple strategies to overcome a fear of success.  

The Power of Gratitude

Gratitude is used as a technique to aid productivity and success by numerous top entrepreneurs. This lecture gives an overview of how using gratitude can have a positive impact on your business and productivity and gives a simple method of how to implement gratitude

The Impact On Your Mindset Of Others Around You

You can control your mindset, but it's difficult to control the mindset of others. In this lecture you'll learn how the people closest to you have an impact on your mindset which can be both positive and not and what to do about it if they're not having the right impact on you.

Building Confidence Through Actions

Rather than teaching how to build confidence as a stand alone technique, this lecture talks about how to take action and achieve goals and successes which in turn build confidence.

How To Set Goals & Create Processes To Achieve Them

Introduction To Goal Setting & Achievement
Developing Your Life Vision

Creating a business goal without first having a vision of where you want to go in life and aligning it to this is nowhere near as purposeful or effective.  You are going to get really clear on what you want for your future so that you can then build a plan to achieve this life vision.

Creating Business Goals To Support Your Life Vision
Using Process To See Through When Motivation Fails

The truth is to be super productive you need a mixture of motivation and the right processes - the motivation to get you off to a flying start, the processes to pick up from here and ensure you complete your projects even if your motivation slips.

Developing a 90 Day Productivity Goal

90 days is the optimum period to work to a business goal for.  It's long enough for you to complete a sizeable project in that time, but it's also a short enough time period to keep motivation up for and to hold yourself accountable for.  You'll map out the next 90 days with a clear plan for how to achieve your goal within that time frame.

The Importance of Finishing

Productivity is all about output and results, so the fact is, no matter how much time and effort you've spent on a project if it never gets completed you'll never get any rewards for your work.


Introduction To Focus
Getting Ready To Level Up

This exercise enables you to take an objective look at where you are today with your productivity.  You'll be able to understand exactly why you're generating the results you are from the work you're currently doing.  You'll also be able to identify what you need to focus on going forward to garner the best results for you and your business.

What To Focus On
What NOT To Focus On

This lecture teaches by ABC method for getting rid of all of these things which you are spending time on in your business, but aren't high value tasks.

What Not To Focus On NOW

There are plenty of things that maybe you do want to focus on in the future, but just not right now. Here you'll learn how to deal with these ideas so they don't become a distraction from your current goals, but that you don't forget about them altogether.

Developing Daily Routines To Aid Your Productivity

Introduction To Daily Routine Section

An introduction and overview of the Daily Routine section.

A Morning Routine To Boost Your Productivity

You already have a morning routine of some description but is it one that's setting you up to have a productive day? Using elements from the morning routines of successful entrepreneurs, this lecture gives you ideas for how to build your own powerful morning routine that enables you to bring your best self to the day. You'll also learn how to make this morning routine both easy to implement and easy to stick to.

Effective Daily Plans

This lecture goes beyond to do lists.  You will learn how to structure your day to get the most from it.  How to prioritise your daily to do list to ensure you all get it done quicker and using your mental resources where you need them most. You'll be able to organise yourself so that you don't get distracted interrupted to enable you to have more time to concentrate on your priorities.

The Power of Habit

Creating positive habits can help increase your productivity by bringing greater ease to your day and reducing the mental energy taken up by these behaviours.  You'll be able to form your own productive habit, to develop cues and triggers to support your new habits and the most effective methods for making a habit stick.  

Finishing Your Day Productively

A simple ritual for finishing your working day productively.

How To Set Up For A Productive Tomorrow

Setting up for tomorrow the night before can have a huge impact on productivity the next day.  Here you'll learn a few simple things to put in place to get you off to a flying start in the morning.

The Value of a Good Quality Break

Taking breaks may seem counter intuitive when you're trying to be super productive but they can massively boost your energy levels and help you power through the day much more productively.

The Techniques That Will Save You A Day A Week

Introduction To The Techniques That Will Save You A Day A Week
Do It Once

The chances are you're repeating work throughout the day without even realising it. This lecture will help you identify times throughout your day when you are spending more time than necessary by repeating elements of a task and how to genuinely only deal with a task once, finish it and then move on.


The chunking technique is all about grouping together similar tasks to get in to a flow-state at work to both work faster and more efficiently and to produce a better quality of work. You'll be able to identify which tasks you can and should group together throughout the day, week or even month to free up more time and improve your standard of work through achieving a flow state.

Limit Your Time For Everything

Limiting your time for everything can increase your productivity by simultaneously encouraging you to complete work quickly and reducing overwhelm. At the end of this lecture you will be able to set your own shorter deadlines for your projects to enable you to work quickly and efficiently.

The Pomodoro Technique

This lecture talks through the Pomodoro technique, what it is, how to use it and why it works.  After this lecture you will be able to use this effective productivity technique of working in short sprints to complete a task.  You'll be able to break down a task into manageable chunks to reduce overwhem, increase work pace and maintain freshness and creativity in your work.

The Ultimate To Do List
Stop Multi Tasking

People often talk proudly about being able to multi task, but the fact is multi tasking is one of the biggest productivity killers out there. During this lecture you will learn exactly why multi tasking is a bad idea and you will learn exactly how much time you can waste multi tasking.  You'll learn why single tasking is more efficient and how it enables you to finish all the tasks quicker.

Learn To Say No

Saying yes to other people's requests isn't always a good idea.  But sometimes it can be difficult to say no.  In this lecture you'll learn first of all when you should say no and then how to do it. At the end of the lecture you'll be able to confidently say no to the requests of others that are not right for you.  You'll be able to say no in a genuine, considerate way that others will respect.

Eliminate Distractions
Utilising Hidden Time Pockets

Throughout the day there are numerous hidden time pockets that you can discover and after this lecture will be able to use to your advantage to convert what could otherwise be wasted time into productive time.


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