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Dropshipping + Facebook + Shopify Master Class WORK ANYWHERE

Learn to drop ship and to easiy Create a beautiful Shopify Store -and Draw in Customers Using Facebook ADS-w/ ALIEXPRESS
Colton Shuell
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Set Up a Shopify webstore and fill it with awesome products
Advertise your webstore store using facebook
Never Pay out of pocket for products -- have suppliers send directly to customers

In this course, I will show you how to choose and create a lasting business relationship with your AliExpress vendor. While AliExpress is very easy to use, it is also very easy to misuse, or not use optimally. I will show you what to look for and what to look out for.  

Let me show you how to get your webstore started with one of the most powerful and easiest webstore creators out there!

I’ll take you step-by-step and spoon-feed you every step to making your webstore, and show you some tricks to make your site soar past the competition.

We will:

Set up a webstore

Make it beautiful

Use the app-store to put products in your store

Set-up Drop shipping

and streamline as much as possible so that your eCommerce business is as self sufficient as possible.

Facebook is THE social media platform. Everyone aged from 11 to 90 are on facebook and that is where you should be advertising. 

In this course I will teach you:

How to create an ad on facebook

Find and target an audience for your ad

Bring in traffic. Bring in conversions. and keep your audience engaged with your brand 

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Welcome to the only course you'll ever need to get your dropshipping store up and running.

Facebook Overview

Very basic rundown of the facebook format and layout. If you use facebook, this will be review, but check it out in case there is something you didn't already know. 

Setting Up a Page on Facebook

Learn to set up a facebook page for your internet company or webstore. 

Broad Interest vs Narrow Interest Pages

We take a look at the advantages of narrow interest groups and broad interest groups and why you should pick one over the other for your particular purposes. 

Facebook Dashboard

Learn to navigate the facebook Ads Manager and use some key tools of the Ads Manager.

Quick 1st Time Ad Setup

Learn to set up an ad on facebook that will convert customers.

Create a facebook pixel and integrate it with your online store.

Settings Section
Settings Part 2

Managing multiple facebook pages.

Limit visitor commenting privileges. 

Moderate comments and links from visitors on your page. 

Settings Part 3

More on moderating comments and links from visitors on your page.

How to Interact with Customers on Facebook

We look at some examples of great customer engagement. 

How to turn engagement into conversions.

The Power of Gifs in Facebook Posts

Why GIFs?

Find fun and relevant GIFs through GIFY, share them on facebook. 

Link GIFs to your store.

When to Post, Where to Post

How much? How often? What is the right amount to post? 

Here are some general guidelines for facebook posting.

Post relevant any relevant content relating to your page that may catch your followers' attention.

Post Advertising

The benefits of boosting a post.

How to boost your posts.

Crafting posts to function as ads and posts

Dark page Posting- Where the Money is At

How to create an ad campaign without annoying your followers.

Create and save a line of posts or ads and save them to publish later. 

Link Ads on Facebook

Benefits of Link Ads

Shortcomings of Link Ads

How to create Link Ads

Carousel Ads

Why Carousel Ads are awesome

How to create a Carousel Ad

Right Hand Column Ads

Benefits and shortcomings of Right Hand Column Ads

Budgeting for Right Hand Column Ads

Creating an Ad

Gif Advertising on Facebook

Review: wjhy GIFs are awesome.

How to use GIFY  to create customized GIF Ads.

Video Ads

Why Video Ads are great.

How to create a Video Ad

Placements on Facebook

Where should you place your Ads? 

We look at the places that work and the places that don't.

Why Facebook Conversions Are So Good

How Facebook can help you figure out EXACTLY who will convert in your webstore.

How to Flood Facebook Traffic

How to get massive amounts of traffic on your Facebook page. 

Precise Targeting

Why targeting is important.

How to target the right people.

Figuring out the right keywords.


Targeting a specific demographic with your ad, post, or page.

4 Steps to Perfectly Targeting Customers

Narrow Interest Audience

Broad Interest Audience

Create Look-alike audience

Super-wide Audience targeting

Finding the Best Facebook Keywords

Selecting the best keywords

Finding the most passionate customers.

Custom Audiences

Create a custom audience you can save and use for re-targeting later.

Narrowing Down Keywords

learn to narrow down your keywords to the perfect words.

Overlapping Audiences

Learn how to find out if different audiences have overlapping members and how to utilize that information for conversion.

Important Facebook Audiences

Saved Audiences

Look-alike Audiences

Custom Audiences

The pros and cons of all 3


Choosing Your Store

Take a look at the options Shopify offers for its products and set up your Shopify account.

Selecting Theme

We dive into some basic set-up of your webstore.

Find an awesome design that works for your store

Setting Up Payments

Set-up payment options and behind-the-scenes tax and personal info.

Adjusting Checkout

We look at streamlining checkout and email list options at the check out stage.

navigating Shopify

Diving deeper into getting your site set-up properly for your needs.

Making your site SEO. 

How to use Shopify tools to take gauge your website's effectiveness.

Discount Codes

Custom Domains

Facebook Pixel Integration

Using the App Store

We navigate the app store 

We look at some crucial apps to add to your site

Adding Products

We walk through adding items to you store

Adding buzzwords, pricing, variants, and photos

Adding products to your collections

Writing Product Descriptions

We take a look at what details to add and when to add more detail.

Intelligent Strategies for Your Store

Free Plus Shipping Items and the risks

Including a price range of products 

How to Increase Customer Order Size

Adding variants to increase options

Why Harness Free Shipping

We take a look at a great example of a Free + Shipping Offer

How to Price Your Retail Products

Benefits of offering Free Shipping

Limited Time Offers

Creating Urgency

Adding Hotjar to Shopify

What is HotJar?

How to Set Up HotJar

Navigating HotJar on your website

How to Make a Contact Button

Why you need a contact button

How to create a contact button

Placing the button

Social Media Cocktail

Do you need social media pages?

Why social media presence is god for you

Transferring followers

Using Notifications to Turbocharge Your Business

Adding a human touch to your automation.

Incentivizing social engagement.

Some Amazing Apps

Order Look Up App

Adding the Order Look Up App

How it works



What is Oberlo?

Customizing the listings for you store

TeeLaunch Part 1

Installing TeeLaunch

What is TeeLaunch?

Quick Look at it.

TeeLaunch Part 2

Setting up a TeeLaunch product in your store

TeeLaunch Part 3

Hot Items that sell with TeeLaunch

TeeLaunch Part 4

Looking in more detail at some of the other products available through TeeLaunch.


Setting Up Shipping

How to set up shipping for your items based on weight or price.

Setting Up International Shipping

Selecting the appropriate payment gateway if you are outside of the USA.

Even Better Shipping

Overview of the App

Using the App

Navigating with the app in your store

Dollar order Fullfilment

How to get faster shipping in the USA for very cheap.

Shipping Incentives

We explain why offering shipping incentives is a great way to increase sales.

We set up a minimum order price for free shipping.

Customer Service #1

Killer Customer Service

We look at why customer service is so important.

We set up a customer service portal through the app store.

Where you can find virtual assistants.

How to Train Your Virtual Assistant

We run through a few common examples of customer requests and how to respond to them. 

A few cornerstones of customer service.

Where to draw the line.

Engaging with Customers on Social Media

Tricks for dealing with upset customers on social media.

Why high levels of engagement is important.


The Blessing of AliExpress

In this lecture:

Learn about the major features of aliexpress.com

Learn to setup your account

Get an overview of shipping options

Finding Vendors on AliExpress

In this lecture:

Learn how the aliexpress rating system works

Learn how to use the rating system to choose your vendor

Finding the Gold

In this lecture:

Learn how to find a best-selling item

Learn how to avoid potential copyright infringements

I'll show you some items that are always hot

Finding the Gold Part 2

In this lecture:

Learn to dig deeper into an item's page to find the perfect item for your store

The Keys to Finding Awesome Suppliers

In this lecture:

I'll lay out some goals for you when shopping for a vendor

Language requirements

Shipping requirements

Customer service requirements

Negotiate Hard, My Friends!

In this lecture:

How to talk to vendors

How to get vendors to talk to you

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