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Easily Release Your Fear of Public Speaking Right Now

Identify and Remove Your Public Speaking Anxiety Once and For All Using Incredibly Effective, Simple Techniques
Alexa Fischer
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Identify the seed of your fear so that you can release it
Discover the power of Energy Muscle Testing
Learn Energy Psychology techniques to release symptoms of distress
Receive tools to build confidence around speaking
Experience an ACTUAL patient session to the see the procedure in action
Release your fear of public speaking for good

How many times has fear of speaking stopped you?  What opportunities did you miss as a result?  How did that make you feel? While fear of public speaking is very common, you deserve to get rid of it once and for all.  Quite simply…
You are not alone.  You are perfectly normal.  And it’s not your fault.
It is very likely that when you were young something happened.  It may have been as innocent as being laughed at in class or flubbing your lines in the school play, but something occurred that made you feel unsafe and ashamed in front of an audience.  And that experience changed you.
It created an emotional wound.
Now, when you have an opportunity  to speak up, your wound screams out in pain and suddenly you suffer physical sensations.  A rapid heart beat, sweaty palms and knocking knees.
It’s time to heal your wound and release your fear.

Imagine the freedom that comes with confidence. No more invisible walls between you and your fullest potential.  No more gnawing doubts that fill you with insecurity.  Just the effortless ease of knowing that you can do it.  So when the moment to shine arrives, you jump.  No questions asked.
In this class you will:
            •   Identify the incident that created the fear
            •   Understand the power of the body to give you insights of genius
            •   Learn Energy Psychology techniques to release symptoms of distress
            •   Receive tools to build confidence around speaking
            •   Experience an ACTUAL patient session to the see the procedure in action

It’s time to experience life free from the fear that has burdened you.  It’s time for you to taste life on the other side.  We are here to help show you the way.  Join us now. 

Getting Started

It's Time to Release Your Fear
Meet the Instructors

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An Overview of the Course

The fear of public speaking is very prevalent. At least 40% of the people in the U.S. admit they dread to speak in public. There are numerous public speaking classes, courses, and public speaking trainings, including Toastmasters, that attempt to address this issue. Yet, I am convinced that none of the approaches are going to be optimally efficient, unless you release the seed of your public speaking trauma through energy psychology techniques.

The Way the Brain Works

The Lizard Brain

The Lizard brain is also known as the Reptilian Brain, which corresponds to the Sympathetic Nervous System.Under stress, there is a physiologic and mental“survival response” that prepares the body to fight or flight.

The Mammalian Brain

Mammals have a large brain that grew on top of the lizard brain, making it a more complex organ. Essentially, dogs have two brains. They have the lizard brain, which controls breathing and basic functions just as in lizards. It is hardwired to make mammals get turned on by sex, move automatically away from danger, and be able to defend territories.

The Thinking Brain

Perceived stress is dangerous to your health.

Research by Annika Keller and others looked at the mortality rates of millions of people for 8 years. The found that people who reported they had a lot of stress and felt that stress was detrimental to their health had 43% increase risk of premature death when comparing to those who did not perceive stress as detrimental to their health.

Identifying the Fear

History and Theory of Energy Muscle Testing

By testing the strength or weakness of an indicator muscle, Applied Kinesiology provides access to the body’s internal computer. Since the body is connected to the consciousness of all that is, this internal computer has unlimited knowledge. The Universal Consciousness, or the Higher Self, knows much more than the limited ego is aware of. The Higher Self that is part of the cosmic computer is not limited by the conscious knowledge of the thinking brain.

How Energy Muscle Testing Works

Dr. Hawkins speculated, following Carl Jung, that there was a database of consciousness or spiritus mundi. He believed “the human brain at some primal level is a wondrous computer linked with a universal energy field, and that it knows more than it knows it knows.” (p.6) Power vs. Force: The hidden determinants of human behavior, California: Hay House (1995) David R. Hawkins, M.D. Ph.D.(With permission from Veritas Publishing, www.veritaspub.com.)

Modern quantum physics is getting very much closer to these concepts, with the discovery of Unified Zero Field and the phenomenon of Entanglement.

In addition to all of the above explanations, Dr. Hawkins also suggested that there is the simple biological fact that every single cell has some knowledge without awareness of what is life-supporting and right for it and what is harming it. Thus even amoeba will move away from acid and towards a source of food.

Procedure for Energy Muscle Testing

Applied Kinesiology, sometimes also called ”Muscle Testing” is like having your own personal “polygraph test,” a lie detector-It is not only reveals whether or not you are telling the truth, but also whether you resonate positively with what you’ve said or thought.

You can ask a question and find what is true and correct for you by checking the strength of your muscles, any muscle. Applied Kinesiology has been used for over 40 years by holistic practitioners to communicate with the body

Releasing the Trauma

Energy Psychology and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Energy Psychology (EP) has been very controversial.On the one hand, there are abundant anecdotal reports that show an extremely high level of clinical effectiveness that surpasses that of established treatment modalities in speed and power. There are thousands of reports by hundreds of therapists that after a short, successful treatment, the SUD (Subjective Units of Distress, on a 0-10 scale where 0 is none, and 10 is extreme distress as reported by the patient), goes down from 9-10 to 0-1.The ability to visualize a clear image of the trauma diminishes and many times the emotional distress is gone, and for good!

How to Release the Trauma

Use the supplemental material to do the protocol on your own.

Chasing Down the Symptoms

Many times after we tap down one symptom, another one pops up.

For example, if you do EFT tapping on feeling fearful to give a presentation as a result of feeling humiliated at class at age 10, you may get this fear down from 9 to 2. At that point, you may then experience a sensation of having a knot in your stomach, rating at a level 8.

You need to do a few rounds of tapping for the knot in your stomach until you successfully make this sensation disappear. However, now you have a racing heartbeat. Then, you tap for that sensation.

Next, you may have another feeling of sadness arising. So you tap on that.

In this manner, you keep chasing the symptoms until all negative feelings and physical sensations, pain or other symptoms completely disappear.


CASE STUDY: See the Technique in Action

His Story
Energy Muscle Testing Demonstration
Energy Muscle Testing Questions
EFT: Releasing Rejection
EFT: Releasing Anxiety, Part One
EFT: Releasing Anxiety, Part Two
EFT Explained
Let's Reflect

Techniques to Stay Calm and Confident

Holding the Neuro

Hold the neuro-vascular points on your forehead.These points, called the Frontal Eminences, feel like bumps, on your forehead directly above your eyes. They affect blood flow through the entire body. They are particularly valuable to bring more blood to the thinking brain (prefrontal lobe) under stress.

Cognitive Corrections

Cognitive Psychotherapy is based on the idea that how we think (cognition), affects how we feel. Our thoughts determine our feelings. If our mental representations are inaccurate or our ways of reasoning are inadequate then our emotions and behavior may become disordered.

Cognitive therapy maintains that we cannot change how we feel, but we have control over our thoughts.When we change our thoughts from negative to objective we feel better. Cognitive therapy helps people to become aware of when they make negative interpretations, and distorted thinking. It helps people to develop alternative ways of thinking which reduce the psychological distress.

The Power of Intent

The act of helping others protects against the detrimental effects of stress

Research conducted by Poulin and others showed that helping others predicted reduced mortality specifically by buffering the association between stress and mortality.

They examined data from 846 participants in the Detroit, Michigan area. Participants completed baseline interviews that assessed past-year stressful events and whether the participant had provided assistance to friends or family members. Participant mortality and time to death was monitored for 5 years by way of newspaper obituaries and monthly state death-record tapes.

They found a significant interaction between helping behavior and stressful events. Specifically, stress did not predict mortality risk among individuals who provided help to others in the past year but stress did predict mortality among those who did not provide help to others.



The Temporal Tap

This exercise is a combination of autosuggestion combined with sensory stimulation to achieve neurological reprogramming.George Goodheart discovered that your mind is more receptive to affirmations when you tap along the sutures of the cranial bones behind the ears.


Once you have released your fear of public speaking, it is important for you to actively practice techniques to build new muscles for confidence around communicating. Top athletes use a simple technique that is fun and very effective… Visualization.

You have likely spent the better part of your life picturing yourself giving a terrible presentation.Now it’s time to re-write your story. Not only is it imperative you start regarding yourself as a dynamic speaker, but you must also SEE yourself giving an amazing presentation.


Preparation Skills

Power Point presentations seem to be here to stay. If I could distill this lesson into three words, it would be LESS IS MORE.Since I do not foresee this type of business tool going away anytime soon, here are some critical guidelines to making a meaningful impact the next time you create those signature slides.

Tools to Optimize Performance

Energy psychology techniques are one of the fastest and most effective ways to get your body and mind balanced and functioning optimally.Use these techniques everyday and you will soon see the difference in how you feel and think. Enjoy.

The Ultimate Key For Achieving Abundance

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Presentation Best Practices

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How to Create a 1000 Watt Presence

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