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relaxation during meditation
Controlling your emotion ; anger, depression
reduce stresss
can have better concentration
better happiness

A lot of people have heard that meditation is good for health so they try meditation. They find teachers and get courses.

During meditation, most of them thought meditation is too difficult or useless or meditation is religious action.

Most of them can follow instructor's teaching but don't know why they do meditation in that specific ways. so they imitate teacher's movement but don't get the point.

I was one of them when I was a novice.

As my meditation experience is deeper, I can realize the essential of eastern meditation could be explained and analysed by the concepts contemporary psychology theory made.

I majored in psychology and it's always interesting for me to translate eastern meditation and eastern philosophy into psychology concept.

We, who lived in modern society, can explain eastern meditation in the view of psychology. Eastern meditation could be neither mystical thing nor difficult one.

I, in this course, try to explain the essential of eastern meditation in easy psychology theories and help you get the benefits of meditation.

I choose 4 factor you get in this course.

  • relax ; reduce stress
  • improve concentration
  • control bad emotions; anger, depression
  • enrich happiness

I hope that you'll get better life after this course. and always welcome your feedback and questions.

Intro : What is Meditation

What is Meditation and what you'll learn in this course

Through this course, you'll learn how to enhance your life.


Why Tense is Bad

Tension is bad for your physical and mental health. I'll discuss the various aspect of tension.

Why do I learn how to relax

Relaxation is an ability to people to learn. In this video, inputting relaxation into your muscle is key point.

Good breathing 1/2

Breathing is most important factor of meditation. you can learn what is good breath and how to do it.

1 minute meditation for relaxation

we'll start our first meditation in this video. follow my instruct and take 1 minute meditation.

share your record

The recording help you to be better meditationer. share your record with my email(realjustfree@gmail.com) and take feedback from me.

Good breathing 2/2

we'll talk about the other factors to remember to take good breathing.


Good position

Position is important thing meditation, but in this course, I recommend you easier position;

1. in the bed

2. on the chair

Don't try to pose difficult position you can't stay in. Instead, focusing on more important factors, breathing, relaxation and your feeling, etc.

2 minute meditation

Now we'll take longer meditation; 2 minute meditation.

Strengthen Focusing

Strengthen Focusing

Meditation is good tool to strengthen your focusing.

In this video, you'll learn what is concentration and how to improve it.

5 minute meditation

Let's take meditation 5 minute.

Practice make you to be better.

Don't get mad while meditation

distraction during meditation is normal. so, take it easy.

Emotion control; anger, depression, etc

controlling emotions

are you feeling anger every time? sometime you loose your emotions?

This video help you to control your feeling.

5 meditation with Watch & Separation technique

The key point of this 5 minute meditation is watch your feeling, and yourself.

watch your bad habit, depression

Watch & Separation technique help you reduce bad habit or bad emotions


Meditation for Happiness

Amplify your happiness during meditation. Let's start.

Make rituals

Make meditation your ritual

Ritual can improve your performance. Make meditation your ritual.


Thank you

Thanks all of audiences!

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